36 Happy Birthday Wishes for School-Age Kids

There is no doubt that children bring a lot of joy and happiness into our lives and therefore, their birthdays should be a precious moment to let them know how treasured they are.

For this reason, we have crafted some beautiful examples of birthday wishes for school-age children that will make their day a sensationally joyful one.

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Wish for 6th birthday.
Happy 6th Birthday.

Happy 6th Birthday Wishes

  • You are our shining little star and we are happy to celebrate your 6th year on earth. Have an awesome day, dearest one!
  • May you have all the joy and lovely presents that will warm your heart as you celebrate your Big Day. Happy 6th birthday, youngster!
  • You are the most flamboyant kid I have ever known, and it pleases my heart to be part of this important day in your world. Enjoy your 6th day of birth with so much fun!
  • You shine as brightly as the biggest star in the universe, which makes me confident that you will grow up to be a great person in the future. Happy 6th anniversary, kid!
  • You amaze me how fast you have grown. You have become a very cute looking youngster and I must tell you how excited I am to celebrate your 6th birthday with you.


7th Birthday Wishes

  • Kid, celebrating 7 years today is awesome because the number 7 is a lucky number. Have fun and be happy because we will celebrate this day in grand style with you. Remember that our love for you is never-ending.
  • It is very astonishing the manner by which you magnify our world and bring great joy to everyone around you. You are a very special child and I wish you a happy 7th birthday!
  • Today, I will make you feel special and excited like you have never been because you are a spectacular kid and you deserve to be treated in a spectacular way. Happy 7th day of birth!
  • I hope that you feel so special and loved today because it is your big moment and we all are glad to join you to celebrate it. Happy 7th birthday.
  • I hope that you enjoy all the excitement, happiness, and fun that comes with turning 7. Wishing you a truly happy 7th birthday!
  • You bring something really great and wonderful into this world. It is my wish that as you turn 7 years old today, you will grow seven times stronger and wiser. Hearty birthday, kid!
Happy 7th birthday.
Happy 7th Birthday.


Birthday image for 8th birthday.
Happy 8th Birthday.

8th Birthday Wishes

  • You are a very adorable child, which is no surprise that everyone around loves you so much. I pray that all your heart desires find their way to your doorstep on your 8th birthday, today.
  • You make all of us so cheerful with your wonderful perky smiles. I hope you receive a lot of exciting and precious gifts on your 8th day of birth.
  • On your precious day today, we thank you for being such a wonderful and incredible kid to us. We wish you a jolly 8th birthday celebration with lots of surprisingly awesome gifts.
  • I am very amazed by how rapid you have grown into a very brilliant little kid, with specially gifted talents. Wishing you a jolly and a fun-packed 8th birthday!
  • You get to celebrate 8 years once in your lifetime, and I pray that this celebration will leave you with great memories and bring so many blessings into your life. Happy 8th birthday, kiddo!


9th Birthday Wishes

  • For the past 9 years, you have been the biggest source of sunshine in my life and I must thank you tremendously for that. Happy 9th birthday.
  • The moment you stepped into my world, everything around me became simply magical and lovely just as you are. Wishing you a joyful 9th anniversary!
  • You are completely an incredible child and you highly deserve all the love, fun, special gifts, and happiness in the Universe as you celebrate 9 years on earth. Happy 9th birthday, my dear.
  • I hope that you have plenty of ice-creams and delicious cakes to share with all your special friends as you celebrate your 9th birthday, today. Wishing you all the fun and luck in the universe.
  • It has been extra delightful being your parent because you a very amazing and brilliant little youngster. I appreciate you a lot and I wish you a fantastic 9th birthday!
Birthday wish for 9th birthday.
Happy 9th Birthday.


Birthday wish for 10th birthday.
Happy 10th birthday.

10th Birthday Wishes

  • Happy 10th birthday to a wonderful child who has filled my world with nothing but immense happiness and joy. I love you so much.
  • Happy 10th birthday, dear! I am so glad and joyful that my little prince/princess finally hits a double-digit age. I am wishing you lots of fun as you celebrate a decade old today.
  • As you mark 120 months of your existence on earth, it is my wish for you to keep growing bigger, stronger and wiser. Happy birthday, dearest!
  • Wishing you a lovely 1st decade on earth! You are an incredible and a phenomenal kid who has a very bright future ahead. Happy 10th birthday, beloved!
  • I wish you a very, very happy 10th birthday! It is such a beautiful sight watching you grow into such an outstanding person. I hope this special occasion brings you immense joy and genuine love.
Wish for 11th birthday.
Happy 11th Birthday.

11th Birthday Wishes

  • I am wishing you lots and lots of joy as you celebrate turning 11 today. I hope that you have great fun with your friends. Happy birthday, kid!
  • May sorrow and despair be kept at bay throughout your life as you celebrate your 11th year on earth. I hope you have a sensational anniversary!
  • You are simply a phenomenal child who exhibits great promise of a potentially successful adult in future. I hope that your 11th birthday paves way for you to achieve your full potential. Happy birthday!
  • You are the smartest 11-year-old I have ever known. I wish you a long life and I pray that all your desires come to fruition as you celebrate your big day today!
  • As you hit eleven years old today, may the gates of heaven open and shower you with all the precious blessings and gifts that will bring warmth into your heart. Happy 11th birthday!


12th Birthday Wishes

  • Wishing you a wonderful and a joyful 12th birthday! May this beautiful day and the countless other lovely days ahead of you overflow with genuine excitement and laughter!
  • 12 years is a very special age to be, but what is more special is the joy and love that you bring into our heart. We love you in a truly special way, dear. Happy birthday!
  • I am wishing you all the wonderful and exciting things in this life on your 12th birthday. You are such a great blessing to this world and it is my hope that you grow up to be a prominent figure in society.
  • You have got such an amazing way of delighting my world, which makes you a truly special kind of 12 years old. Wishing you great happiness on your 12th birthday!
  • You are so unique and unbelievably talented even though you just turning 12. I am proud to have such an amazing youngster like you in my life. Happy birthday!
Birthday image with cake.
Happy Birthday to you.

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