One Year of Teenhood Left | Happy 17th Birthday

Birthdays celebrate the gift of another year of life that someone has been blessed to be able to live. A special birthday wishes message says a lot without verbally saying anything at all because it’s in the form of written words.

17th birthdays are a milestone that there’s only one year left of teenhood until the boy or girl is a legal adult. Many changes are happening for 17-year-olds, so pick a funny, quirky, thoughtful message that you can text or post on social media for the the soon-to-be 17-year-old in your life.

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For a Boy

Not every boy grows up slower than a girl.

  • You’re still playing Pokémon games? Best wishes on your 17th birthday, kid at heart!
  • You just tapped your 17th mana in your game of life, Magic the Gathering (MTG) master. Enjoy your 17th birthday!
  • Boy, oh boy, 17 already? I’ll be sure to send some razors and shaving cream!
  • You graduated from Little League baseball to high school baseball. Are you going pro, Mr. 17?
  • Boys will be boys and you’ve got one more year to live that mantra. Have a great 17th birthday!
  • Suit up and be a man. Your boy days are almost over. Happy 17th, dude!
  • Playing trading card games are your escape back to childhood, so never get rid of them. Play a game today and have a toast to your 17th year.
Cute birthday image for 17th birthday.
Happy Birthday. 17 is sweeter than a sweet 16.

For a Girl

Because a sweet 17 is the new sweet 16.

  • 17 is sweeter than a sweet 16. Doll up for a night on the town with the girls, but don’t stay out too late. Enjoy your day, Miss 17.
  • Wearing high heels must mean you have high standards. Soar high on your 17th birthday and reach your dreams, girl boss!
  • Girl power carries into womanhood. Feel empowered every day. 17 years stronger, 17 years wiser!
  • Do what you love on your birthday whether it’s shopping at the mall or lounging in your pajamas at home. Happy 17th!
  • Don’t feel bad turning 17 during quarantine. That just means you have two awesome parties when you turn 18 to make up for this year.
  • Turn up on your 17th birthday, girlfriend! On some virgin pina coladas though. 4 more years til you can drink (lol).
  • Wings are made to fly and there’s high expectations at 17. Fly high, Miss Butterfly!


For My Son

Your son is almost a man. Can you believe it?

  • For my son on his 17th birthday, you’ve grown from a tiny baby into a fun child and then into a responsible man. Here’s to more years of growth!
  • If there’s one thing you should learn before you hit 18: don’t be a ladies man; it’s too much work. Happy 17th, my son!
  • Who’s a handsome heart breaker with a bright future ahead of him? It’s you, my son. Happy 17th Birthday!
  • There are 17 reasons why I love you, son: the 17 years I’ve got to watch you grow. Have fun on your special day!
  • I’ve raised you and loved you even though I don’t say the words enough. But just know I love you more than anything, my son. Best wishes for your 17th birthday!
  • Momma knows her son best. Don’t break too many girls’ hearts this year, my handsome little boy. Cheers to you on your 17th birthday!
  • The big 1-7? You were just the big 1-0. Where did the time go, son? Happy Birthday!


For My Daughter

Sassy daughters think they’re grown already.

  • Daughter, you’re almost grown. But be yourself. Stay a kid for one last year, my beautiful 17-year-old.
  • Graceful and strong, beautiful and lovely: these traits all describe you, daughter. You’re growing into an awesome woman. Enjoy your 17th birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to my 17-year-old baby girl. You may almost be an adult, but you are always my baby to me.
  • Womanhood is a combination of great experiences, mood swings, and the desire for mimosas on the daily. Enjoy your last year of teen hood, Miss 17.
  • The lionesses of the pride are always on the hunt. Be like those lioness. Stay sharp and smart, my daughter and have a happy 17th birthday.
  • Sugar, spice, and everything nice. You were born with a whole lot of spice to do what you do best and succeed. Happy 17th Birthday, my daughter!
  • You are still daddy’s girl no matter how old you get. Enjoy your 17th birthday!
  • Mom and daughter duos are forever even when you turn 17. Have fun, don’t stay out too late, and come home safe!


