Birthday Greetings in Hard Times

Going through sorrowful experiences in life has never been an interesting time. It is a solemn season when people find it difficult to laugh, play, celebrate or even smile at beautiful scenery around them. The sad thought that situations around one’s life will not be the same again is enough to cause anxiety. How then can you wish a sad person a happy birthday?

Wishing people, especially family and friends,  while they are going through challenging or very hard times can be a herculean task sometimes. The fact that such greetings are perceived with mixed feelings makes it all the more difficult. Your words should have the ability to make them feel that you are there for them and soothe their pains to a certain degree. You don’t have to go through what they are going through in order to encourage them. Simply putting yourself in their shoes will help you come up with soothing and heart-melting words.

These well crafted birthday wishes and messages can be sent to a birthday celebrant who is going through very hard times in life. These birthday messages recognize the unfortunate situation that life has thrown to the celebrant while at the same time giving them hope and assuring them that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel regardless of how terrible the situation that they find themselves in is.

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Birthday wishes for a Sick Friend

  • You are my sweetest friend.  Even though you are not feeling so well now, I will not stop celebrating you, now and even when you are healthy. Wishing you quick recovery and happy birthday, dear.
  • So sad that you are sick at the moment. I pray you get well soon. May your days be filled with peace, joy and abundant health to mark many more years on earth. Please get well soon. Happy birthday, dear friend.
  • Wishing you a sound health and a wonderful birthday is perfect for the day. Remember to take your medications and rejoice in appreciation to God today. Happy birthday to you.
  • As I pray for your quick recovery, I also remember today is your birthday. May you recover so soon to eat your birthday cake. Happy birthday, dear.
  • Your quick recovery is as important as your birthday. May you enjoy many more years in good health and sound mind now and always. Happy birthday, dear friend.


Birthday wishes for a Friend Hospitalized

  • So sad to hear that you are in the hospital. I wish you a speedy recovery and a pain-free birthday. Happy birthday, dear friend.
  • I know that you are in the hospital as I am writing this. I believe that location has nothing to do with my best wishes for you today. Happy painless birthday.
  • The fact that you cannot move around now cannot stop me from celebrating with you today, which is your very special birthday. Wishing you lots of love and abundant health on your birthday.
  • Dear friend, words cannot be enough to express my wishes for you because of where you are right now. I pray you get well soonest so we can celebrate your birthday with a grand party. Love you.
  • I told God to keep you for me because I can never find another friend like you. Please come back home safe so we can celebrate your birthday. I love you.
  • The last time I checked you are still alive, though in the hospital. Being alive to mark another glorious year ahead is enough to be thankful for. Happy birthday and get well soon please, my sweet friend.
  • On your special day, my prayer is for you to enjoy quick recovery and good health. We will postpone the birthday party until you are strong enough to party hard. Happy birthday, dear.


Happy Birthday, handsome man.
Happy Birthday, handsome man.

Birthday wishes for a Cancer Patient

  • Sometimes God allows some illnesses to make our will to live get stronger. Remember to appreciate His goodness and protection thus far in life. Despite your health condition, I acknowledge your birthday today. Enjoy the day.
  • As many sunrises and sunsets you witness, we still have every reason to celebrate life because as long as we live, life opens a new page for us every day. Happy birthday to you.
  • In good times and bad times you remain my best friend. That’s why you are wished a lot of beautiful memories of your birthday today.
  • On your birthday, I pray that each new day brings you new strength and makes you feel better. Celebrate this memorable birthday that God has made you to witness today because I know you are going to get healed soon. Happy birthday, dear.


Birthday wishes for Someone who Lost a Job

  • Losing a job is not the end of your life. That’s why I wish you a big job soonest as a birthday gift. Happy birthday to you, my sweet friend.
  • Don’t think life has nothing to offer again because you lost your job. Don’t forget that some things happen so that we can move forward in life. Happy birthday to you, dear. I pray for a better job for you as soon as possible.
  • Dear, remember that going through difficult times in life is one way to appreciate God’s love for us in good times. Wishing you a glorious birthday even if your mood is not good. I love and care for you.
  • Sometimes the road of life is full of thorns than we think, which make many to give up, but I believe you have higher hopes of success in the future. So celebrate your birthday in joy.
Wishing you a lots of love and abundant health on your birthday.
Wishing you lots of love and abundant health on your birthday.

Birthday Wishes for a Bereaved Friend

  • Even though I feel sorry for your loss today, I also remember your birthday is today. I pray your pain eases as you appreciate God’s loving gift of life today. Happy birthday, dear friend.
  • So sorry for your pain and grief. I can only wish you lots of better days full of love as you mark yet another birthday today.
  • Sometimes people we love go ahead to heaven to prepare a nice apartment for us there. Always remember that your husband has gone away to do the same for you and your dear children. He would love you to be happy because he cared and loved you when he was with you physically. So, as you mark your special day today, enjoy the beautiful memories of your life. Happy birthday, dearest one.
  • I am utterly sorry for your loss. I pray that God comforts you during these dark moments in your life. Today, as you commemorate the day you were born into this world, do remember to keep your trust in God, for He will heal your broken heart and put a smile on your face once again. Happy birthday.


Birthday Wishes for Someone who Got Divorced

  • Life is full of ups and downs; one of the downs is divorce. Getting divorced is the end of a journey and the beginning of another. May you experience sweet memories ahead and enjoy the rest of your days on earth. Happy birthday to you, dear.
  • Wishing you a wonderful birthday today because you deserve it. Even though you are experiencing a difficult time, look at life in a brighter way, my dear. Everything happens for a reason. I celebrate you today, my dear.
  • Life is in paragraphs and chapters. As you start a new chapter in your life today, may your light shine brighter and better. Forget about the past, and move on boldly and happily into a beautiful future. Happy birthday, dear.
  • You may be having mixed feelings today because of the demise of your marriage, but life has much more to offer when you are alive. I wish you a glorious birthday, full of joy and peace. Have a happy birthday.
I wish you lots of better days full of love as you mark yet another birthday today.
I wish you lots of better days full of love as you mark yet another birthday today.

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