50 Happy Mother’s Day Quotes and Messages

Mother’s Day is an important day to celebrate all moms all across the world. Whether it is to your mom, a mom from your church, a mom from the grocery store, a mom from the hospital, a mom who is a teacher, or any mom you meet, every mom should know and feel how important she is not only to her children but to society. These wishes can be given to your mom, whether she is here or has left her legacy, or they can be given to a special mom that you know. It is important that moms know they are loved and cared for. They make so many sacrifices and sometimes they go unnoticed not only by their children and their family, but sometimes by the whole world, so take the time to celebrate your mom or a mom.

Let them know just how wonderful they are to the whole world. Moms are strong. Moms are beautiful, and moms are incredible. Don’t you think they deserve to feel that way? What mom are you celebrating today?

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Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms

Here are Mother’s Day wishes to all moms in general!

  • Thank you, Mom, for the moments we have shared. Thank you for your open arms that are always there. Today is your day so sit back and enjoy it.
  • Mom, thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for always being willing to help. You are appreciated.
  • Dear Mom, thank you for all that you do. You make everything look so easy, but it is not. Thank you for your sacrifices.
  • Thank you for always smiling and showing us your strength. Even on your worst days, you are still strong.
  • Your laugh is contagious. Thank you for always giving plenty of reasons to smile and hope for a brighter future. Happy Mother’s Day to you.
  • You deserve the very best and to always be happy. This day is and will always be a reminder of how much you mean to us.
  • Dear Mom,
    Words cannot even begin to express what you mean. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made. Not everyone can say that they are fortunate to have a mother that possesses your inner beauty.
  • If you only gave just a tenth of the woman you are, the whole world would still be blessed, but thank you for giving your all every single day.
Mother's day wish on image.
Best mom in the world.


Mother's day image to share with your mom.
Love you, mom!


Cute illustration with flowers in an envelope on image for mother's day.
Happy Mother’s Day.


Cute mother's day image for sharing with mom.
My mom is the best.
  • Thank you, mom, for being you. Thank you, mom, for always being an example to many. Thank you. Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Best wishes to every single mom out there on this day. Thank you for continuing to birth the world. Your strength is undeniable.
  • Moms, just remember you are responsible for giving birth to the amazing talents in this world. You are responsible for giving birth to all of the extraordinary scientific breakthroughs. You are responsible for giving birth to all the beautiful art we see, so thank you.
  • Moms, know that you are responsible for giving birth to innovative technology. You are responsible for giving birth to all of the engineering advances. Where would this world be with you? Thank you.
  • Today is a reminder that you are responsible for giving birth to all of the incredible people that uphold this world. Thank you, moms, from near and far. When we celebrate you, we really celebrate who we are.
  • You have helped birth and raise this nation and world to be what it is today, so when we celebrate you, we celebrate the world’s birthday. Best wishes to you, Moms. Happy Mother’s Day.


Funny Mother’s Day Messages

While it is always nice to empower a mom, sometimes laughter is what she needs. The wishes below are funny Mother’s Day wishes you can share with your mom, your sister, your friend, or a complete stranger.

  • Kudos to all the moms who cannot seem to find a spot in their house where their kid cannot find them. If you get a cake today, run outside and eat it in the car, hopefully, you can have a moment of peace and quiet. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Who would have imagined you would be one of those people everyone is taking the time to recognize today for raising those little people. Really scary times we are living in, but I guess you aren’t doing that bad. Best wishes to you on your day!
  • Today is the day we recognize all the women who no longer hear their names. It’s either mom, mommy, mama, or MOM. Oh well, enjoy your day!
  • Let’s raise a glass to all the women who go to bed with Baby Shark in their heads. Today is the day to recognize you. Best wishes to you and all the mommies you know on this day and every day.
Happy Mother's day image for sharing.
Happy Mother’s Day.


Image with flowers and mother's day message.
You’re an amazing mother.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes for my Sister

Sharing a heartwarming Mother’s Day wish to your sister can be hard sometimes. If you need help expressing how you feel about your sister who is now a mom, here are some Mother’s Day wishes you can send her.

  • When I look at you, I see mom. I see the beauty she has inside her. I see the things that make her proud. You are truly an amazing mom. You are the perfect reflection of mom. Thank you for representing her so well.
  • When I look at you, I see sweet memories. I see all the great things that made it fun to be a kid. When I see how loving you are towards your children, I find myself reminiscing about all the great times we shared being kids. Best wishes to you my sister.
  • When I look at you, I see grace. I see the patience you carry, and I see the love across your face. When I look at you, I think of the many acts of kindness you display. I see your heart shine in a new way. You are a perfect reflection of mom and I celebrate you on this day.
  • When I look at you, not only do I see my sister, my best friend but I see a great mom, a reflection of our mom. I see mom and dad’s legacy continuing through you. Happy Mother’s Day.
  • I see the love your children display which reminds me of you and me. I am so proud of you and so proud to have you as my sister, but what I am most proud of is to witness you being an amazing mom. Happy Mommies Day, Sis.
  • Expressing how one can feel about you as a mother can be challenging. Not because you are challenging yourself but because there are no amount of words that could truly ever describe how incredible you are.
  • Expressing your feelings can be daunting. Do not ever think someone’s lack of words means you are less. It just means finding the words to deserve how wonderful you are is impossible.


