An Exciting New Decade | 20th Birthday Wishes

Hurrah! Your loved one has just turned 20 and you are super excited for them. But now you have to deal with a slight challenge. You are stuck for the right words to put into your birthday wish.

Worry no more, for we have a list of beautiful wishes designed for the birthday celebrations of 20-year-olds. So go ahead and use the content below to make your dear one’s 20th anniversary one he/she would remember for so many years to come!

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20th Birthday Wishes For your Daughter

  • Sweet daughter, may this year be one of not just goals and lofty dreams but also of great success stories. Have a fun-filled birthday and stay blessed. I know that you will never stop making us proud. Happy 20th birthday!
  • I remain so proud of your success with making lemonades from life’s lemons. Happy 20th birthday, and may fortune forever smile on you.
  • Sweetheart, congratulations on turning 20! As you observe this special day of your life, please know that it’s never too late to achieve your biggest dreams if you are willing to put in the work. Happy birthday, and here is to more strength for working towards your goals. Much love.
  • Today, you are a year older, wiser and comelier! I’m certain that you will continue to grow from grace to grace and attain success in whatever your hands find to do. Happy 20th birthday to you, my precious daughter.
  • For 20 beautiful years, you’ve decorated our lives like nobody’s business and made us very happy parents. For that, we give all our blessings to you on this special day. May your sweet heart always know true bliss. Happy 20th birthday.
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Party like you just don't care
Party like you just don’t care

20th Birthday Wishes For your Son

  • Here’s to more years of making mistakes, learning, and most importantly, discovering oneself for he who wants to call it quits. Happy 20th birthday, son! I remain so proud of what you’ve been through and are becoming.
  • As you step out of the world of teenagers, always remember that success is the result of deliberate practice and nothing else. I wish you all the best in this life God has generously given to you. I know that you will make me proud. Have a great 20th birthday!
  • Son, on your 20th birthday, I just want you to know how proud I am to call myself the man who brought you into this world. May God bless you abundantly for always making my heart happy and proud. I love you.
  • As your father/mother, I’ve watched you crawl, walk, run, and say your first words with great success. I couldn’t be more certain of your success in the years ahead. Wishing you a very happy 20th birthday!
  • On this exact day 20 years ago, God made me the happiest parent in the world when He brought us together as father/mother and son. Happy 20th birthday to you, the apple of my eye.
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20th Birthday Wishes For your Girlfriend

  • Happy birthday to the most gorgeous 20-year-old these two eyes of mine have ever seen. You’re absolutely the best, my love. I hope you enjoy this remarkable day of your beautiful life to the fullest. Happy 20th birthday.
  • Wishing a beautiful and truly magical 20th birthday to my dearest girlfriend whose presence always makes me feel as though I’m flying through paradise. I hope you totally enjoy every moment of this great day of your life.
  • Happy 20th birthday to you, my love. My heart is the most precious part of my body simply because you, the love of my life, live in it.
  • Hurrah! My amazing girlfriend has just turned 20! Honey, let’s mark this wonderful occasion by doing nothing but things that put gigantic smiles on your face. Happy birthday!
  • Happy 20th birthday! Honey, did you know you are looking a gazillion times more beautiful today than ever?!
  • Wishing a fabulously wonderful 20th birthday to a very loving, supportive, intelligent and beautiful woman. Sweetheart, I hope you enjoy every millisecond of your 20th birthday knowing you are the most beautiful woman in the world.
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Happy 20th Birthday
Happy 20th Birthday

20th Birthday Wishes For your Boyfriend

  • Happy 20th birthday, babe! Something tells me that you’ll make a dent in the universe someday. Believe in your abilities, and know that your dear girlfriend is solidly behind you. Sending you lots of kisses and hugs.
  • Happy 20th birthday! It’s my hope and prayer that the joy you generously bring into my world be given back to you in oceans.
  • You are the most handsome 20-year-old in the world, no doubt about it! And that certainly makes me the luckiest girl in the world. Happy birthday!
  • Happy 20th birthday, darling. To me, it is such an incredible blessing and pleasure to be your girlfriend. I hope you never forget that. Love you.
  • You, my lover and best friend, mean more to me than the world and everything in it, including my life. On your milestone birthday celebration, I say “thank you for always giving me countless reasons to be happy.” I love you so much.
  • A very happy 20th birthday to the most important man in my life! Babe, thank you for sharing your great life with me. I love you.
  • Without question, 20 looks incredibly stunning on you! Happy 20th birthday!
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20th Birthday Wishes For your Friend

  • Wishing a truly glorious 20th birthday to a truly great friend of mine! My dear, you are destined for greatness but it’s very important that you don’t give up on the hard work it takes to be great. I can’t wait to read about your success story soon. Love you.
  • The future is uncertain but it’s vital that you brace it with verve, confidence, hope, and a great deal of optimism. Happy 20th birthday, my loving friend. Sending best wishes from this side.
  • Happy 20th birthday, buddy! Congratulations on making it successfully out of your teens. May happiness follow you throughout your adult life.
Play it cool like you rule. 20 years.
Play it cool like you rule. 20 years.
  • Wishing you all the good things that dwell in all corners of this world on your 20th birthday and all your days. Happy birthday!
  • Happy 20th birthday! I hope that this remarkably special day of yours makes you the happiest person on earth.
  • On the occasion of your 20th birthday, my heart has only one wish for you. Be happy all the days of your journey of life. Happy birthday!
  • You are a true friend who makes this planet a remarkably beautiful place to be in. Have yourself a completely joyful 20th birthday! May you always be the recipient of God’s choicest blessings and love.
  • Age 20 is one of the most fun chapters of a person’s life. I hope you enjoy every bit of this exciting age to the max! Happy 20th birthday!
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