Retirement Wishes from the Heart

Being able to retire from a successful career after years of commitment, dedication and hard work is a dream come true. Everyone would love to be in this position. You finally get to reap the rewards of your labor, relax, possibly travel, and enjoy time with your grandchildren. This is a great privilege that is worth celebrating. You may eventually say goodbye to a beloved coworker and wish them well as they sail off to retirement.

It can be hard to say goodbye, but it is so pleasant to receive genuine, kind, warm-hearted retirement wishes. There are so many ways to celebrate and wish someone well on such an occasion, so here are some great retirement messages you could write on a retirement card.


Retirement Wishes for All

  • I wish you well as you close this chapter of your life and start a new one. Enjoy retirement!
  • Congratulations on your retirement! Hoping you see lots of new places and meet lots of new faces as you sail off to retirement land.
  • Thank you for your years of hard work and commitment to the job. It has been a pleasure working with a wonderful person like yourself. I wish you many blessings and less stress in the retired life.
  • Congratulations! You’re retiring. Now the time to start new chapters, find new adventures and fall in love with life all over again. Have fun!
  • We hate to see you go and we’ll miss you during our staff meetings, but you deserve to rest. Congrats on your retirement from your coworkers!
  • It won’t be the same without you, friend. I sure hope you enjoy the years ahead of you. Happy Retirement!
  • You have served with integrity. You have learned and passed on your knowledge unselfishly. We have learned so much from you. Your wonderful work ethic will truly be missed. Have a wonderful retirement.
  • Envy is just boiling inside me. I wish we could trade places. My time will come but till then, have a wonderful retirement.
  • Retirement is a wonderful time in someone’s life. You get the freedom and flexibility that you’ve always dreamed of. You time is in your own hands now. Use it well!
Happy riteremtn wish.
Happy retirement!
  • Happy and Healthy Retirement to my dear friend and coworker. You have so much to look forward to. Enjoy every minute of it.
  • Now is the time to travel to places you’ve only seen in your dreams. It’s the time to cherish your loved ones. It’s the time to pick up old hobbies you never had time for. I wish you plenty of worry-free days, and even more success and happiness in your retirement.
  • Great job! Well done! You have run a good race. Now it is time to reap the reward for your labor. Enjoy retirement.
  • Now that you’re retired, you’ll be getting a lot of babysitting requests! You’re grandbabies will love it! Happy Retirement.
  • You’re retired now. This is your free life. You get to do what you want with your time and be busy in ways that you want to be busy. Now is the time to answer to yourself for once. Enjoy!
  • Happy Retirement! If you are ever bored, just give me a call. I’ll be glad to share some work with you!
  • It’s been your dream to retire well. You have worked for it your whole life. The time has finally come and I wish you plenty of joy and relaxation in your retirement.
  • Those dreams that you put in your back pocket a long time ago. Time to take them out and rekindle your motivation. You are retired but that doesn’t mean you have to stop achieving. Reach for the stars and enjoy your retired life!
  • You have a wonderful way of bringing out the best in others. I’m so glad to have met you. Happy Retirement.
  • Wishing you a happy, fulfilled life post-retirement.
  • I know why your smile is big. It’s because you’re thinking of all those wonderful plans you have post-retirement. Good luck and Happy Retirement to you.
  • You have brought so many laughs and so many great lessons. You will truly be missed here and you definitely won’t be forgotten. Happy Retirement.
Happy Retirement!
Happy Retirement!
  • Don’t forget about us when you’re enjoying your retired days. Come to visit and keep in touch. Happy Retirement.
  • Never change who you are. You are amazing and so impactful. So many look up to you. We all wish you well as you enter a new chapter in your life. Enjoy retirement.
  • Let your hair down. Kick off your shoes. Reap the rewards of a life of hard labor. Your retirement is your time to thrive.
  • Happy Retirement! Live it up and keep smiling!
  • May you be blessed in all your future plans. Wishing you well and sending lots of warm wishes. Have a great retirement!
  • I hope you retire happy. Savor every minute of your retired life. It’s a great opportunity to discover new passions and ways to pursue happiness.
  • Keep setting goals and breaking barriers even in retirement. Congratulations, my friend!
  • Happy Retirement! Tomorrow you’ll wake up to a new day, a day where you have the freedom to choose where your life takes you next.
  • Put down the briefcase and pick up your passport. It’s retirement time and you’d better make the most of it.
  • You are a successful person who created a successful team. You are a great leader and role model. We hope to lead successful lives and grow the team even in your absence. You have taught us well. Happy Retirement and you are already missed.
  • Say goodbye and head out the door. New beginnings await you. Hoping your retirement is as successful and impactful as the time you committed to your career. Happy Retirement!
  • Congratulations, you’ve got a promotion! Your new responsibilities include cherishing every moment with your loved ones and creating new adventures.
  • You loved your career and it shows. You have made your mark. Now it’s time to enjoy your retirement! I wish you well.
  • Best wishes for your retirement. Enjoy every day you wake up to being your own boss. You deserve it!


