Original Birthday Poems for Their Special Days

Poems are a cute way to show someone you care on their birthday. Send them a heart felt message full of love with a poem dedicated to just to them.

Birthdays are important, and it never hurts to show someone that you remembered their special day. Of course, wishing in rhyme can be challenging, but we offer this collection of poems just for you!

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For your love

These birthday poems are just for your sweetheart to let them know how much you care on their birthday.

  • My love for you grows stronger with every passing year
    I want all to know you are the one I hold dear
    A happiest of birthday wishes to you, my love
    For you are my greatest gift from up above
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Happiest Birthday! On this eve you were born. Thankful for your love.
  • Another year has come and gone
    Look at all that we have done!
    I cannot wait to see you in bloom
    For I wear your love like my favorite costume
    We celebrate you on this day
    I would not have it any other way!
    I love you, my dear
    That much I know is clear
  • Happy birthday to my other half
    I cannot imagine life with out you
    You are the one to make always make my laugh
    I just want to be there through and through
    As you are the one for me
    This is the way it was meant to be
  • Happiest birthday
    On this eve you were born
    Thankful for your love
  • I cannot imagine life without you
    I would be oh so blue
    Thankfully, you were born today
    Now, I can have you any which way
    Come home quickly so we can celebrate
    This very much incredible date

For a family member

Wish your family member a happy birthday with these adorable poems!

  • I think you are the best
    I am so lucky you are in my life
    Growing up with you put me through the test
    We have been through good and strife
    But, I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays
    I will always be there for you no matter what comes our way
  • Dear Mother/ Father/ Brother/ Sister, I love you so much
    You have done so much for me
    You will have a great year- just a hunch
    I hope you have a birthday that is so happy!
  • Sometimes you drive me crazy
    I know you can very lazy
    I don’t care about your flaws
    To me, you are better than all my in-laws
    I am blessed you are a member of my family
    Life without you would be something scarily
    Happy birthday to you, my dear
    I hope you never have any fear!
  • Another year passed
    I hope you spend it well loved
    Happy birthday to you!
  • Today we celebrate you!
    Other days are obviously meant for me!
    As my family member, you have been so tolerant of my antics over the years
    Your love brings be to tears
    I hope you have the greatest day today
    Have a happiest of birthdays!
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Happy Birthday to you. Another year passed, I hope you spend it well loved.

For a friend

Cute and simple poems are a fun way to let your BFF or colleague know that you are thinking about them on their birthday.

  • To my friend: I cannot imagine life without you!
    There is nothing that we cannot do.
    You came into my life when I needed you the most.
    You have always been such an incredible host.
    Now, it is your very special day.
    I want to offer you love in every which way.
    I hope you have the best birthday possible!
  • I love all the great times that we have had together.
    I cannot comprehend a life without you.
    I am so glad you are my best friend forever.
    I hope that you have a great birthday too!
    We will have a great time celebrating tonight.
    I know we will have all the cocktails you could ever want.
    You can drink until you have no sight.
    I got your back without a taunt.
    Happy birth to you dear friend!
    I know we will live it up for years to come.
    We will be going hard until you are well done!
  • Want to know something cool?
    You are the best person I know.
    We go way, way back- even to school.
    In fact, I think you might be my oldest friend, so.
    Let’s celebrate your birthday tonight with a wild plan.
    I know we will get up to lots of trouble, but I got you man!
    We can have a party until the crack of dawn.
    I will be with you until the end of time- when you have spawn.
    Dude, I hope you have a great birthday today!
  • We go together like two peas in a pod.
    Can you think of what would have been if we had never met?
    I know I would have been a poor, sorry sod.
    I know that I would have had a worse life, I bet.
    Luckily, you have provided me with so much joy.
    You are like the family I chose to have.
    I couldn’t ever think to do anything without you.
    Today, we celebrate you and your birthday.
    I hope you are excited to something great!
    I will make this a birthday that you can’t ever forget!
  • If there is anything I know, it is that my life is better because of you.
    You have been with me through thick and thin, and I love you for it.
    Can you remember that time we laughed so hard?
    Can you remember all the nights we stayed up late talking?
    I will cherish all of those moments all of my life.
    I cannot think as to what life would be without you.
    All of that said and done, thank you for being my friend.
    Thank you for giving my the best possible friendship I could ever ask for in life.
    I love you, and I hope you have a great birthday!
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Happy Birthday to you, my dear. I hope you never have any fear!

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