Happy Birthday wishes for your Husband

Although men supposedly don’t expect birthday wishes as eagerly as women do, let’s not fool ourselves: everybody loves a warm touch when it comes in the right moment and with the use of the correct words. Let’s walk along this garden of wishes and help you send the right message to your husband.


  • My words will say what I feel inside: I love you, happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, sweetie! You’re a real bargain! 😉
  • Happy Birthday to my sweet love! Let’s have fun tonight – as we always do.
  • Feeling so grateful & such a lucky woman, I want to wish you “Happy Birthday”.
  • If I had asked for someone better, I would be unfair to fate. Happy Birthday, my love!
  • Happy Birthday to you, love. You are an amazing man & you’re just the perfect one for me.
  • I might have rushed a bit this morning, but how could I ever forget your birthday?! Hugs, kisses, love you, very happy birthday!
  • My sweet, handsome man, let me send you a virtual kiss for Happy Birthday. P.S. The real ones are coming soon!


  • Let’s call some friends and cut a birthday cake tonight! I love you with all my soul, darling! Happy Birthday!
  • I love you so deeply and I’m sure you can feel it. My kisses for happy birthday, sweetheart!
  • On this great day we celebrate your parents’ brightest idea: You! Happy Birthday, love.
  • No matter how hard they try, these words might not get the message through: I really love you, honey. Happy Birthday!
  • Your love is the fuel that keeps me going, and I’m so happy we’ve been so happy together all this time.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s got the finest husband of all? Oh, it’s not about me, this time, honey. This day is yours! Happy Birthday!
  • Today, let the first person to wish you “Happy Birthday” be the one that loves you most as well. Xxx


  • My handsome man, you’re the reason I wake up happy in the morning. Happy Birthday, I love you so!
  • Gorgeous, kind, sexy and supportive: everybody knows that you’ve got it all, because I’ve been telling them all the time. I love you, honey, happiest of birthdays to you!
  • My dearest love, this message is not to remind you anything. It is to send you all my love and wish you Happy Birthday!
  • So happy to be spending your birthday at home today! Happy Birthday & I promise you a trip next year!
  • I’m going to wish you Happy Birthday in person tonight, but I’m sending this now, in the beginning of the day, just to let you know how happy you make me with your love.
  • Darling, you’re my clock of happiness. Happy Birthday, I love every second of my life beside you.
  • There so much to say for Happy Birthday, but I can’t describe how perfect my life is thanks to you. So, I’ll send you my love, my cool guy!

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