Wishing Health and Prosperity | 100 Happy New Year Wishes

As the new year is approaching and we say goodbye to our pasts, it would always be a kind gesture to wish a friend, co-worker or loved one a Happy New Year. However, we understand that this is a festive time of year and not everybody will have the time to construct a new year’s message to send to friends and family.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of New Year’s messages that you can send to those you care about. We’ve broken the messages down into categories, so that you can easily find the message that’ll suit you the best.

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Table of Contents

  1. Funny Happy New Year Messages
  2. Inspirational Happy New Year Messages
  3. Happy New Year Wishes for your friends

    Funny Happy New Year Messages

    • New Year, New You. Or maybe it’s the same you. Who knows? Happy New Year’s anyway.
    • Another New Year of resolutions, another new year of not fulfilling any of them.
    • A whole New Year is about to begin and we still don’t have our lives together.
    • We already messed up, but next year is going to be our year for real tho.
    • Another year may be coming, but your baggage from last year is coming too.
    • Every year, I expect to have an amazing prosperous year… and every year I’m let down. #exceptions
    • I’m wishing you a very Happy New Year’s right now because by the time 12 hits, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to stand straight.
    • This year hit me with a baseball bat… and I have a strange feeling that next year will do it too.
    • The new year is coming and I wouldn’t want to drink the year away with anybody else.
    • I waited until midnight on January 1st to tell you that I haven’t seen you since last year. Happy New Year’s.
    • The New Year is calling. I picked up and it said that we should go drinking tonight.
    • A different year, the same fake smile. #sincerityresolutions
    • This is a New Year to create, innovate, facilitate, operate, so don’t just sit around eating cake.
    • I understand that you may want to party and go crazy because it’s New Year’s Day, but please don’t forget to put the drinks down.

    Inspirational Happy New Year Messages

    • The New Year is here, so it’s now time to pick up your pen and add another chapter to your story.
    • Whatever this New Year brings, just know that I will always be here to support and help you achieve your dreams.
    • It’s a New Year, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and become a new you.
    • You can be anything that you want to be, and with this upcoming year, I want you to realize it.
    • Leave what happened last year stay in the past, and let’s take steps into the future.
    • I want to challenge you this year to keep your New Year’s resolution and be the best that you can be.
    • I want to wish you a Happy New Year’s and may all the wealth, prosperity and luck come your way.
    • Take every failure, loss and lesson to this next year and let it guide you to your success.
    • I want you to think about what you’d love to have the most… and now in this upcoming year, I want you to go get it – because you totally deserve it.
    • This year, we took our first steps of reaching success, but this year will be the last step of grasping it.
    • I hope you keep your head up and bring in only positive vibes in this next year.
    • Get a new perspective on life this year and realize that, sometimes, failing is part of success.

    Happy New Year Wishes for your friends

    • It’s been another successful year for us and I hope our friendship never comes to an end.
    • I’m thankful for everything you’ve done for me this year. Hopefully I’m not broke this next year so I can return the favor.
    • We said that we were best friends forever, so it better stay that way next year too.
    • Out of all the people I converse with, you’re the only one that I can tolerate so I’m taking you into the New Year with me.
    • I’m going to take you for drinks this New Year’s, but don’t make me regret it.
    • People always say that I have to let things go from the past year and move on to the next one, but I love you so I can never let you go.
    • Cheers to another year of us doing absolutely nothing with our lives.
    • Are we making a New Year’s resolution to get skinny this year or are we going to Burger King?
    • Happy New Year’s, my friend. May this year bless us with nothing but wealth and success. #deep
    • Last year you made me a better person but that kind of wore off now, so can you do it again for the New Year please? Thanks in advance.
    • I was going to write you an entire paragraph on how you mean so much to me, but I got tired and time is running out, so Happy New Year.
    • Make sure that this year is a special one, but if you do anything stupid, just know that I will be recording and taking pictures of everything.

    Happy New Year Wishes for your parents

    • As we go into a new year, I want to thank you for everything that you’ve done me, and hopefully I’m not broke this year and can pay you guys back.
    • Thank you for blessing me by birthing me into a loving home like yours, and may the New Year bless us all.
    • New Year’s Day is like a ray of sunshine with parents like you in my life.
    • Have the happiest of New Year’s from your most favorite child.
    • You, guys, may be the luckiest couple in the world because you’re able to spend New Year’s with a child like me.
    • This will be the best year you’ve ever had and as your child, I’m going to make sure of it.
    • Have the best of years because if we’re being honest, we don’t know how many you have left.
    • Make sure to have the best year even though your little drunk mistake won’t be there much this year. 🙂
    • Thank you for all you’ve done and I hope you guys have an amazing New Year’s day.
    • Happy New Year’s, I know you, guys, really don’t hear from me much since I moved out, but I still and always love you.
    • I’m wishing the best New Year’s Day to the most caring, loving, compassionate and amusing parents that any man or woman could ask for.

