Let the Knowledge Back In | Good Luck Wishes for School

Whether a student is returning from vacation or staring their first day of high school, college, or university, new academic periods can be equal parts exciting and frightening. A few kind words can make all the difference in starting the day off with a positive mindset. Educational challenges, such as testing and finals, can be quite daunting for students. Good luck messages from family and friends can be calming words of encouragement.

Educational achievements are some of the most important and memorable milestones in a person’s life, and it’s certainly cause for celebration and recognition from family and friends. Stumped on what kind gesture to say to your student? Try this collection of wishes for your favorite students.

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Back to School wishes

Good Luck for your First Day of School After Vacation

 Here you’ll find some ideas to offer words of encouragement and kindness to a student returning to school from summer vacation.

  • You’re a dino-might student. I hope you start this school year off with a real roar and scratch out some good grades.
  • Summer may be dimming, but remember that you are a lamp. Every new piece of knowledge makes you shine brighter and brighter to light up the world.
  • Congratulations on making last year a great success and moving on to a new grade. Continue to choose what’s right, not what’s easy, and this year will be an even bigger success.
  • School is rarely easy, but it’s always worth it. As you return to school, know that your corner is full of people cheering you onward!
  • Get ready, get set, get going off to a brand new school year. May your school year be as bright and unique as a kindergartner’s coloring.
  • Check the mirror twice because It’s back to school for you, the fairest of them all. We are all so eager to see what great successes await you this year and are wishing you nothing but beautiful days ahead.
  • It may be time to put out the summer bonfires, but you will set this school year apart with your burning quest for learning. May this be a great new school year!
  • Happy New School Year; it’s time to swim in the sea of learning again and leave the leisurely beach days behind until next school break. The good news is that you’ll have a lot of new friends, teachers, and books to keep you company.
Good luck image with a wish for school.
Good luck! May your school year be as bright and unique as a kindergartner’s coloring.

Good Luck for your First Day Of High School

 These ideas are perfect ways to tell students entering high school that you support them.

  • I’m so proud that your thirst for knowledge has taken you to the halls of high school. Be brave and cherish every moment because those halls may seem long now, but they’ll get shorter each year.
  • Welcome to high school, a place where the treasure box of learning is as much about who you are and where you’re going as who others are and where they’ve been. Have fun collecting your booty of knowledge this year.
  • It’s been a joy watching you grow and mature into a high school student, and I’m so very proud of you. Keep calm and let the countdown to Christmas break begin.
  • It’s hard to believe you’ve made it to high school this year. Wait, does this mean you’re too old for me to say good luck on the first day of back to school?
  • Congratulations on becoming an an official high school student. May your freshman year be everything you’d hoped for and more.
  • As you go back to school as a high school student, you may think yourself too old to need an encouraging pat on the back to start the year, but you’re getting one anyway because I hope your year is amazingly awesome coolness on the level of a million TikTok followers.


Kind Offerings For First Day In College

 Use these thoughtful messages to offer your new college student support as they start their higher education journey.

  • You’ve worked hard and dreamed big to get to your first day in college, and it’s now that you become an architect for your life’s work. It’s a privilege to offer you my applause and watch you design and build your very own masterpiece.
  • It’s my desire that you find nothing but greatness as you unwrap your first day of college. Have fun, laugh, and smile in each moment, but don’t forget to keep your eye on the prize underneath it all – your future!
  • Your first day of college has given you a brand new chapter to write in your book of life. May your pen be full, your paper be strong, and your hand be steady.
  • There was never a doubt in my mind that I’d one day send this message: Hope your first day of college goes great.
Good luck image for school.
Good Luck.
  • As you set out on your initial day of college, I’m sending you a big high-five. May you build new friendships, knowledge, connections, and opinions, and may they all be bright and full of life.
  • Welcome to college life, the period of growth between the carefree child you were and the responsible adult you’ll soon become. Use the transition wisely and always remember your biggest fans are rooting for you from home.
  • It’s your first day of the college experience, and that’s cause to send dancing, singing, shouting thoughts of joy out into the universe. Congrats on coming this far and best of all the good fortune in the world to you.


Good Luck Messages for Starting University

These thoughtful messages for your new university student are sure to convey your true interest and warmth.

  • As you take your first walk down the halls of the university you worked so hard to get accepted to, remember to seek excellence, not perfection, in all you do. Give your best, strive to learn verses study, implement verses chase your dreams, and always remember how extremely proud we are of you.
  • You’re off to university where you’ll learn many answers to life’s most pressing questions, that many of those answers need secondary questions, and that secondary questions pose the question on whether the question was pressing to begin with, but what you should never question is that you have me rooting for you to figure it all out.
  • It’s your start for university, and I couldn’t be more proud and excited for you to completely conquer this new phase. When you face doubts, just remember that life’s greatest battles are fought with wit, not brawn.
Good luck image with a wish for someone who just joined the university.
Congrats on your start at university. May its classrooms hold all the keys to your biggest dreams.
  • Here’s a hear-hear for all the best as you open the university chapter of life. All those long hours of studying, learning, and sacrificing have gotten you this far, and we are behind you as you keep up the great work.
  • I know a student who’s going to absolutely rock the upcoming year at university, and I want to send a big four-leaf clover their way. Just don’t forget to dig at the roots verses hacking away at the leaves.
  • There wasn’t ever a doubt in my mind that I’d one day get to send this message to you: Congrats on your start at university. May its classrooms hold all the keys to your biggest dreams.
  • I’ve waited for the day I could send you this message for a very long time, and I couldn’t be prouder to say it as you begin university: You were made for this, and you take all my best with you.


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