Future Spouses! | Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Fiancé or Fiancée

If you are looking for exceptionally beautiful birthday words to make the Big Day of your fiancé or fiancée a more exciting one, these well-crafted heartfelt messages below are perfectly capable of doing the job.

You can either borrow ideas from the wishes below to create yours or you can just send them the way they are. But the bottom line is whatever option you go for, you’ll definitely make that woman or man you are about to get married to feel lucky to have you in his or her life.

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Your Fiancé

  • Baby, may your blessings be more than the number of people living in China.
  • May god remove all troubles from your way and place them in the path of your enemies.
  • Honey, on your special day, may your enemies forget about plotting your downfall and spend more time fighting savagely among themselves like politicians gunning for power.
  • Happy birthday, sweetheart. You might be over the hill, but I love you all the same. As a matter of fact I love you more than a geek loves computers and the Internet!  
  • My dear, those who say there is nothing in this world stronger than Hillary Clinton’s love for the Oval Office apparently don’t know of the extraordinary power of my love for you!


Romantic Birthday Wishes for Your Fiancé

  • To the most phenomenal man in the world – Happy birthday! Sweetheart, you give me everything I could possibly desire in a fiancé.  I love you so much.
  • No words in this world can ever describe the quantum of happiness you bring into my life. I feel so blessed to have a wonderful fiancé like you. Happy birthday, my love.
  • Not even God’s heavenly kingdom can bring me the happiness that you bring me. Darling, I’m so glad you are the one who has the only key my heart.
  • I become restless and desirous of your presence whenever you are not near me. Such is how much you mean to me.
Happy Birthday Greetings for your Fiancé or Fiancée.
Happy Birthday to the best ever Fiancé.
  • My world was a complete desert until you walked into it and turned it into a very beautiful and exciting place. Thanks to you, the only tears that fall roll down my cheeks are tears of joy.
  • Up until today, I still can’t believe it is true that someone as wonderful as you loves me. babe, your love is everything in this world that is dear to me. Thank you for gifting it to me.
  • Your love always brings out the sun in my world and fills my heart with cheerfulness. Babe, I feel mightily blessed to be called your fiancée.
  • You decorate my life in every way, and that is why I will always hanker after your love.
  • Wonderful things happen in my life because I have the love of an outstanding man like you. I love you in a way that can only be expressed in the language of angels. Happy birthday, dearest.


    Funny Birthday Wishes for Your Fiancée

    • Happy birthday, my dear! You deserve a medal for aging so gracefully!
    • Wishing a happy birthday to my wonderful fiancée, who has a face that is more beautiful than Miss World and a derriere more fabulous than Kim Kardashian’s.
    • I am the most blessed person in the history of history because I have you in my life. Happy birthday, my dear.
    • Just like Donald Trump is incomplete without his Twitter account, babe, my life is incomplete without you in it. I love you so much. Have a blast on this special day!
    Happy Birthday Greetings for your Fiancée.
    Happy Birthday to my Fiancée | I love you
    • You are to me what the rainbow flag is to the LGBT community. Have a truly colorful and fantastic birthday celebration, sweetheart!
    • I don’t need any religion to go to paradise when a kiss from you sends me there every day.
    • I love you like Django loves not being in chains. Happy birthday, my beloved one.


