Happy Birthday Messages for Twins

If you are searching for original birthday wishes to brighten the Big Day of a twin or set of twins, you have come to a great place.

Here we have a huge treasury of truly delightful wishes that can help you come out with the perfect words to send to that important person(s) in your life in honor of their anniversary.  

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Happy Birthday To My Twin Sister

  • I love my life better when I’m with you, my dearest sister. Happy birthday!
  • From the beginning to the end, it will always be you and I. Happy anniversary, my beloved twin and best friend.
  • Wishing the most beautiful twin ever the most beautiful birthday ever.
  • Words can’t express how blessed and lucky I feel to be your sister/brother. Happy birthday, dear.
  • Happy birthday to an amazing sister and an even more amazing friend. May happiness always embrace your life.
  • We came to this world together, which is a clear indication that we shall forever be inseparable. I love you so much. Happy birthday, and forever enjoy the blessings of happiness and prosperity.
  • This is our Big Day, dear! I hope it is full of absolute joy for you. Happy birthday!
  • Dearest sister, I can’t imagine how sad the world would be like without having a wonderful sister and friend like you who always has my back no matter what. Love you. Have a fabulous birthday.
Happy Birthday, Twins! Image.
Double the trouble, twice the fun. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Twin Brother

  • Brother, you are the best sibling and friend a person could ever have in this lifetime. God bless you so much for giving me all the happiness in the universe.
  • You are my light, my angel, and joy. Happy birthday.
  • Each and every second of my life, I find a brand new reason to be thankful to my lucky stars for making me your twin. Happy birthday to me and .
  • You were assigned my best friend even before birth. I am 100% confident that this special bond we share will never break because it is the strongest thing in the universe. I love you so much. Happy birthday.  
  • May your happiness and prosperity increase every second of every blessed day of your life. Happy birthday, my wonderful twin.
  • You’re not just my twin, you’re my pillar of strength and the other half that makes me complete. Thanks for bringing me heaven. Here’s wishing you a heart full of joy on this great day of ours.
  • Just like you brighten my life, I promise to brighten your world till the end of time. Happy birthday.
  • My whole life you have stood by me and inspired me to believe in myself. God bless you for being a wonderful brother, friend and hero to me. Happy anniversary.
  • Wishing a magnificent anniversary to the most magnificent brother of all time.  My sweet brother, thank you for being an outstandingly loving and caring brother to me. I love you so much!  
  • Every happiness I get in life, I get it from you. Happy birthday, my dearest brother.
  • I have so much to thank God for because He blessed me with a wonderful twin brother like you. Wishing you an extremely gracious birthday.
  • You are my greatest delight in life. Never forget that! Happy birthday to us!
Happy Birthday, Twins! Image.
Hip, hip, Hooray! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to My Twin Friends – Sisters

  • A more wonderful set of twins I could never find. On this day, may your lives be blessed with a lifetime of happiness. Have a truly gorgeous birthday!
  • Life is beautiful because I have the world’s most wonderful twin sisters, whom I call my treasured friends. Happy birthday, my lovely twins!
  • I hope this beautiful day and the coming year will bring you closer to achieving all the wonderful goals you have set for yourselves. Enjoy your special day with all the happiness you deserve.
  • Sweethearts, you are amazing gifts to me. Thanks for always decorating my life with your love and support. Happy birthday.
  • You’re the best friends anybody could wish to be blessed with. Have an extraordinarily happy birthday, my dears.
  • This is a truly beautiful day because it is the birthday of my favorite set of twins in the whole world. You bring me nothing but happiness whenever I am in your company. Wishing you the happiest and most beautiful birthday ever.
  • On the occasion of this great day of your lives, may only the wonderful things of life knock on your doors. Thank you for all the happy moments you have brought me. Happy birthday.
  • May all the goals that you have set for yourselves today and tomorrow come to fruition. I’m so blessed to be counted among your special friends. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to My Twin Friends – Brothers

  • May blessings keep coming your way like rain that never ends. Happy birthday to the most wonderful twin brothers I’ve ever known.
  • The both of you make my life exceptionally happy. I hope this special day is as special as you are in my world. Have a fabulous anniversary!
  • As if one of you wasn’t handsome enough for this world, we’ve actually got two of you! Thank you for making my life wonderfully sweet. Happy birthday.
  • You are critical component of my happiness in this life. May your birthday be a truly pleasant and memorable one. Happy birthday, dear twins!
  • I never stop getting bowled over by your incredible love and support. You are a truly wonderful pair. Happy birthday.
  • Only a handful of people in this world are blessed enough to come to this earth with their best friends. You are truly lucky, my dears. Have a great one!  
  • Today, I celebrate the fabulous lives of two of the most wonderful people in my life. Sweet friends, I pray that all the days of your existence on earth will bring you countless things to smile about. Happy birthday!
Butter wouldn't melt on our Birthday
Butter wouldn’t melt on our Birthday

Happy Birthday, Twins! (Boy and Girl)

  • Having an amazing angle like you that I call my twin brother is the greatest blessing of my whole life. Happy birthday.
  • To me, there’s nothing more beautiful in this world than having an exceptionally sweet sister like you in my life as my twin. Have a great one!  
  • Happy birthday to the most special person to me under the sun. I love you so much, I would happily sacrifice all my possessions for your happiness without thinking twice.  
  • Being the twin of an outstanding person like you is all the inspiration I need in life. I hope you have an anniversary that is as beautiful as your life is to me.
  • Hurrah! We are plus one today! May your birthday be as glorious as you make my life. Keep shinning, my dear.
  • Wishing the sweetest happy birthday to my precious twin sister who is sweeter than honey. May your life be more beautiful than a sunflower.
  • I came into this world with not only an amazing brother/sister, but also an inbuilt best friend. Happy birthday.
  • Here’s to our special day! Sweet brother/sister, I treasure you more than I treasure paradise.

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