Great Years Together | Happy Anniversary to Us!

If you are stuck on what to write on the anniversary card you send to your significant other, you shouldn’t worry about a thing because we have all that you need right here.

In commemoration of this important day in your life, we have prepared for you a ton of beautiful anniversary wishes and messages that you can share with your darling.

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Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Great Anniversary Wishes for Her

  • After several years of heartbreaks, you, my darling angel came into my life and rescued me with your love. I always have a broad smile on my face because of you. Thank you so much! Happy anniversary, baby!
  • The day I found you was the very day I discovered my life. You bring good fortune to me and that makes me wonder if you’re not an angel in disguise. Happy [insert year] anniversary, cutie!
  • My whole world was colonized by darkness until you stepped in with your light. Now, I have nothing to fear because I know you will always be there to make my life brilliant. Happy anniversary, honey!
  • Though our relationship faces so many trials, I don’t have a modicum of doubt about the fact that we are truly meant for each other. Happy anniversary to you, my best friend and sweetheart for life!
  • It doesn’t matter the distance that sets us apart. Our love will grow and become as beautiful as the morning sunrise. Happy anniversary, dear!
  • Life with you has been like living amidst heavenly angels. Happy anniversary, babe! May our love never stop shining and flourishing.
  • Another year has gone by and we are still together and growing stronger day by day. I wish you another glorious year of love and bliss. Happy anniversary, baby!
Life Sparkles with You
Life Sparkles with You


Happy Anniversary, my Love

  • Many relationships break down after some few years, but ours still exists and it’s because of your support and unrelenting love. I appreciate all you do to make me happy, and I promise to help in any way I must to keep this love ever burning. Happy anniversary, my babe!
  • Hello honey, I wish you a happy [insert year] anniversary for our relationship. Always remember that a second spent in your arms is a million times better than a thousand years spent at any other place. Happy anniversary, my love!
  • If I were to explain how much you mean to me, the words of the dictionary would never be enough. You are the reason my soul is alive. Thanks for all the care and love you spoil me with every blessed day. Happy anniversary, my love!
  • Thank you for catching me when I fell for you. I feel like a queen, knowing that you are my boyfriend. Today, I have reached heights I know for sure I never would have gotten to without you by my side. Happy anniversary to the best boyfriend on earth!
  • Your presence in my life is the sole producer of the joy in my heart. Not only have you remained a good partner to me all these years but you have also been my best friend. I can’t thank you enough for being my source of joy and pillar of strength. Happy anniversary, my sweet love! And may a smile always light up your handsome face.
  • Happy anniversary, sweetheart! May our perfect relationship last until the end of time.


Happy Anniversary to Us!

