Wishing a Quick Recovery | Get Well Soon Quotes

It is sometimes not an easy thing finding the right words to put into a get well soon wish for a dear one battling illness.

The following very beautiful messages should help you craft very touching and meaningful messages to not only brighten the day of a loved one who is not feeling too well but also inspire them to recover quickly from their illness.

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Get Well Soon Wishes For a Friend

  • It breaks my heart to know that you are not feeling very well. Hope you feel better soon, my dear, for your happiness plays an important role in making me happy.
  • Praying for your speedy recovery and strength throughout this challenging episode of your life. I can’t wait to see you swing back to your normal self once again.
  • I hope you get well as soon as possible and return to work. Everyone is missing you like crazy.
  • I miss your jokes and laughter, buddy. Because I pray for you every day, I strongly believe God will heal you in the twinkling of an eye. I love you.
  • Sending thoughtful prayers your way as you battle this health challenge. May God see you through this difficult time and bless you with good health.
  • The only time my heart will be filled with joy is when I see you completely healthy and smiling. So waste no time in getting better! I miss the healthy and happy you so much!
  • May my good wishes not only comfort and heal you but also bring you back home as soon as possible. My life is absolutely incomplete without your wonderful presence.
Here's wishing you a full recovery!
Here’s wishing you a full recovery!

Get Well Soon Wishes For a Sister

  • Dearest sister, I know you are in pain now and I pray it subsides as soon as possible. I can’t wait to see you bounce back to good health again because all I want in this life is to see you happy. I love you.
  • Beloved sister, it hurts me inside to see you battling illness. It’s my prayer that you will receive your healing swiftly and feel happiness again.
  • Sis, may you be healed in Jesus’ name. Amen.
  • I know you will recover soon because I believe there’s no problem in this world that sincere prayers to God can’t solve.
  • I miss having you around, sis. There’s nothing more in this world that I hate more than seeing you unwell and unhappy. For the sake of both our happiness, please get well instantly.
  • I am sad to know you are not well, but I find solace in the fact that I know that you will receive your complete healing very soon.
  • Since you fell ill, I pray every moment, driven purely by your speedy recovery. I love you so much and miss you in a way words can’t express.
  • My heart wishes you a quick recovery because I miss your giggles like nobody’s business.

Get Well Soon Wishes For a Brother

  • Your pains will subside sooner than you are thinking because I pray for you all the time. All I want is to see you healthy, lively and happy. Speedy recovery, my dear brother.
  • Get well soon, lazy brother. You have been missed like the Sahara Desert misses the presence of rain.
  • Dear brother, may God renew your strength and bless you with great health and a heart filled with joy. Get well soon.
  • My heart can’t help but cry everyday knowing you are still sick. May you be healed as soon as possible. I love you.
Get Well Soon!
Get Well Soon!
  • I want to see nothing but your happiness, my lovely brother, and that is why I pray that every millisecond will draw you closer to your complete healing.
  • Brother, I miss watching football and hanging out with you. Please get well soon.
  • Not having the power to make you feel better as soon as possible fills my heart with great sadness. Please make me happy by getting better very soon. I love you so much, brother.
  • You are more precious to us than all of the purest gold in the world, and that is why it feels incredible sad to know you are not feeling very well. Please, waste no more time in recovering from this illness.
  • I am sending you this warm message for you to know that I have really missed you. I will keep praying for you until I see you 100% healthy and laughing again.

Get Well Soon Wishes For your Mother

  • Get well soon, dearest mother. I miss you so much.
  • Mom, your absence keeps creating a deep hole in my heart. I can’t wait to see you back at home. Get well soon, my angel.
  • It breaks my heart that my beloved mother is ill and there’s nothing I can do about it. Mom, speedy recovery, good health and joy are all I wish for you.
  • Mother, we have really missed your presence in our daily lives. We are sad to know how much you are suffering. We will stand by your side until you are completely healed. We love you.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  • Mom, you are my number one source of motivation. Please get well and come back home, for my heart can’t bear seeing you suffer.
  • Dearest Mom, hell is seeing you ill and not being able to heal you. I pray that you get better soon and take me out of this realm of hell. I love you.
  • Words can’t express how sad my soul is seeing you battle this illness all by yourself. Mom, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give to see you strong and happy once again. Feel well soon.

Get Well Soon Wishes For your Father

  • Get well soon, Dad. I will continue to pray fervently for you until you are completely well. I love you.
  • Since God is still alive, I have absolute confidence that He will lay His mighty hands upon you and heal you soon. This sickness is only temporal.
  • Your swift transition from ill health to good health is all my heart desires because I love you very much, my precious father.
  • Dad, I believe you will be fine very soon because you are the strongest man I have ever known. Thinking of you and praying for your quick recovery. Love you.
  • I am the owner of a sad heart because my dearest father isn’t feeling his best. Dad, at this moment in time, all I want in this world is to see you strong and healthy again. Please, get well as quickly as possible.
  • We aren’t happy about your sudden illness, Dad. We won’t stop praying for you because we love you so much and want to see you smile again. Wishing you a remarkably fast recovery.
  • Dad, I will fight day and night together with you until we overcome this illness that is trying to steal your happiness. I am certain that at the end of the day victory shall be ours and your heart shall be flooded with immense joy.
  • Jesus loves you and he will surely heal you and bring you back to complete health.
  • Beloved Dad, please get well soon so that we can be happy together once again. I have missed your inspirational presence in the house.

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