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If you are in need of great birthday wishes for someone dear to you who is celebrating his or her 75th anniversary, you can start with the fine list we have on this page.

The sea of beautifully-written lines below will definitely help you come up with a very touching birthday message that will not only warm the heart of that wonderful 75-year-old in your life but also add more color to that very important day of his/her earthly journey.

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75th Birthday Wishes For a Friend

  • As you celebrate this extra wonderful moment in your world, I pray for unfailing love, happiness and joy in your life. Wishing you a fabulous 75th anniversary, dear friend!
  • Beloved friend, I wish you only spectacular things and special moments throughout your lifetime. Enjoy to the brim this 75th birthday celebration of yours.
  • 75 years of greatness on this earth is an absolutely incredible achievement, my dear. Wishing you endless joy and excellent health as you commemorate this Big Day!
  • This is to congratulate you on your 75th birthday! You are the perfect kind of person to have as a friend. I wish you everything that is truly perfect in this life as you celebrate this honorable day.
  • May this 75th birthday of your existence be a very cheerful one for you. Thank you for always being an exceptionally wonderful friend to me. I love you.
  • Sending you a truly hearty 75th birthday, my good friend! For being a wonderful person and friend, I pray that God will bless you with more joy than this universe can contain.
  • Birthday Wishes for the Elderly Person in your Life
Footsteps in the sand. Happy 75th Birthday
Footsteps in the sand. Happy 75th Birthday

75th Birthday Wishes For Dad

  • Dear father, this very lovely occasion gives me another amazing opportunity to sincerely appreciate you for all the innumerable priceless things you have given to me in this life. May this 75th anniversary gift your life endless joy.
  • It is truly joyful to know that the greatest and most caring father in the world is 75 years old today. May good health, joy and happiness never depart your world as you commemorate this Big Day.
  • Happy 75th birthday! You are truly a wonderful and amazing father. From the deepest cell of my heart, I thank you for giving me the best things in life.
  • You have always been there to guide and help me solve very difficult problems in this life, and this is why I celebrate you today. As you mark your 75th year on this planet, may God always bless your skies with sunshine galore.
  • I am beyond grateful to you for all your efforts in making me who I am today. You are my true hero, Dad. Hoping you have a gleeful 75th birthday!
  • In you, I see a very knowledgeable man, a great counselor, a devoted teacher, and above all, my best role fried. May the divine favor of the Lord be richly present in your world. Have a joyful 75th birthday celebration!

75th Birthday Wishes For Mom

  • Dear Mom, even though I don’t say it very often, I want to use this very special occasion that this day brings to say how much I sincerely appreciate you for every bit of sacrifice that you have made to ensure the sun shone in my sky. Happy 75th anniversary!
  • Dearest Mother, I always see you on the top of the list of exceptional mothers. You are truly the perfect inspiration to many young mothers out there. I wish you a healthy and blissful 75th birthday.
  • Congratulations, my dear Mother for achieving another exceptional milestone on this earth. Your life today is just a testament to how incredible a mother you are. May you enjoy a splendid 75th anniversary!
  • Happy 75th birthday to an absolutely wonderful and loving woman! Mom, you shall never stop being the best in my eyes.
  • Dear Mom, may excitement, good health and joy always flow in abundance in your world as you mark this extraordinary day. Happy 75th birthday!
  • Wishing you a gladsome 75th birthday, dearest Mother! I appreciate you very much for the unimaginable love you shower my life with. I am more than blessed and honored to be called your son/daughter.
75? Burn the house down.
75? Burn the house down.

75th Birthday Wishes For Grandma

  • Happy 75th birthday, dear Granny! May the good Lord richly bless you for being an absolutely loving grandmother to my siblings and me.
  • Wishing you fine health and a heart that constantly brims with happiness! Happy 75th birthday, my sweet Grandmother.
  • As the days turn into years, you tend to grow much stronger and more beautiful. You are indeed an amazing grandmother. Wishing you a blissful 75th birthday!
  • It will be too little to use words to express how grateful I am to you for all the awesome and lovely things that you have furnished my world with. Wishing a fabulously beautiful 75th birthday to you, Grandma!
  • Congratulations, dearest Grandma! Excitement and pride fill my heart knowing that you are 7.5 decades old today. May you experience the purest forms of happiness and good health throughout your life.
  • Wishing the greatest and most fantastic grandmother on this planet a joyful 75th anniversary! Hope your day is as joyful as the joy you bring to this family.
  • Indeed, you are truly a special blessing from the Lord and this milestone ceremony in your life is the perfect time to show a lot of appreciation to you. Hoping that you have a truly happy 75th birthday!
For a fabulously elegant 75th birthday.
For a fabulously elegant 75th birthday.

75th Birthday Wishes For Grandfather

  • I don’t believe that there are many grandfathers out there who are as astounding as you are. It will be inadequate to say thank you to such a wonderful grandpa like you. May all the best of the treasures of heaven be yours as you celebrate your 75th birthday today.
  • Happy birthday, Grandpa. Hoping your 75th birthday is as brilliant as you are! May you always have good health and a gigantic smile on your handsome face.
  • A million and one special thanks to the most amazing and incredible grandfather in the world! Having you in our midst is undoubtedly a great blessing from the Almighty God. Have a joy filled 75th anniversary, Grandpa.
  • My warmest wishes to you on your 75th birthday, Grandpa! May the blessings of the heavens forever keep you happy.
  • Happy 75th birthday, dear Grandfather! I am proud to be part of a generation led by someone who is as spectacular as you are. May the sunlight always shine in your universe.
  • Wishing you a glorious 75th birthday, sweet Grandfather! May this exciting new chapter God has blessed you with bring you true excitement, good health, love and happiness without end.

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