  • On our wedding anniversary, there is a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for the moments we share in laughter, the family we’ve built together, and our love that last forever. Thank you for sharing your life with me. With all my love, Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • With each year, our love grows stronger, our hearts grow fonder and our trust reaches farther. Happy Wedding Anniversary from the bottom of my heart.
  • Some memories get lost, some memories get cloudy and drift farther away. But the memories I have with you forever shine bright. May our love bring us joy as we celebrate another year of making memories.
  • Happy Wedding Anniversary to the love of my life. I want you to know that I respect you as an equal partner though it seems you give far more than your share of love and support. I am truly grateful for your dedication to our marriage.
  • Marriage has its ups and downs. Baby, you make it worth the ride. Let’s enjoy our anniversary together.
  • To my wife on our anniversary, you grow more beautiful as time passes by. Your beauty is lasting because it is rooted in your heart. Have a wonderful anniversary, dear.
  • To my husband, I could have never dreamed up a husband as loyal, caring, and loving as you. Happy Anniversary to you.
  • Time has lost its sting. Our love grows deeper and wider with passing time.
  • I used to dream of traveling the world. I used to dream of throwing caution to the wind. Now, my biggest dream is to share all life’s gifts with the one I love. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
With each year our love grows stronger, our hearts grow fonder and our trust reaches farther.
  • On our wedding day, we celebrated two lives coming together as one. On our wedding anniversary, we celebrate that commitment and the promises that remain intact. All my love, Happy  Wedding Anniversary.
  • Simple moments bring the greatest joys; the smallest things bring the greatest pleasures. Thank you for bringing the light to my life. Happy Wedding Anniversary from my heart to yours.
  • How is it possible that our love could grow sweeter as the years go by? Hoping to make our anniversary one to remember.
  • Love has taught me to love you more than I love myself. Hope has taught me to expect the best from our relationship. Looking forward to many more anniversaries to come! Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • What we have is worth holding onto. This anniversary let’s cherish the year that has passed and look forward to the years to come.
  • Being your wife is the most important role I play in life. Our love is my main source of inspiration. Thank you for being a wonderful husband.
  • Dear Wife. Honoring my commitment to you is the easiest task. It is second nature to give you all the desires of your heart. I love you forever. Happy Anniversary from your loving Husband.
  • The day we said “I do” is a day to remember. Every moment thereafter has been true bliss. I wish you a very happy wedding anniversary.
  • Let’s toast to another fantastic year of being Mr. and Mrs.
  • You are the best life partner. I couldn’t imagine growing old with any other person. You have taught me that Love is life’s greatest gift. Happy Anniversary to you and I wish us many, many more to come!
  • I never knew beauty until I laid eyes on you. I never knew kindness until you welcomed me in your heart. I never knew love till I fell in love with you. Happy Anniversary, to the greatest wife!
Let’s toast to another fantastic year of being Mr. and Mrs.
  • Dear Husband, you chase my nightmares away. Being in your arms is the safest place. Thank you for your tender love and care. Hoping this anniversary will be one to remember!
  • The laughter and love that we share will grant us a healthy life and a long-lasting marriage. Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • Congratulations on making it through another year with me. May our wedding anniversary bring as much bliss as the past years have been with you.
  • The best decision I ever made was saying “I do.” Glad to be your life partner and I hope the feeling is mutual. With all my love, Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  • The most challenging task I’ve ever faced is attempting to express all my love for you. There is no gift, no amount of money, no bouquet of flowers that could ever truly express the love that fills my heart for you or the joy I feel being with you. Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!
  • Wishing us a wonderful celebration of our marriage anniversary. Never letting go of you won’t ever be a challenge. I cherish our marriage.
  • Happy Anniversary, Baby. Let’s light the candles and spend the evening hand in hand.
  • Our marriage has been heaven on Earth. It is my pleasure to walk through life with you. May this anniversary bring us wonderful memories.
  • This wedding anniversary, I want to thank you for your unrelenting support. I vow to always be there when you need the way you have been there for me.
  • Material things are less important when you have a love and trust like ours. Our love brings about the intrinsic rewards that material things can’t offer. As long as I have you, I have all I need. Happy Anniversary to us!
Here's to You! Here's to Me! Here's to... Us!
Here’s to You! Here’s to Me! Here’s to… Us!


