120 Christmas Captions for Instagram to Keep Their Hearts Warm

There is nothing better than beautiful Christmas photos to celebrate the season. You’ll want your photos to have the credit they deserve by applying the perfect captions to them. Maybe your picture is of the beautiful light display in your town, or maybe you’ve captured the perfect snowfall of the season.

Whatever the reason, it is important to have the best Christmas caption to match it. Your captions might be funny, sweet, nostalgic, or anything in-between. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to express how you feel about a picture, so we made sure to pick out the best captions to go with all of your Christmas photographs!

Funny Christmas captions

When you are looking for a laugh with your pictures, we have you covered all the way!

  • Dear Santa, what can I do to make you switch me to the good list?
  • I hope no one saw what actually happened under the mistletoe!
  • I hope we can all jingle all the way together!
  • Sleigh bells are ringing loudly in my ears!
  • Getting sloshed on eggnog- what a crazy tradition!
  • Epic battle in the snow is going on right here!
  • Dashing through the snow and freezing all the way!
  • My tree doesn’t need a star when I’m always available for the job!
  • Merry holidays and happy Christmas from your favorite elf!
  • No one can ever accuse me of being a Scrooge at Christmas!
  • Dear Santa, can you make an exception for me this year?
  • Can we gift wrap the season and keep it ready all year?
  • Who says I am on the naughty list this year?
  • The naughty list wouldn’t be the same without an appearance from me!
  • Jingle this and ho-ho-ho that!
  • It’s beginning to feel a lot like drunkenness!


Cute Christmas captions

Check out these cute Christmas captions when you need a little extra help for all of your beautiful holiday snapshots!

  • The magic of the season is shown through the love in the air!
  • Merry Christmas and a pocketful of love!
  • Tis’ the season to shine and sparkle!
  • Christmas magic begins in the home.
  • The holidays are sweeter than the best chocolate!
  • Home is where the magic happens!
  • Twinkle lights and pretty brights are all we need!
  • Christmas is as sweet as the sweetest candy in the world!
  • Christmas lights are the best part of a special holiday!
  • Christmas is a holiday that spreads magic and cheer for all to hear!
  • Sing loud and clear for others to hear your holiday cheer!
  • Gingerbread kisses make for the best holiday wishes.
  • Where would we be without the magic and mystery of the perfect Christmas tree?
  • Let’s give Christmas the respect it deserves by living with it in our hearts every day.
  • My Christmas wish is for peace on earth, goodwill to men, and a love that lasts forever!
Cute Christmas caption for photo posts.
Christmas magic begins in the home.


Christmas caption for photo posts.
Christmas is as sweet as the sweetest candy in the world!


Cute Christmas image to share with family and loved ones.
Merry Kiss-mas!

Christmas captions with friends

Your friends make the perfect addition to Christmas, so make sure you give them the credit they deserve!

  • A Holly Jolly Christmas was had by us all!
  • Merry Christmas to the best friends a person could ever have!
  • Happy holidays and good tidings to friends that make the year that much brighter!
  • We’re having the most Holly Jolly Christmas ever!
  • Satan himself couldn’t have put together a better group of friends!
  • We’re loving Christmas together each and every day!
Christmas caption for friends.
We’re having the most Holly Jolly Christmas ever!
  • The perfect group of friends makes the perfect holiday season!
  • Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the best groups of friends!
  • Christmas is hope and love and peace and a group of friends that you would do anything for!
  • Having the best Christmas ever with the jolliest group of friends!
  • Friends make the holidays that much more special!
  • Perfect friendships make for perfect holidays every time!
  • Christmas wouldn’t be the same without friends to celebrate!
  • Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays to the best friends the world has ever seen!


Christmas captions for couple photos

When you are a couple during Christmas, here are some fun Christmas captions to use for your photos!

  • If kisses fell like snowflakes, I would gather you enough for a snowman!
  • Santa and his baby!
  • Smiling cause I’m spending Christmas with my honey!
  • You make me smile during the Christmas season every time we celebrate together!
  • You’re the snow to my snow globe!
  • You’re the bright and shiny tinsel to my Christmas tree!
  • My favorite Christmas tradition is the one with you in it!
  • Christmas is always better with you in it!
  • You’re the delicious frosting to my sweet sugar cookie!
  • Christmas wouldn’t be the same without your presence!
  • Your love is the bow to my wrapping paper!
  • Who needs a star when you have our love to shine bright?
  • It’s the season to sparkle together.
  • You’ll always find me under the mistletoe, waiting for your kiss!
  • Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the magic of your love!
  • You will always be the only present I need under my Christmas tree!
Christmas caption for couples in love.
Christmas is always better with you in it!

