Birthday Wishes for a Widow or a Widower

Let’s face it, it is not the easiest thing coming up with the right words to say to a widow or widower on their birthday. Luckily, we have a bunch of texts here that can help you do just that.

We hope the tons of thoughtful birthday wishes below, which are dedicated to those who have sadly lost their spouses, can help you craft very profound and sweet messages to lift up their spirits and make them feel happiness again as they commemorate their day of birth.

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  • I know times aren’t the easiest, but remember that with God, things always get better. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • Sending massive hugs and warm wishes your way on your birthday. May your special day be filled with merriment and brightness. Happy birthday!
  • May the happiness that this special day causes you to feel last you for an eternity. Happy birthday.
  • Your happiness means a lot to me, and that is why on this special day in your life, I pray for nothing but your happiness. Have a glorious birthday!
  • Happy birthday, dear. May your special day be as special as you are to us. May it lighten your load and fill you with priceless treasures of happiness.  
  • Happy birthday! May God put a smile on your face – today and until the end of time!
  • Happy birthday! May God take away all your troubles and pains. May He wipe away all your tears and make you feel His divine joy and peace. Happy birthday.
  • May your life be the recipient of all God’s most amazing blessings because you are a truly amazing woman/man. Have yourself a joyful birthday celebration today.
  • You have been through a lot of challenges in life yet you never allowed yourself to be broken. Thank you for being so strong and inspirational to me. May God keep on strengthening you and bringing you the joy that you so much deserve. Happy birthday, my dear.
Happy Birthday with Love.
Happy Birthday with Love.
  • Celebrate this special day of your life, knowing that your sad days are over and nothing but wonderful days await you. Have a truly colorful birthday.
  • Happy birthday! May God mend your broken heart and gift you His divine happiness so that all the days of your life may be filled with heavenly bliss. Whatever you do, try not to let anything stop you from enjoying this special day.
  • Be strong, for things will change for the better and the sun will shine brightly in your sky once again. Happy birthday.
  • Wishing one of the bravest and strongest persons I’ve ever known a happy birthday! Worry no more, for a magical life awaits you, my dear. A life full of peace, happiness and love. Just keep on being positive and strong. You inspire me a lot!
  • Dearest, you’re not in this alone, for your pain is my pain; your tears are my tears; and your beautiful smile is also my smile. Happy birthday.
  • Wishing a happy birthday to someone whose courage I admire a lot. May this day mark the end of all your life’s misfortunes and herald true blessings, good fortune, and most of all, true happiness in your life.
  • You shine so incredibly bright. Don’t let anything dim your extraordinary light. Stay positive and strong every day. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday! May God’s divine presence accompany you throughout your special day and fill your soul with happiness.
  • You’ve bravely battled one of the darkest moments of your life and emerged the victor. May this birthday mark the beginning of a new dawn filled with all the wonderful things in life. You deserve happiness all the days of your earthly journey.
  • Happy birthday. May this wonderful day bless you with many years of happiness and prosperity.
Beautiful Birthday
Beautiful Birthday
  • The time for tears has come and gone. And never will it come again! So rejoice and enjoy every moment of this special day the heavens have blessed you with. Have a fabulous birthday, my dear!
  • You have a wonderful light in you that illuminates the lives of everyone around you. Whenever you find yourself in despair, I hope this message reminds you of how inspirational you are to us and encourages you to keep on shining. Happy birthday.  
  • My dear, on your birthday, may you be showered with heavenly blessings and happiness. And may these wonderful blessings always be with you wherever life takes you. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! May all the sorrows in your life be replaced with blessings and true joy on your special day.
  • Today, I pray that God will give you the strength and courage to throw away all your pains and sorrows, so you can live a life filled with hope and happiness. Happy birthday.
  • On your Big Day, may you be fill with renewed hope and aspirations for tomorrow. Happy birthday.
  • Words can’t describe how the loss of your dear husband/wife saddens my soul. I hope and pray that God will use the occasion of your birthday to heal your wounds and put a smile back on your face. Happy birthday to you, my dear. Love you.
  • Despite all the pains you’ve been through, you remain incredibly strong. You are indeed the epitome of inspiration. On your birthday, I pray that you’ll be forever blessed with a truly happy life. That’s all I want for you.
Amazing Birthday Memories
Amazing Birthday Memories
  • I haven’t seen your amazing smile in a while. So on this special day of yours, all I pray for is that you’ll be blessed with happiness. Happy birthday!
  • After all you’ve been through, no one in this world deserves more happiness than you do. So on this very important day that I celebrate you, I pray that all the sorrow in your world will be replaced with monumental heavenly bliss. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday! May this great day clear your path to peace and true happiness.
  • Wishing a very bright and merry birthday to a very inspirational individual! May you be blessed with all the joy in the heavens – today and forever.
  • Happy birthday! May you receive God’s divine healing, love and blessings – on your special day and forevermore!

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