Happy Anniversary Wishes for your Wife

  • Our love life will last into the eternities because it is the greatest love on earth. Happy [year] anniversary to the best wife in the world!
  • Wishing us another fabulous year of marriage. Happy wedding anniversary to my sweet wife.
  • It is my wish that the remaining days of our lives would be as wonderful as the first day we met. Happy anniversary, my dear wife!
  • The [insert number of years] of our matrimony has been extremely awesome and all the credit goes to you. May your life be filled with absolute joy and love today and forever. Happy anniversary, my queen!
  • Happy wedding anniversary, darling. Today, I want you to know that the happiest day of my life was when you looked straight into my eyes and with a voice as sweet as that of angel said to me, “yes I do”. Happy anniversary!
  • To the sweetest wife on planet earth, I wish you a memorable wedding anniversary. You are the reason why our home is filled with love, joy and all the happiness God blessed this universe with. I love you so much, dear!
  • For the past [insert number of years], we have had a flawless and very happy marriage. You must be one of God’s special angels sent to make sure I don’t experience anything like pain or sorrow in this life. Happy anniversary, dear wife!
  • Sweet darling, on our wedding anniversary, do know that I cherish and need you more than I treasure the air I breathe. Thank you for being an excellent wife and mother. I hope you enjoy every single moment of our anniversary to the max.
  • My heart beats for you. My mind grows with you and my soul dances because of you.
  • You have shown me what it is like to live life through the eyes of the most grateful man. A man who thinks his wife is the best thing that has ever happened to him. A man who knows it will only get better with every year that pasts. Happy Anniversary my love.
  • My marriage to you has been an epic tale of love and laughter. A story of wisdom and happiness and a fairy tale fit for a king.
  • You make me proud to be your husband!  I am truly grateful for all these wonderful moments in time we have spent with each other. Thank you so much for making me smile each day.
  • Miraculous moments, magical memories, and even the mayhem I would not trade for millions. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • You are the girl of my dreams. You are the love of my life. You are my best friend and a wonderful wife.
  • To my soul mate on this very special date.  I promise to always love you for this was always my fate.
  • Our love is like burning sorcery and it gets better and better with every anniversary.
  • I laugh when people say tomorrow’s never promised because being married to you has brought nothing but pleasure, contentment, and bliss every day.
  • You are my kindred soul, spirit, and spouse. Without you, my life would be incomplete.
  • I love you more than words can say and promise to show you this every day. Happy anniversary my beautiful wife.
  • It is more than just a date but proof of how our love is intertwined by fate.
  • You are more than my best friend and wife. You are the love of my life.
  • I promise this to always be true. I am a better person when I am with you. May the biggest challenge in you life be limited to know no sacrifice.


