A Wish for their Special Day | Happy Birthday Images

Looking for the words to say on a precious person’s birthday? Well, if that pending task finds you in a rather lazier-than-usual mood, why not pick a funny picture for that? The advantage that images have is that they’re direct, sincere and often funny, so that definitely makes them much more accessible to everyone.

So, are you looking for the birthday card you can share with someone to honor them for their special day? Among these funny happy birthday images you’ll find the one that suits your case best. Share it and make a girl or boy, woman or man, happy today!


Happy Birthday Images for All

Happy Birthday

A sparkling gift for their special day will always be appreciated.


Happy Birthday Painting

Share this colorful composition to wish them their best on this day.


Happy Birthday with all our love

No matter how many the candles may be, a birthday cake by a truly loved person is a moment to cherish.


Happy Birthday to you!

From a “Bon Anniversaire” to a “Buon Compleanno”, a wish is invaluable in every language.


Sweet & Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are ideal occasions to tell them how much you love and care for them.


Happy Birthday!

Cake, balloons, decoration, go! It’s a party!


Happy Birthday to sweet you!

“Another birthday cake?” – said no-one ever!

Funny and Cute Birthday Images

Don't grow up. It's a trap! Happy Birthday

Let me tell you some things about growing old – in private…


Happiest Birthday!

Cute kitty awesomeness for their special day? You bet!…


My loyal Happy Birthday wishes

You might think you’re their best friend, but only among humans.


Happy Birthday May all your dreams come true.

Everyone’s entitled to have the wildest dreams in life – and this is the day to remind someone of that.


Happy Birthday!

I can be really photogenic just before I blow these candles! #goofysmile


Be my one and only birthday dog

A special birthday dinner, just you and me, somewhere nice, far away from any madness…


Happy Birthday to you!

If there was a cute-o-meter, this birthday celebrant might as well have broken it.


Birthday Images for your Sister

Be happy, Sister! It's your birthday!

She might be a bit crazy – still, you love her (or precisely for that).


Smile, sister! it's your birthday!

A birthday click is something your sis will appreciate!

Hit the dance floor. It's your birthday!

Tonight, you might as well wear your shoe soles out, sis!


Happy Birthday to my sister!

She loves me – she loves me not – I know she does, no need to blow this dandelion…


Happy Birthday, Sister!

Hearts that beat for a girl who lives her life making her sister proud.


Happy Birthday, my lovely sister!

No birthday cupcake will ever be as wonderful as my sister!


Happy Birthday to my beloved sister!

Dear sis, enjoy this day, have fun like you always do, and dream of a better tomorrow.

Birthday Images for your Brother

Happy Birthday, little brother! After all these years, you've finally got older than me :)

Time is shaping us, so don’t complain you’re not exactly my little brother anymore – definitely not my fault! 😉


Happy Birthday, Brother!

Let us all remember who is the actual party animal in here, bro!



For good times and bad times, it’s always great to know I’ve got my brother’s shoulder to lean on.


You might have covered long distances to become who you are, but you're never out of ideas for new trips. Happy Birthday, bro!

Here’s to my bro, the most adventurous person in the family.

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