Happy Mother’s Day Wishes for my Mom in Heaven

Here are some heartwarming Mother’s Day wishes to your mom and other moms in heaven.

  • Dear Mama,
    Your touch is missed. Climbing into your arms always equates to safety. Your smell is missed. The perfumes you sprayed always represented your essences. You are and will always be amazing. You are truly missed.
  • I miss watching you put on makeup. I miss kissing you and smelling the foundation laid upon your cheek. I miss hearing you sing your favorite songs. I miss hearing your crazy laugh and what I would do even to hear you yell. Mom, you will always be missed. You deserve to be celebrated. Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Waking up to the smell of pot roast, carrots, and potatoes is missed. Your hands were strong and prepared miracles. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I know Heaven is enjoying your meals prepared in love.
  • Mom, you raised such a beautiful child. Your legacy will always live on. Thank you for blessing the world with such a wonderful gift. Blowing my Mother’s Day wishes to you in heaven.
  • Today may be hard for many, but instead of focusing on you not being here, today will be a day to celebrate the legacy you left behind. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.
  • Mom, today you will be honored no matter what. Without your sacrifices, this world would not be what it is today. Thank you.
Happy mother's day image.
Happy Mother’s Day.


Happy Mother's Day image with girl holding flowers.
Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes for my Daughter

Watching your daughter grow up from a child to a woman and then to a mom is such a blessing. Here are some Mother’s Day wishes you can send her to brighten her day!

  • Dear Beautiful Daughter on Mother’s Day:
    From crawling to walking to running, you have grown from a little girl to a teen and now a woman. You have spread your wings and flown off as a mama. You deserve everything the world cannot give you. Best wishes on your day.
  • As a mom, you worry about your child’s well-being. As a mom, you worry and wonder if you are doing everything right. As your mom, I spent so much time worrying, but to see you as a mom, shows I have nothing to worry about. Best wishes to you on this day.
  • Seeing you as a mom is worth more than anything money could buy. As your mom, looking at you is a reflection. You are incredible. Your strength is inspiring. Happy Mother’s Day. Proud Mama.
  • You are beautiful music. You are beautiful art. You are everything that is beautiful that lays upon this green earth. Words are limited to describing you. Best wishes to you on your day!
  • You are beyond the beauty in the sky. You are beyond the beauty in the seas. You are beyond the beauty of the trees. Just know that these words shared are not enough to celebrate you. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You are always looking at the bigger picture. That is why you are an amazing mom and daughter. You are the strength that keeps this world grounded. Thank you. Happy Mother’s Day.
Happy mother's day message on image with flowers.
Happy Mother’s Day.


Beautiful photo with flowers for mother's day.
Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes for a Friend

Today is a great day to celebrate your best friend not only for being the woman she is but for being a mom!

  • To my best friend who stays up listening to me vent about my day or problems. To my very best friend who is always there to help me no matter the day and no matter the time. Wishing you the best Mother’s Day because you deserve it.
  • Best wishes to you on your day. Not only are you an amazing friend, but you are an amazing mom. You are worth far more than gold and rubies. You are worth far more than any amount of money in the world.
  • You are truly one of a kind. You are a phenomenal mom and friend. You care for your children with so much pose. You are inspiring. Wishing you the best on your day.
  • You care for your children with so much love. You care for your children with so much grace. You care for your children without a drop of sweat upon your face. As a friend, you are inspiring, but as a mom, you are everything.
  • You are truly a beautiful soul, a beautiful friend, and a beautiful mom. Celebrating you on this very day, so kick up your feet and relax. Allow the ones you love and care about show you just how important you are. Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Your down to earth attitude is so inspiring. Thank you for always being loving, outgoing, and a great representation of a friend and mom.
  • You are truly a special woman. You are a constant reminder of how beautiful life is. Thank you, mom, for showing the world what really matters in life.


Happy Mother’s Day Memes

Mother's Day Funny Cat meme.
Best mom in the world – Happy Mother’s Day


Mother Alien Protects meme.
Simple tasks. Happy Mother’s Day.


Mom and Daughter Mothers Day Meme.
– Mom how much do you earn as a mother? – 0 Dollars plus taxes.


Evil Baby Funny Mother's Day Meme.
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! – I’ll be such a good boy when I grow up.


Funny Mothers Day meme with bunch of roses.
For your consideration – Nominated for Best Mother of 2020.


Mother's Day Funny Meme.
Every day is Mother’s Day. I hope I’ve made my wish clear to you.


Funny Don't look at them Ricky meme for Mothers Day.
Bunch of roses on Mother’s Day <> My endless love every day.

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