For My Niece

Just four more years til auntie and niece can go bar hopping together!

  • You’re like the daughter I never had. I’ve watched you grow since birth and now you’re a beautiful young woman. Auntie loves you and best wishes on your 17th birthday!
  • Nieces are lovely to have, especially when they teach you the hip new world at 17. Hey, can I go out as one of your girlfriends night on the town tonight? Haha I’m just kidding! Have a happy birthday!
  • On your 17th birthday, remember the experiences that have made you who are. Your determination and perseverance will help you go far, my niece.
  • Do you, boo boo! That’s what all the teens are saying nowadays right? Have an awesome 17th birthday, niece!
  • Dazzling niece, you are so special to me. You’ve grown up so fast and I’m happy with what I see. Have a happy 17th birthday!
  • Ladies night! Me, you, and your mom have to go out on one of those sometime. But for tonight, enjoy your girlfriends as you celebrate your 17th birthday.
  • She’s my niece and my best friend; that’s a blessing. Enjoy your 17th birthday!
Birthday image for 17th birthday.
Happy 17th birthday.

For My Nephew

Hanging with your nephew is like having the son you never had!

  • Nephew, I have loved spoiling you since you were a baby. On your 17th birthday, enjoy dinner on me. Just tell me when you want to meet up!
  • Nephews are like sons that uncles never had. You’ve always been like a son to me. As I see you grow into a man, I’m very proud to say you are my nephew. Have a happy 17th birthday!
  • Hey nephew, it’s auntie. Happy 17th Birthday to the coolest and best nephew ever!
  • Auntie’s little boy isn’t so little anymore. What size shoe do you wear again? The fresh 17-year-old needs some new kicks!
  • Smart and handsome, ambitious and motivated: these traits all describe you nephew. You are becoming the man I knew you could be; have a happy 17th!
  • You are a ray of sunshine in my life, nephew. Be that light in others’ lives, too. Happy 17th Birthday!
  • You’re one-of-kind, nephew and I hope you have a one-of-kind 17th birthday.


For My Granddaughter

She’s not a little girl anymore, Grandma.

  • I remember when you used to love to bake with grandma in the kitchen and help grandpa with the yard work and I love that you still do. Happy 17th Birthday from your grandparents.
  • Granddaughter, the twinkle in your eye makes you special. It’s the fire that will motivate you to achieve your life’s goals. Let your 17th birthday be your best yet!
  • You’re the smartest girl we know and we are happy to call you our granddaughter. Have a great 17th birthday!
  • We know you’re an adult now with a busy and exciting life, but never forget to visit your grandparents. We love you and best wishes on your 17th year!
  • You’re our miracle grand baby that blessed our lives 17 years ago. Celebrate another year with your everything, granddaughter and have a happy birthday!
  • She’s beautiful, she’s talented, she’s smart. Granddaughter, that’s all you. Enjoy your 17th birthday celebration!
  • You’re the hope of the family excelling beyond our wildest dreams than generations prior. Go and tackle life to the fullest on your 17th birthday, granddaughter.
Birthday image for 17th birthday.
Happy 17th birthday!

For My Grandson

It’s almost time for grandson to assume the family business.

  • Grandson, you’re growing into such a responsible man. Have fun tonight for your 17th birthday.
  • We are blessed to have you as our grandson. To watch you grow and learn has been such a pleasure. Celebrate your 17th birthday with all you’ve got!
  • Where did that young whipper snapper go? Oh, I see. You’re a man now. Have a happy 17th birthday, grandson!
  • Where did the time go? Where did my little grandson go? You’re even taller than me now! That’s what happens when you’re 17.
  • 17 you say? You look and act like grandpa when he was 17. Enjoy your birthday!
  • I’m glad to have met and watched a phenomenal grandson grow into a fine 17-year-old. Enjoy your birthday and have a great day!
  • Who’s 17 and an awesome grandson? That’s you! Have a great birthday today.


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