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Being chosen a Best Man is an immense honor but also carries a lot of responsibility, such as composing a heartfelt yet entertaining speech in recognition of the newlyweds.

Here you will find such compositions that you can personalize to more-effectively welcome the married couple to the joys of their new life together.

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Best Man Speech 1

It’s hard to believe that my little brother is getting married. I know we’re not physically related, but that is how I view him, as a brother, a sentiment he obviously holds in return as he selected me his Best Man. I’m glad that a woman has come along in his life who can put up with all of his BS. And even though I’m officially the Best Man of this ceremony, he is definitely the best man in this room. For instance, last night we had a bachelor’s party in his honor and, without going into too much detail, there were women involved. But your boy didn’t flinch. He was like the second coming of Jesus in that room. Maybe it had something to do with the event being livestreamed on Facebook – I would presume at your fiancée’s behest – but that’s beside the point. The point is that I’m glad you two have found each other as your relationship stands as a testament to the faith in love we rarely see in the world today. You are my little brother, but you have surpassed me in terms of courage and manhood. So as for me, know that your marriage has at least one loyal fan who has and will continue to do anything possible to see it flourish, including keeping the cameras streaming at all time. But all jokes aside, let’s raise our glasses in honor of this holy matrimony we have all been privileged to take part of – one that stands as an inspiration to both the married and single alike!

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Best Man Speech 2

Wow! I mean I am supposed to give an entire speech, but if it were up to me, how I feel about this day, I can sum it all up in just one word – “wow”. There is an old proverb that says the sinner comes to repentance before the righteous, and in that case I have no doubt that the man I’m representing here today will be nothing but a faithful husband.

Most people see the single, quote-unquote “carefree” lifestyle as the ideal way to live, but I am proud of my friend for not only understanding he needed to add more meaning to his life but also in recognizing a golden opportunity in the beautiful bride that stands before us today, as well as having the heart and maturity to go out there and secure it. So as for me, I have no doubt that this relationship will flourish, that 20 years from now when my own children are ready to marry, I can point to this loving couple as a model that they should emulate and aspire to.

So in conclusion, I implore you all to raise your glasses high along with me and to truly acknowledge what stands before us today – an example of commitment, faith and godliness that we all can learn something very valuable from.

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Best Man Speech 3

When I first heard you were getting married, to paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson, I was like, ‘What the F?’ But you’re the youngest member of the crew? How dare you put the spotlight on all the rest of us like that?! But then I remembered that God fashions us all differently, and in you, while you may have the appearance of a boy, He created a man, a man who has the courage to take risks where others may not. And I don’t say this to insinuate you are somehow in jeopardy by marrying this beautiful young woman, who is going to make a fine wife and mother. But I say this because, at the end of the day, we all know that a man has to be as committed and disciplined as a soldier to make a marriage work. Yet we also know that, again out of all the members of the crew, you are the one most likely to actually live up to those standards. So let me say that being able to walk down that aisle with you, as your Best Man, was one of the greatest honors and pleasures of my life. In fact it now puts the onus on me to follow in your footsteps and take the leap of faith myself, but I want the spotlight to deservedly stay focused on you for now – and for many years to come.

So in conclusion let’s all raise our glasses to one of the most-lovely couples I am sure any of us have had the opportunity to behold and wish them the best as they lovingly walk down the road to marital bliss and success.

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Best Man Speech 4

I have been married for quite a few years myself. And I know all the pleasures and pains, satisfactions and disappointments, joys and horrors that go into married life. So when my friend said he had chosen me to be his best man (his marriage mentor so to speak), after being taken aback by the magnitude of his request, I of course obliged.

So my first piece of advice, if you truly want to experience marital bliss, is to get some soundproof earplugs. My second is if you’re walking down the road and see a voluptuous, scantily-clad woman coming the other way, find a superglue to glue your eyelids together. But in all seriousness, you are very fortunate, not only to have me as a best man but also to have found a spouse as beautiful and committed as your own, as I have no doubt she will do everything she can to make you happy. Likewise, I know you will do everything within your power as a man made in the image of God upon this Earth to do likewise for her because she definitely deserves it.

To conclude my brief speech, I would like to make a toast. Here’s to a couple so wonderful that we were all able to put our perpetual stresses aside for a day and rejoice in their union. Guys, may your marriage exemplify the type of loving romance that legends are made of.

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