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Birthdays are the one day each year that individuals are encouraged to celebrate themselves. Whether someone is turning 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, or even 60, every age enjoys a good, corny birthday joke. Even mothers and fathers get a kick out of jokes from their young children – every generation and gender appreciates a funny little message on their birthday; friends will certainly expect a silly tale too! However, sometimes curating the perfect joke on the spot can be quite difficult, especially if you are not the most creative person.

Searching popular birthday jokes online may result in overused, old jokes that do not fit the scenario, and no one wants to hear the same joke 10 times within one day. That is exactly why we have compiled a list of unique, individualized birthday jokes here for you! Every joke is separated into categories, jokes for friends, moms, dads, and jokes for individuals in a certain age group are included. Find the perfect category for you below!

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Happy Birthday Jokes for Friends

Friends bring so much joy to our lives, which is why a silly joke is a must-have. If they’re not laughing on their birthday, you’ve had to have done something wrong!

  • I’m glad to have a friend like you, or, I guess I’m just glad you walked into my life and wouldn’t leave – it wasn’t really my choice. Anyways, Happy Birthday.
  • Thanks for the funny moments, the helping hands, your constant smelly feet, and crazy demands, I guess what I’m trying to say is, I love you like my own sis, and I hope your day is filled with nothing but bliss!
  • You like to party, I like to stay in, you like to scream loudly, and I prefer to be silent. On your day, I will do whatever you wish – screaming, jumping, clubbing, but the Bachelor – I will not miss. I need to be home at 8 p.m. EST.
  • You are so far away, which is quite sad to say, I’d say I can’t believe that you’re not here, but I can – that stench follows you everywhere. Thankfully I can’t smell it. Happy Birthday!
  • We’re going to get super lit tonight, and by that, I mean we’re going to light a ton of candles. We have a class tomorrow, so your birthday is going to be super lame.
  • I’m sorry the coronavirus took your bday spotlight, but I’m not really sorry because you’re lowkey narcissistic and it’s time we move onto another subject.
Birthday joke for friend during coronavirus pandemic.
I’m sorry the coronavirus took your bday spotlight, but I’m not really sorry because you’re lowkey narcissistic and it’s time we move onto another subject.


Birthday joke for friend during coronavirus pandemic.
I’m sorry the coronavirus took your bday spotlight, but I’m not really sorry because you’re lowkey narcissistic and it’s time we move onto another subject.

Birthday Jokes for Mom

Moms are incredibly special, and that is exactly how they should feel on their birthdays. These jokes will let her know how much she is appreciated while bringing a huge smile to her face.

  • I know it is your birthday, but I decided to write you an apology card instead. You’ll find out why later, Happy Birthday ma!
  • Your love for our family has proven your resilience – if I were you, I don’t think I’d love me. Best wishes on your special day.
  • You are beautiful, you are pretty, every day you call me silly, you listen to my thoughts and needs, and even help me find my keys, you let me joke and play around, until I fart – especially when it’s loud. Sorry you had to hear it on your special day, I’ll try to hold it in next time.
  • You: Hey mom, guess what I am getting you for your birthday!
    Mom: What’s that?
    You: A huge dark chocolate bar – your favorite.
    Mom: Honey, that’s ok, I have one in the cupboard.
    You: More like you had one in the cupboard – sorry!
  • Wake up mom, it’s your birthday – the only day I wake up before you. I’d sleep in if I could, but I always forget to get you a card. Thank God the supermarket is open early.
Birthday joke for friend or family member.
This year, for your birthday, we’re going to have the senior citizens’ home rocking’!


Funny birthday image for a friend.
OMG. It’s your birthday!

Birthday Jokes for Dad

Dads always have the ultimate jokes, we all know them as “dad jokes”, because of that, this category is essential. Send a silly message to thank him for all the amazing dad jokes he’s given to you throughout the years.

  • Dad, oh dad, thanks for being the man of the family, and always being the first to fill your belly, sometimes I get upset that the food is gone so quickly, but then I remember you’re heavier and need more filling. Happy Birthday to the biggest man I know.
  • Remember the time we mowed the lawn together, and the times when we at peanut butter and jelly in hot weather? I remember them so vividly because you were sweating profusely and smelled horribly of BO, but more than that, I enjoyed your company and learning how to mow. Best wishes pops!
  • I admire you for your insanely loud armpit farts, and well the other type that doesn’t, well, you know, come from your armpits. One day I hope I can be as loud and as tough as you. Happy Birthday, papa.
  • Father: taller, stronger, proper, and scholar are all words that do not define you, but it’s ok because they define me. Happy Birthday from your taller, stronger, more proper, and scholarly son.
  • Thank you for always saying yes after mom says no, because of you, I actually have a life. Best wishes to the fun parent!


60th Birthday Jokes

As individuals get older, they get funnier to joke about. 60th birthdays are the perfect time to send a funny joke!

  • Is that hair growing on your chin, or are you just turning into a man – even though you’re a woman?
  • