Their First Decade! | Happy 10th Birthday

Birthdays are always special occasions, but certain birthdays are real landmarks. One such landmark is when a child finally hits double digits – the big 10. Share a warm message on social media, send a thoughtful email, or you can give that special child a text to show them that their day is remembered and important to you.

Maybe, they got their first phone as their b-day present? If so, they’ll be overjoyed to get a message. Are you stumped on what to say? No worries! Take a look through this collection of messages for that special girl, boy, son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter that’s another year older today.

For A Boy

Use these messages for a young fella you know turning 10 on his birthday:

  • You’re officially in the dapper double digit club! Congrats to the best 10-year-old ever. Hope your special day is befitting of such a prince.
  • I’m so proud of my big boy, and I just want you to have the very best day ever on your big 1-0 b-day.
  • You’ve got one entire decade down in the books, sweet birthday boy. May today be ridiculously terrific for you and your toy collection… (if you’re not too old for toys now.)
  • You are going to have a fabulous 10th year of life. Happy, happy birthday to one of the most tenacious and outstanding young men I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.
  • What a fine young fella you’ve become. Best wishes for a birthday that’s befitting of how spectacular you are everyday to all who’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing you.
  • The 10s will be a time of so much learning and excitement for you. Enjoy every minute of it. Start with a big slab of birthday cake.
  • Page 10 has arrived in your book of life. It’s been a joy watching your story unfold. Rest assured that many exciting adventures await as you turn the page. Warmest wishes on your special day.
  • So, you’re a year older and a dollar richer. Wonder if this half-grown, handsome, and rich dude will be even recognizable by his next birthday? Hope you enjoy all of your birthday’s rewards.
Happy 10th birthday image.
Happy Birthday. Level 10 unlocked.


Birthday image with a wish for 10th birthday.
Happy 10th birthday.


Funny birthday image.
Happy Birthday.


Birthday image for 10th birthday.
Happy 10th birthday.

For A Girl

Use these messages for a gal you know turning 10 on her birthday:

  • Sweet girl, please have the best 10th birthday ever. You deserve the moon, sun, stars, and at least ten exclamation points !!!!!!!!!!
  • Happy first double digit birthday, girl! You’re totally going to rock this whole preteen stage.
  • It’s such a joy to see your birthday come, beautiful girlie. You keep growing taller, wiser, and more radiant with each chapter of life. Here’s to enjoying the first of many double digits under your age.
  • For a remarkable girl, many hopes that you have the most remarkable first day of being 10-years-old. Best advice: get an edge slice of cake and watch out for wrapping paper cuts.
  • Roses are red. Get out of bed to get fed. Cake and ice cream await. So, dont be late lest it all be ate. Wishing you a very great birthday.
  • Whether you’re 10 or 100, you will always shine bright for the world. Enjoy your first day as a 10-year-old, and don’t forget to show those candles how a real star lights up a room.
  • Grandest wishes to you on your big milestone birthday of 10! May this year be enriched with many special blessings and crazy adventures.
  • How exciting that such an extraordinary girl is celebrating her first decade of life. Please accept these heartfelt wishes for a day worthy of your kind and generous spirit.


For My Son

If your son is turning the milestone 10 on his birthday, try one of these heartfelt wishes:

  • No one could ask for a better son. You gift us all with your gigantic heart year-round. So, stop to enjoy all the very deserved gifts this day brings to you. A big happy birthday to our big boy.
  • My boy has mastered every single age so far, and I can’t wait to see what you do with the 10s. Just as you get bigger each year, so does my love for you. Have a great day, son.
  • Nine has been a hard year. But, that’s the thing about birthdays – they’re fresh starts for a brand new age and year. Welcome to the age of 10 and all of its dreams and goals.
  • I’m the luckiest parent ever to have a b-day boy like you. You’re the baddest in all the best ways. Happy Big 1 to the 0 birthday!
Birthday image for friends and family.
Hooray for today!


Birthday image for 10th birthday.
Happy 10th birthday.
  • I only have one 10-year-old son, and boy am I glad it’s you! You make everyday a celebration, but today is about you turning the page of life to double digits. I couldn’t be prouder, happier, or honored to be your parent, and I hope today is the best day yet for you.
  • I may not be the perfect parent, but I certainly have a perfect son. And, a perfect son deserves nothing less than a perfect birthday. Let’s start now with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 virtual hugs!
  • Son, may every dream and hope you have come true as you blow out your 10th set of birthday candles. You make me the happiest, and I want nothing but the same for you today and every day.
  • Three letters sum up my entire world: S-O-N. Love and best wishes for an amazing celebration of 10 years doing a fantastic job at being my S-O-N.


