37 Milestone Anniversary Wishes for a Special Couple

Yay! It’s the milestone anniversary of that special couple you know! And we guess you are probably looking for the right words to express your excitement.

Here are tons of inspiration that can greatly help in easing the burden of writing beautiful wishes in commemoration of any sweet couple’s anniversary celebration.

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First Anniversary Wishes for Couples

  • Wishing a dazzling first anniversary to the most beautiful couple ever. Sweethearts, may God always have a reason to place His mighty hands on your precious union and bless it abundantly.
  • Happy first anniversary to my absolute favorite couple of all time! May you have an incredibly happy and magical union until the end of time.
  • On your first anniversary, guys, we wish you a lifetime of absolute happiness and peace. Keep on rocking each other’s world.
  • Happy first anniversary! Hoping that this very special day in the life of your beautiful union will strengthen your bond and bless your marriage in countless ways.
  • Wishing you a blessed and happy first anniversary. Hope this anniversary bestows your marriage with more love, fun, peace and happiness.
  • Happy first anniversary, my dears! May every moment of your union be the most beautiful you’ve ever had.
  • Happy first anniversary to the most incredible couple I know! Guys, may you forever see true beauty and love in each other’s eyes. God bless you.
Together forever.
Together forever.

Wishes for a 10-year Anniversary

  • Happy 10th anniversary! Here’s to a lifetime of fabulously beautiful memories together. May God forever bless your incredibly wonderful and inspiring union.
  • Wishing a truly fantastic 10th anniversary to a fantastic couple. For being such a beautiful couple, the two of you deserve the best of everything beautiful in this world. Enjoy your milestone anniversary to the fullest!
  • You’re a truly remarkable couple. It’s been 10 years after your wedding yet it seems as though you only just got married yesterday! Happy 10th anniversary!
  • You are nothing short of a wonderful couple. May the heavens bless you with a beautiful anniversary celebration and life together. Happy 10th anniversary!
  • Happy 10th anniversary! Wishing you a special day crammed with wonderful moments and a union filled to its brim with love and happiness.
  • My best wishes for you as you mark your 10th anniversary together. May you celebrate many beautiful milestone anniversaries to come! Happy 10th anniversary!
  • Here’s to a truly lovely couple! Celebrating the occasion of your 10th anniversary isn’t only special to you, it is also special to me. May happiness and peace always have countless reasons to dwell in the midst of your union. Happy 10th anniversary!

For 20-year Anniversary

  • Wishing you a 20th anniversary filled with magical moments. May this important milestone celebration bring into your marriage plenty of love, peace, fun and joy. Happy 20th anniversary!
  • Happy 20th anniversary! Even when I think both of you can’t get any more awesome, you do. God has indeed blessed your union. I pray He continues to do so until hell freezes over!
  • A very happy 20th anniversary celebration to one of the most outstanding couples ever! It’s an honor and a great privilege to know you, guys.
  • Happy 20th anniversary! Hoping this remarkable anniversary of yours will be as amazingly beautiful as your union. May God bless you and gift you everlasting happiness and love.
  • There’s absolutely only just one word for your marriage: incredible! I have no doubts at all in my mind that you are both destined to love each other and be together till the end of time. Happy 20th anniversary!
  • It’s very successful and truly happy marriages like yours that motivate people to get married and remain married. Wishing both of you a very happy 20th anniversary. Thank you for inspiring us!
  • Happy 20th anniversary! Darlings, may you be blessed with a happy and prosperous life together for an eternity.
25 years of fireworks!
25 years of fireworks!

For 30-year Anniversary

  • Wishing an incredibly happy 30th anniversary celebration to a very special couple! May your union continue to blossom for an eternity.
  • Wishing a fabulously happy 30th anniversary to one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever known. May every blessed day of your lives together begin and end in absolute love and joy. You absolutely deserve it.
  • 10 is cool. 20 is even cooler. 30 is absolutely cool! Happy 30th anniversary to the coolest couple anywhere in the world.
  • Happy 30th anniversary to an amazing couple! I am so glad that God has blessed you with a fairytale romance. May He continue to bestow this priceless blessing on you for an eternity.
  • It’s unbelievable how after all these decades you still love each other as much as you did on your wedding day. You’re truly an inspiring couple. Wishing you an extraordinarily happy 30th anniversary!
  • Happy 30th anniversary to one of the planet’s most beautiful couples! May the incredibly strong and beautiful bond of love existing between both of you last for all eternity.
  • Guys, bravo on being married for approximately 30 years! I hope you enjoy this very special anniversary of yours to the fullest. Happy 30th anniversary.

For 40-year Anniversary

  • Happy 40th anniversary! 40 years of being together is not an ordinary achievement! Your marriage/union inspires me more than I could ever express!
  • Happy 40th anniversary celebration! May you be blessed with many more wonderful milestone anniversaries like this. Thank you for constantly being an inspiration to couples around you.
  • The sun is shining even more beautifully today just because it wants to join us in wishing you a happy anniversary. Have yourselves a magnificently happy 40th anniversary! We love you, guys!
  • My warmest wishes on the remarkable occasion of your 40th anniversary. May you be blessed with true happiness…today, tomorrow and until the end of time.
  • Wow, I can’t believe your marriage officially turns 40 years old today. To say that your union is amazing is certainly the understatement of the 21st century! It is fabulously, fantastically awesome…just the way the two of you are. Happy 40th anniversary!
  • The brilliant judges have finally come out with their decision and you are the recipients of the “World’s Best Couple” Award! Your incredible matrimony never ceases to amaze me. Happy 40th anniversary.
  • Congrats on your 40th anniversary. May the next 40 years of your amazing lives together be even sweeter and more wonderful than the first 40.
  • Happy 40th anniversary! Four solid decades have come and gone…and your marriage is still around and more beautiful than ever! I applaud you for this incredible achievement.
  • Wishing you a tremendously glorious 40th anniversary! On this remarkable milestone anniversary, I salute your union as one of the most inspirational of all time. May you forever create beautiful memories together.
50 years of Love.
50 years of Love.

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