    Romantic Birthday Wishes for Your Fiancée

    • There are a number of very special inhabitants of my heart, but among all of them, you are the most precious. Your love is my greatest sources of happiness. Happy birthday, my love.
    • The greatest day of my life was the day I met you. I will always love you and be your pillar of support, whatever happens. Have a gloriously happy birthday!
    • When I am down and under a cloud, your amazing love lifts me up and brings happiness back into my soul. Enjoy your special day, my dear, knowing that without you I am hollow and virtually useless.
    • My soul desires to be with you all the time because you bring it sunshine. Darling, I shall forever have faith in you and your amazing love. Have a fantastic anniversary fit for the Queen that you are.
    • Babe, every day I can’t help but wonder what I must have done in my former life that makes me so deserving of your amazing love in this lifetime. May your birthday be as beautiful as the paradise you bring into my world.
    • Sweetheart, the reason I love my life is because you are in it.
    • Happy birthday to my beautiful fiancée whose beauty is past description. Babe, you are the jewel in the crown of my life, and I love you so much.
    Happy Birthday Greetings for your Fiancé or Fiancée.
    Babe, Happy Birthday. P.S. I love you.
    • Your love takes away all the dark clouds from my skies and makes my days as bright as heaven. Your presence makes all my problems instantly vanish into thin air. My happiness is indeed heavily dependent on you.
    • My love will always be there for you through good times as well as bad times because it is deeper than the deepest parts of the sea. Have a fabulous birthday!
    • I feel like the King of the universe whenever you are next to me. Thank you for always being there for me and never letting me down. You are indeed a truly amazing fiancée to me.
    • Paradise is spending every second of my life holding you in my arms.


      Happy Birthday, future daughter-in-law!

      • You are a ray of sunshine that brightens our lives! Happy Birthday, future daughter-in-law!
      • A future daughter-in-law like you is a blessing. We hope your Birthday will be as special as you are!
      • Future daughter-in-law, as you have brought joy to our family, may this birthday bring you all the happiness you deserve!
      • You are a wish come true for our son and our whole family. Future daughter-in-law, may all your Birthday wishes come true on your special day!
      • Best wishes to our amazing, beautiful, and precious future daughter-in-law on your Birthday!
      • Future daughter-in-law, may this Birthday be your best one yet. We love you and are so thankful for you!
      • You are an answer to our prayers that our son would find his soul mate. We wish you, our future daughter-in-law, the happiest of birthdays!
      • You are truly a blessing to all you meet. We feel so grateful to have you in our lives and our son’s life. Best Birthday wishes to you, our lovely future daughter-in-law!
      • Seeing the smile you put on our son’s face whenever you walk into a room is priceless. Future daughter-in-law, we wish you the best on your Birthday and all year long.
      • As we all look ahead anticipating the wedding day when you will officially join our family, we want to remember your special day today! Happy Birthday to the best future daughter-in-law we could ever hope for our son to find!
      • A future daughter-in-law like you is like a rare gem. Thank you for the sparkle and brilliance you bring to our lives!
      • We’re so thankful to have a kind and encouraging future daughter-in-law like you. May your birthday be the kind of special occasion you deserve.
      • You touch so many people with your incredible spirit. Future daughter-in-law, we hope your Birthday will be as amazing as you are!


      Happy Birthday, future son-in-law!

      • Future son-in-law, we want you to know that we are extremely proud of you. Have a wonderful Birthday!
      • You’re exactly the type of guy we’ve always hoped would marry our daughter. Future son-in-law, may you have the happy Birthday you deserve!
      • You and our daughter make such an incredible couple. Future son-in-law, may you have the best Birthday ever!
      • Future son-in-law, we’re so glad that can feel completely comfortable about you marrying our daughter. Today on your Birthday we want you to know how thankful we are for you!
      • Future son-in-law, you are a tremendous blessing to us and especially to our daughter. Have a terrific Birthday today!
      • Your birthday is a time to celebrate all the wonderful qualities that make you the unique man that you are. Happy Birthday to our amazing future son-in-law!
      • Happy Birthday, our soon-to-be son-in-law! We can’t wait until the big day when you and our daughter join together in marriage. We’re so glad God brought you two together!
      • Having a future son-in-law like you puts a smile on our faces. Have a great Birthday!
      • We are so thrilled to see the loving relationship you have with our daughter. Future son-in-law, may God bless you today on your Birthday!
      • Best wishes to a future son-in-law who brings warmth, love, and laughter into our lives. We hope your Birthday is wonderful from start to finish!
      • Future son-in-law, your smile lights up the room and your laughter is contagious. May your Birthday be filled with the kind of joy you bring to our family!
      • A future son-in-law like you is truly a treasure. May all your Birthday wishes come true!
      • We couldn’t have asked for a better future son-in-law than you. May your Birthday be extra special, just like you are!

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