Anniversary Quotes for your Husband

  • Happy wedding anniversary to the best husband in the entire universe. Sweetheart, it is my wish that our love for each other will continue to grow and become wider than the sky and brighter than the sun. Happy Anniversary, dear!
  • Dear husband, I take the occasion of our wedding anniversary to let you know that I appreciate all the heavenly things you do for me. Thank you for loving me and always being there for me. Happy anniversary, my dear husband!
  • No one in this world is as pure and perfect as you, my love. I’m so lucky to have such an outstanding angel like you as my husband. Wishing you a very blissful wedding anniversary. I love you.
  • You are a true epitome of compassion and generosity. I promise you on this day that I will do everything possible to keep you glued to me for as long as we breathe. Happy anniversary to you, sweetie!
  • Happy anniversary to my sweet hubby. Babe, I knew I God had poured his most prized blessings on me the moment you took off my veil and kissed me. Thank you for bringing into my heart all the happiness on earth.
  • Happy anniversary, my love. I hope this very special day of our lives fills up your heart with heaps of joy and love. I treasure you so much there are no words in the universe strong enough to express to you how much I love you.
  • I use this special day to say thank you from the depth of my soul for being my angel. I would have missed a very amazing treasure had I let you go when you proposed love to me. With you in my life, I know my happiness in life is secured. Happy anniversary, my dearest husband!
  • Babe, our wedding anniversary will last only 24 hours, but my love for you will last for as long as the heavens keep me on this earth. Have an utterly joyful anniversary!
  • May this beautiful anniversary of ours bring you all the good fortune you deserve.
  • Wishing us a blessed and joyful wedding anniversary, year and life. I love you more than I can express to you in all the languages of the world.
  • May the happiness our anniversary brings you reside in your heart forever! I love you so much, my angel.
  • Today is the day the Lord made me made us one and made me the happiest woman in the world. Forever shall I cherish the amazing love you give me. Happy anniversary, my love.
  • Another wedding anniversary, another reason to thank my lucky stars for blessing me with a fabulous angel like you.
  • May God keep bringing us closer and closer to each other every passing day.
  • Happy wedding anniversary, hubby! May your life be just as wonderful as our marriage.
  • No man in this world is 100% perfect, but you, my amazing hubby, are more than 100% perfect. I love you very much.
  • Sweetheart, sending you all the most loving wishes in the universe as we commemorate our amazing wedding anniversary today.
  • Babe, you shall forever be the only man my heart will love until the end of time.
  • Congratulations to you for another fabulous year of being the most wonderful hubby on this earth. May happiness, love, and peace continue to reside in our beautiful marriage.
  • May God do everything in His divine power to bless your heart with unlimited joy on our anniversary and on all your days.
  • Happy anniversary to the one and only king of my universe. Wishing us an eternity of happiness and prosperity.
  • Happy wedding anniversary to the most wonderful husband of all time. May the heavens keep making your life awesome.
  • Wishing my beloved husband and friend all the joy in the universe as we celebrate this special day of our lives! Babe, thank you for bringing nothing but the truest form of happiness into my life. I will love you until the blood in my veins run out.
  • Sending all the love in my heart to yours on our wedding anniversary. Have a glorious anniversary, babe.
  • As we celebrate another wonderful year of being together as husband and wife, may our love grow stronger and sweeter.
  • Another year has gone by and you continue to prove to the world that you are the best husband a woman can ever find. I love you from my head down to my toes.
World's Best Husband
World’s Best Husband
  • Babe, our marriage behaves just like wine. The older it gets, the more fabulous it becomes. May your heart overflow with bliss on this anniversary of our fabulous marriage.
  • Happy anniversary, sweet love. May we celebrate countless more beautiful anniversaries like this together. I love you.
  • To many people, true love is nothing but a complete myth. But for us, it is what binds us together and puts happiness in our hearts.
  • Honey, may our wedding anniversary be as remarkably outstanding as this wonderful marriage that we’ve been blessed with. You shall forever be my world and everything beautiful in it.
  • My life became heaven the instant you walked into it. Today, I thank you so much for the love, happiness and support you give me every waking moment of my life.
  • Today is undoubtedly the most precious day of my life because it is the day the most wonderful man in the universe became my partner for life. Happy wedding anniversary, my precious love!
  • I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to wake up each day beside a wonderful husband – an angel who completes my life, brings me happiness and keeps me safe from harm. I love you so much, babe.
This is for you. I love you!
This is for you. I love you!
  • It has been nothing short of an incredible honor to be called your wife for all these amazing years. I will always love, respect and treasure you forever.
  • The sun always shines radiantly in my sky whenever I look at you. How can I ever stop loving such an outstanding angel like you?!
  • Putting an angel like you in my world is the greatest blessing God ever gifted me. Darling, thank you for loving and cherishing me for who I am.
  • Sending your way all the blessings in the universe on our anniversary. May life continue to make our marriage blossom. I love you.
  • For making my heart smile every day, may the heavens bless you all your days, my amazing husband.
  • My most prized possession in this world is our marriage. May God always bless and guide this special union.
  • You’re as important to me as a pair of wings is important to a bird. Without you, I’m completely nothing. Happy anniversary, my sweet sunshine!
  • My primary objective in life is to make you happy because you are such a fabulous husband.
  • I want to be with you night and day all the days of my life on earth because you’re my everything.
  • My life is fabulous because I am the proud wife of the most magnificent man on planet Earth. Wishing you a sunny and truly blissful anniversary, babe!
  • My dearest husband, on this very special day of our beautiful lives, I just wanted to thank you for bringing indescribable happiness to my soul.
  • Wishing my sweet husband and hero a truly joyous wedding anniversary. My brain just can’t put into words how much you mean to me. I love you very, very much, my darling.
  • I found the greatest gift on earth when I found you, babe.
  • True heaven is being blessed with a phenomenal husband and friend like you. Honey, thank you for all you do to make my heart overflow with bliss. I love you.


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