The Hippest Quotes for Their Special Day | Happy Birthday, Bae!

Knowing what to tell your bae on his or her birthday can be a tough task.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with the following birthday wishes for your bae that will do the trick and make it special for any day.

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For a boyfriend

  • Fights on date nights and skipping cuddles doesn’t mean I love you any less. You’re my bae and I love you no matter what. Now let’s make up and celebrate your birthday!
  • You have your flaws and faults, but you always make it up to me. You’re the closest thing to perfect I’ve ever called mine. You’re my boyfriend. Happy birthday, bae!
  • Dear bae, you are the bright star of my life- don’t ever leave me. Happy birthday.
  • Hi bae, I know we’ve only been together for a short time- but the days I’ve spent with you have made all the other days seem like time means nothing. Happy birthday. I love you.
  • I used to want so many things, but now that I have you bae, I only wish that you’ll be mine forever. Happy birthday to the best bae.
  • You’re my boy, you’re my date, you’re my ride to a better place. You’re my bae. I love you and happy birthday, bae.
  • Every time I try to figure you out, I can’t say anything but this- you are truly the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Happy birthday, bae.
  • I know there is a real distance between us, but no airplanes, or roads, or waves of the ocean will ever stop me from with you a happy birthday, cause you’re my one and only bae. Happy birthday.
  • When life threw me chaos, I never knew what to do until I met you. Now it’s smooth sailing as long as I’m with you- happy birthday, bae. May today give you everything you’ve ever wanted and more.
  • Without you I would feel lonely, unlovable, and life wouldn’t be as fun to live. Happy birthday to my wonderful friend and bae.
Happy Birthday, bae!
Happy Birthday, bae!

For a girlfriend

  • I know you think of quitting me every day but you can’t today bae, after all, it’s your birthday! May it be as amazing as you are.
  • There’s nothing in the world that feels better than being in love with someone like you bae. Because you are beautiful from the inside out. Happy birthday.
  • Hey bae, it’s your birthday! Do you feel that? It’s like a beat box party in my heart. I’m so happy to have spent another year calling you mine. Happy birthday.
  • Keep calm bae, it’s your birthday! I love you more and more each and every day.
  • Happy birthday to the sweetest, kindest, warmest, loveliest bae anyone could ask for. It’s you bae. Sending my love your way.
  • Magical, delicious, elegant, beautiful. You’d think I was describing a perfect cupcake but I’m not – it’s YOU bae! Happy birthday.
  • Seeing that smile on your lips makes my day. Always. Now today it’s my turn to give you a reason to smile. Because its your birthday. I love you bae.
  • I would wish you all your heart desires on your birthday, but since you have me I guess there’s nothing left to wish for. Happy birthday, bae.
  • You’re my partner in life, in crime, in love, and in everything in-between. I don’t want anyone else. Happy birthday, bae.
Best Friend
Best Friend
  • If time and space came between us, I would somehow still make it to you. That’s how deep my love is for you, bae. Happy birthday!
  • I wish the best for you and all of your dreams. You’re the one dream of mine that has come true and now I wish the same for you. Happy birthday, bae. I love you.
  • A day with you feels like a second, so a thousand years won’t do. Even a million won’t be enough. You got me till forever, bae. Happy birthday.
  • Dear bae, wishing the most special of birthdays. May you feel as happy today as I am every day with you. Happy birthday.

For a lover

  • Some say that love is better when it’s a secret, but with you bae its different- I want everyone to know I love you! Especially on your birthday. Happy birthday bae, from your not so secret lover.
  • A dose of love from you sends all my teardrops away. I love you forever, bae. Happy birthday.
  • Dear bae, have I ever told you that you are my favorite person in the whole world. It’s true. Happy birthday and cheers to many more.
  • Dear bae, if we ever become exes, I think I will still send you a happy birthday wish, because I don’t think I could get you out of my head. You’re that amazing. Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday to my BAE!
Happy Birthday to my BAE!
  • You’re the bomb dot com bae. I mean it- happy birthday to you. May it be all you want and more.
  • When life throws doubts and regrets my way, you hold me up and make my day. That’s because you’re the best bae. EVER. Happy birthday.
  • You’re the light of my life, the angel stuck in my heart, and the dress I always want to take off. Happy birthday to my love and bae. Stay sexy.
  • Today and everyday I wish you all the joy, peace, happiness, and birthday cake you deserve. Happy birthday to my secret bae.
  • Every time I fall for you it’s like falling deep into the endless galaxies- it’s scary as shit, but I don’t want to be anywhere with anyone else. Happy birthday my love. I pray you’ll be my bae forever.
  • All your kisses and touches leave me breathless. I hope this birthday will be the best you’ve ever had bae, like each day is with you. Happy birthday my love.
  • Dear bae, I know we’ve already been over this, but I had a big problem preparing for today. I tried to fit all my love in a box, an envelope, and its just too big. That’s how much I love you. Happy birthday.

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