    Happy New Year Wishes for your sister

    • Even though you may be the spawn of Satan sometimes, you are still my sister and I hope you have a fun-filled New Year’s Day.
    • This may not be normal coming from me, but have a good New Year’s because I won’t ever do this again. #loveya
    • Not only am I wishing you an amazing New Year’s, but I also want to thank you for always having my back and being the best sister anyone could ask for.
    • It’s New Year’s, sis, so you better turn up for me. #love
    • Hope you don’t get too drunk today and enjoy New Year’s the right way. Kiddin’, do it your way and have (responsible) fun.
    • I love you, so please don’t do anything dumb at these New Year’s parties.
    • We’ve been siblings since the beginning and it will remain that way next year whether you like it or not. Enjoy the day, though.
    • Have a great New Year’s Day, but always remember that I will be the favorite in the family and you’ll never take my role. 🙂
    • We are going to keep this sibling bond going forever, but let’s just begin with this year. Have an amazing New Year.
    • It’s crazy how much we’ve been through together, but we need to take all of our lessons and mistakes from last year and use them as stepping stones to success next year.
    • Another year has gone by that I haven’t stopped believing in you and your dreams. May all of them come true this time around.

    Happy New Year Wishes for your brother

    • Keep a smile on your face today bro, because we got a lot of turning up to do this year.
    • I know we always have our ups and downs, but just now that I had your back every year, and I will continue to do that next year.
    • With all the good that you put out in this world, I’m more than sure that the world will be giving back to you this upcoming year.
    • Hope you have a good year and enjoy all the parties, but make sure you don’t get too crazy tonight.
    • I know you’re going to party today, but make sure you don’t do anything too bad or else you’re not making it to next year.
    • Dude, it’s literally a different year. We are getting old, brother.
    • You had my back through the hard times, and I’m going to need that to continue next year because I’m going to need a ride home after tonight.
    • Let’s say goodbye to last year’s pain and misery, and say hello to wealth and riches.
    • My brother, my partner, my best friend, we made it to another year and I need to tell you that I’m so proud of you and the man that you have become.
    • Hopefully this year will teach you to follow your heart and be exactly who you set out to be.

    Happy New Year Wishes for colleagues, bosses and workplace collaborators

    • Hope you enjoy the New Year as much as I enjoyed working with you. Hope you have a fantastic day and a subsequently amazing year.
    • Hope to see you all and your families blessed this upcoming year. Best wishes for a great New Year.
    • I’m lucky to be able to have such an amazing boss like you. I wish you a very prosperous and successful New Year.
    • Thank you for making work enjoyable for all of us. I wish a fantastic New Year to you and your loved ones.
    • I would like to give you praise for allowing me to be able to write more chapters in my book. Hopefully, this next year will allow me to you write a few pages in yours.
    • Let’s take our past mishaps and turn them into pathways for us to be successful this New Year.
    • This year, let’s vow to do whatever it takes to seize our moments and opportunities.
    • I hope that you have a profound year and achieve everything that you plan to accomplish.
    • Last year, I saw a person that had all the potential in the world. During this New Year, I’ll see that person finally realize that potential and take action.
    • As this year concludes and a new year begins, I hope that you realize how valuable you are to us and how lucky we are to have somebody like you at our company.

    Happy New Year Wishes on Images

    Happy New Year image for wishing on social media and chats.
    Happy New Year.
    Happy New Year image to help you wish to friends and family on social media, chat, messages or email.
    Cheers to a new year.
    Happy New Year wish on image for social media.
    Happy New Year. This is the beginning of anything you want!
    Happy New Year wish on image to help you wish to friends and family.
    Let’s sparkle this year…
    Happy New Year image for wishing to friends and family.
    Let’s go for another Happy New Year.
    Image to help you wish on social media and emails to friends and family.
    The Future is Exciting. Happy New Year.
    Image to help you wish to friends and family for the New Year.
    Hello, New Year.
    Happy New Year image to help you wish to friends and family.
    A fresh year, a fresh life.
    Happy New Year image for wishing.
    Happy New Year.
    Happy New Year image to help you wish to friends and family.
    New Year, new feels, new chances. Same dreams, fresh starts…

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