Retirement Wishes for An Old Colleague

  • You were my greatest inspiration during the times we worked together. I am happy that you will now have enough time to do the things you love most. Happy retirement!
  • Working with an amazing person like you was very fun and rewarding. I hope you will still give me those little coaching and guides you used to when we worked together. Have the best of retirement!
  • You taught me countless very important lessons about work and life. Though I am happy you are retiring, I will miss you greatly. Have an awesome retirement!
  • I have mixed feelings write now. A part of me feels sad I will not be enjoying your wonderful presence in the office again, whereas the other part of me is very happy your hard work has been crowned with a lifetime of relaxation. Have a blissful retirement!
  • As you spend your retirement relaxing and having fun with your family, I pray every blessed day of your life is sunny and bright. Enjoy your retirement to the fullest!
  • I can say with great confidence that you not only brought joy into the workplace, but you also played an invaluable role in the growth of this organization. I’m so thankful our paths crossed. Happy retirement!
  • You are the most phenomenal colleague I’ve ever worked with. I wish you happiness, strength and good health throughout your retirement. Congratulations.


Retirement Wishes for Mom

  • No one is ever truly free until they go on retirement. Mom, I am so happy to see that after all your years of work, you are finally there. I hope your retirement is as wonderful as you are to me!
  • You worked extremely hard to make sure I never lacked anything. And I am truly grateful for that. On your retirement, I just want you to know how proud I am of you. May good health and total bliss accompany every day of your retirement.
  • Finally, you have been rewarded with the rare opportunity to rest from work forever. Congratulations on your retirement, Mom! I hope every day of retirement puts a smile on your face.
  • You have worked so hard all your life, Mom, which is why you deserve nothing but joyful moments all the days of your life as a retiree. Have an exciting retirement!
  • Mom, work never gave you the opportunity to have enough time for yourself. Fortunately, you have been rewarded with a lifetime of rest from work. I hope you thoroughly enjoy every moment of your retirement. Congratulations!
Happy retirement wish for mom.
Congratulations on your retirement, mom!


Retirement wish for mom.
Have an exciting retirement, mom!
  • Dear mom, you have worked hard and accomplished a lot all these years. You truly deserve this rest of a lifetime. Have the best retirement ever. Congratulations!
  • Though work demanded a lot of attention from you, you made sure we had our fair share of your presence. We are so lucky to have you all to ourselves. We wish you good health and happiness on your retirement. Make the best out of it.


Retirement Wishes for Dad

  • Dad, I salute you for how you were able to juggle so excellently family and work. You are my super hero and deserve the award for the Best Father in the World. I wish you an extraordinarily happy and peaceful retirement!
  • Words can’t describe how happy I am to know that my dearest father is finally home forever!  Congratulations on your graceful retirement!
  • Dad, as you come home to celebrate your life as a retiree, it is my wish that every day brings you happiness and contentment. You have climbed the mountain, now is the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the extraordinary view. Congratulations on your retirement, Dad!
  • My beloved father, I wish your retirement marks a new, care-free era, and I hope it brings you nothing but the best things life can offer. Have a fabulously happy retirement!
  • Dad, congratulations on successfully making it to that chapter of your life where every day is a holiday. Happy retirement!
  • Congratulations on your retirement, Daddy! You have sacrificed a lot to put smiles on our faces. Now is the time to slow things down, relax and enjoy the rewards of your years of hard work and sacrifices. We wish you unlimited happiness in your retirement.
Happy retirement wish for dad.
Congratulations on your retirement, daddy!

Retirement Wishes for another Family Member

  • No more alarm clocks. No more daily commuting. No more running late for work. Retirement is indeed heavenly. And I’m so glad that you are going to enjoy it. Happy retirement!
  • I am overjoyed knowing about your retirement. I hope you spend all the days of your retiral doing nothing but amazing things that fill your soul with happiness.
  • Work took you away from the family for all these years, but you are finally back for good. I am happy we can now have you all to ourselves and do the wonderful things we couldn’t do in the past. May your days as a retiree be filled with sunshine.
  • May good health, peace and joy accompany you on this wonderful chapter of your life. Happy retirement!
  • Wishing a wonderful retirement to one of the greatest gifts of this family. May every day of your retired life be filled with happy and peaceful periods.
  • You are a wonderful blessing to this family, and we are happy to have you fully back to us. Congratulations on your retirement!
  • It has been boring without you all these years. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that you are now retired and can now focus on making yourself truly happy. Congratulations!


Retirement Wishes for an older Friend

  • I am so glad that you finally have all the time in the world to enjoy family life to the max. Have all the excitement and fun that life can offer. Happy retirement!
  • Dear friend, I wish you a retirement full of fun and extraordinarily happy moments. Congratulations on successfully entering the most exciting phase of life.
  • Finally you are free to do all the exciting things you have ever wanted to do. I hope you have nothing but a great and happy retired life. You truly deserve it.
  • Retirement is where you finally stop working for others and start working on how to relax and have fun. Happy retirement.
  • At long last the best days of your life have just begun. I hope you enjoy them to the fullest. Best wishes to you on your retirement. May it be the most blissful chapter of your life.
  • I hope you live all your retirement days having all the fun you can. Congratulations and best wishes for your retirement, my dearest friend.
  • On your retirement, it is my wish that you are blessed with great health to enjoy all the fun and excitement that await you in this distinct period of your life. Congratulations on your retirement.

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