Great Years Together | Happy Anniversary to Us!

If you are stuck on what to write on the anniversary card you send to your significant other, you shouldn’t worry about a thing because we have all that you need right here.

In commemoration of this important day in your life, we have prepared for you a ton of beautiful anniversary wishes and messages that you can share with your darling.

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Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Great Anniversary Wishes for Her

  • After several years of heartbreaks, you, my darling angel came into my life and rescued me with your love. I always have a broad smile on my face because of you. Thank you so much! Happy anniversary, baby!
  • The day I found you was the very day I discovered my life. You bring good fortune to me and that makes me wonder if you’re not an angel in disguise. Happy [insert year] anniversary, cutie!
  • My whole world was colonized by darkness until you stepped in with your light. Now, I have nothing to fear because I know you will always be there to make my life brilliant. Happy anniversary, honey!
  • Though our relationship faces so many trials, I don’t have a modicum of doubt about the fact that we are truly meant for each other. Happy anniversary to you, my best friend and sweetheart for life!
  • It doesn’t matter the distance that sets us apart. Our love will grow and become as beautiful as the morning sunrise. Happy anniversary, dear!
  • Life with you has been like living amidst heavenly angels. Happy anniversary, babe! May our love never stop shining and flourishing.
  • Another year has gone by and we are still together and growing stronger day by day. I wish you another glorious year of love and bliss. Happy anniversary, baby!
Life Sparkles with You
Life Sparkles with You

Happy Anniversary, my Love

  • Many relationships break down after some few years, but ours still exists and it’s because of your support and unrelenting love. I appreciate all you do to make me happy, and I promise to help in any way I must to keep this love ever burning. Happy anniversary, my babe!
  • Hello honey, I wish you a happy [insert year] anniversary for our relationship. Always remember that a second spent in your arms is a million times better than a thousand years spent at any other place. Happy anniversary, my love!
  • If I were to explain how much you mean to me, the words of the dictionary would never be enough. You are the reason my soul is alive. Thanks for all the care and love you spoil me with every blessed day. Happy anniversary, my love!
  • Thank you for catching me when I fell for you. I feel like a queen, knowing that you are my boyfriend. Today, I have reached heights I know for sure I never would have gotten to without you by my side. Happy anniversary to the best boyfriend on earth!
  • Your presence in my life is the sole producer of the joy in my heart. Not only have you remained a good partner to me all these years but you have also been my best friend. I can’t thank you enough for being my source of joy and pillar of strength. Happy anniversary, my sweet love! And may a smile always light up your handsome face.
  • Happy anniversary, sweetheart! May our perfect relationship last until the end of time.
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Our Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Her

  • Our love life will last into the eternities because it is the greatest love on earth. Happy [year] anniversary to the best wife in the world!
  • Wishing us another fabulous year of marriage. Happy wedding anniversary to my sweet wife.
  • It is my wish that the remaining days of our lives would be as wonderful as the first day we met. Happy anniversary, my dear wife!
  • The [insert number of years] of our matrimony has been extremely awesome and all the credit goes to you. May your life be filled with absolute joy and love today and forever. Happy anniversary, my queen!
  • Happy wedding anniversary, darling. Today, I want you to know that the happiest day of my life was when you looked straight into my eyes and with a voice as sweet as that of angel said to me, “yes I do”. Happy anniversary!
Here's to You! Here's to Me! Here's to... Us!
Here’s to You! Here’s to Me! Here’s to… Us!
  • To the sweetest wife on planet earth, I wish you a memorable wedding anniversary. You are the reason why our home is filled with love, joy and all the happiness God blessed this universe with. I love you so much, dear!
  • For the past [insert number of years], we have had a flawless and very happy marriage. You must be one of God’s special angels sent to make sure I don’t experience anything like pain or sorrow in this life. Happy anniversary, dear wife!
  • Sweet darling, on our wedding anniversary, do know that I cherish and need you more than I treasure the air I breathe. Thank you for being an excellent wife and mother. I hope you enjoy every single moment of our anniversary to the max.

Our Wedding Anniversary Message for Him

  • Happy wedding anniversary to the best husband in the entire universe. Sweetheart, it is my wish that our love for each other will continue to grow and become wider than the sky and brighter than the sun. Happy Anniversary, dear!
  • Dear husband, I take the occasion of our wedding anniversary to let you know that I appreciate all the heavenly things you do for me. Thank you for loving me and always being there for me. Happy anniversary, my dear husband!
  • No one in this world is as pure and perfect as you, my love. I’m so lucky to have such an outstanding angel like you as my husband. Wishing you a very blissful wedding anniversary. I love you.
  • You are a true epitome of compassion and generosity. I promise you on this day that I will do everything possible to keep you glued to me for as long as we breathe. Happy anniversary to you, sweetie!
  • Happy anniversary to my sweet hubby. Babe, I knew I God had poured his most prized blessings on me the moment you took off my veil and kissed me. Thank you for bringing into my heart all the happiness on earth.
  • Happy anniversary, my love. I hope this very special day of our lives fills up your heart with heaps of joy and love. I treasure you so much there are no words in the universe strong enough to express to you how much I love you.
  • I use this special day to say thank you from the depth of my soul for being my angel. I would have missed a very amazing treasure had I let you go when you proposed love to me. With you in my life, I know my happiness in life is secured. Happy anniversary, my dearest husband!

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