Christmas captions for photos with my boyfriend

You want the perfect Christmas caption for when you are celebrating it with your boyfriend, so consider the following for your photo!

  • You’re always the reason for the season when it comes to the holidays!
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like the perfect Christmas season with you!
  • Merry Christmas to the only person I ever want to be with during the holidays!
  • My Christmas couldn’t be any better as long as you are here with me!
  • We’re the jolliest couple Christmas has ever seen!
  • Christmas is the best time of year to spend with the one you love the most in the world!
  • What a wonderful holiday it is when you are together with your soulmate
  • Deck the halls with lots of love!
  • We’ve been naughty and nice, but that’s what makes it the best holiday ever!
  • I hope we have plenty of time under the mistletoe!
  • You can’t wrap up the love we have!
  • What a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas-together forever!


Christmas party captions

Express your fun at your Christmas party by using one of the following captions!

  • It’s the most epic Christmas party with the most epic group of friends!
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like the best Christmas party to ever go down!
  • Christmas is best when shared with family and friends!
  • We dashed through the snow to make it to this amazing holiday party!
  • Christmas done right at the party of the season!
  • We’re decking the halls and being jolly!
Funny Christmas caption for your photos.
Dear Santa, we can explain.
  • Ho-ho-ho doesn’t begin to cover it during our naughty Christmas gala!
  • Christmas parties are a time to spread holiday cheer among friends and family!
  • Having the time of our lives at the best Christmas party ever!
  • What would a Christmas party be without some naughty fun that even Santa could get behind?
  • There’s no place like a wild Christmas party to get into the season!
  • Dear Santa, we can explain!
  • Christmas wishes really do come true when you’re surrounded by people you love!


Christmas tree photo captions

Show off your beautiful Christmas tree with some cute and clever captions!

  • Eat your heart out, Charlie Brown! We found the perfect tree!
  • We’ll be rockin’ around the Christmas tree tonight!
  • It’s just you, me, and the most beautiful Christmas tree!
  • There is nothing better than a tree lit up with pretty twinkly lights!
  • My tree will sleigh away all day, every day!
Cute Christmas caption for photo posts.
Christmas lights are the best part of a special holiday!
  • We picked the perfect Christmas tree this year for sure!
  • Can you believe such an amazing tree even exists?
  • Pretty lights and twinkling stars makes the best tree on the planet!
  • We’re getting tinsel happy up in here!
  • When you’re already a star, you may as well be on top of the Christmas tree!
  • Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the beautiful smell of pine!
  • As we decorate our Christmas tree, we give thanks to the ones we love.
  • Nothing says Christmas than a tinsel war as you decorate the tree!
  • Buddy the Elf has nothing on my tree decorating skills!
  • A beautifully decorate Christmas tree is the start of a happy holiday season!


Christmas captions for photos with my dog

Show off your love for your dog during the holiday season with some epic Christmas captions!

  • We wish you a furry Christmas and a wagging new year!
  • Happy holidays and lots of love from our home to yours!
  • Santa Paws is in the house tonight!
  • I’ll be spending Christmas with the best four-legged friend ever!
  • Happy howl-idays from my family to yours!
  • My four-legged friend is all I need to have a wonderful Christmas!
  • When I needed love, I found a precious four-legged friend.
  • All you need is love and maybe some happy, wagging tails!
  • Holiday wishes and doggy kisses to everyone I know!
Christmas caption for photo posts with my dog.
Holiday wishes and doggy kisses to everyone I know!
  • Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, from my four-legged friend and I to you!
  • I hope your holidays are furry and bright!
  • Have a yappy, happy Christmas!
  • Merry doggone Christmas and happy paw-lidays to all!
  • Oh what fun it is to ride with my furry friend in a one-horse open sleigh!
  • Our family hopes you have the most fetching Christmas ever!
  • We’re barking our hearts out together- happy holidays!
  • Merry Christmas from our family to yours- even the dog!
  • Jingle Paws, Jingle Paws, jingle all the way!


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