For My Daughter

If your daughter is on her 10th birthday, try one of these lovely wishes:

  • You’ve wrapped up your first decade with a lot of sweet memories under your belt. Just remember that turning 10 doesn’t mean you can add a miniskirt to that belt, young lady. I love you times infinity.
  • A lot of girls think that turning TEN makes them T- terrific, E- exciting, and N- novel. You, dear daughter, have long since been all of the above. So, sit back and enjoy already mastering the tens!
  • Wow, you look very well-aged to have turned 120 months old today! Maybe, we should just stick with 10 birthday candles, though? I love you, my old girl, and wish you the very best of all today brings.
  • Welcome to becoming a ten-ager. Use the time wisely because it won’t be long until you’re a real teenager and will be too old for a birthday advice message from the parents.
Birthday image for girl's 10th birthday.
Happy first double digit birthday, girl!


Birthday image for 10th birthday.
Happy Birthday. Warmest wishes on your special day.
  • Hope reaching that 10-year milestone is unforgettable – just like you! Much love, cake, ice cream, cookies, soda, chips, gifts, future college funds, and delight for today. Note that future college funds and love apply all day, everyday.
  • No longer a kid. Not quite a teen. Don’t stay in yesterday, but don’t rush tomorrow. Be you because you are simply perfect just as you are today. I, however, will continue to love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow – the perks of being an adult. Happy 10th fabulous birthday.
  • Just yesterday, you were a cool chick. Today, with double digits on your birthday, I guess that makes you a double cool chick? Hope you have the coolest birthday around.
  • To the dearest sweetest daughter, you’ve infused my life with complete happiness every single day for the past 10 years. You most certainly deserve some of that happiness for yourself. So take this day, your birthday, and enjoy it to the fullest with cake, love, and many gifts.


For My Grandson

Select a message from this collection for a prized grandson celebrating his 10th birthday:

  • You’re a super star, my beloved grandson. Whether near or far, I’ll always be your #1 fan. Sending my very best on your very special #10 birthday.
  • We sure do love our grandson, or should we say ten-aged grandson. Blessings and wishes for the happiest birthday!
  • Close your eyes and imagine a warm hug from me, grandson. I hope you feel how much I adore you and know that my only wish today is for you to enjoy turning into a 10-year-old young man.
  • You, my grandson, deserve the absolute best of it all. I guess that’s why you have me as a grandparent. Loads of love on your first decennial b-day.
  • They say good deeds are rewarded tenfold. If true, your 10th birthday should be overflowing with rewards because you’re the best grandkid around.
  • You’re finally 10! Remember, this is likely the only day of this year that your parents won’t scold us for too many sweets. So, eat cake, drink soda, and be merry as you turn the old age dial to double numbers.
  • As you blow out all your birthday candles, make 10 wishes. Some kids may only get one, but my amazing grandchild deserves one for each year he’s blessed me as a grandparent. Just don’t get us in trouble by wishing for a pony or airplane.
  • This may be birthday number 10, but you’ll always be number one with me. Sending all my love, hugs, and wishes for the best day yet.


For My Granddaughter

Select a meaningful message from this collection for a beloved granddaughter celebrating her 10th year of life:

  • Now that you’re in double numbers, do we need to address you as teenager in training, or can we just keep calling you granddaughter? Either way, I love you bunches.
  • Congrats on reaching official big girl status. Hope you’re not too old for a birthday message from the grandparents: Happiest Wishes To You On Your Big Day!
  • As you embark on no longer being nine, know that you will always be my sweet little grandchild. No matter if it’s your 10th or 100th in age, I want each of your birthdays to always be a day to remember and as bright and brilliant as you are to me.
  • You’re destined for greatness, granddaughter of mine. Each of your birthdays are a gift to me and the entire world. Here’s to your first 10 years, and I’m so excited to see what the next ten hold.
  • Thank you, my angelic princess, for bringing ten years of such excitement and joy to my life. I’m wishing you the same happiness as you party, eat, and play at your birthday celebration.
  • Love is patient. Love is kind. But, hurry up and cut the cake. Let’s make your #10 a celebration of all things grand, which includes the grandest thing of all – you, of course, my granddaughter.


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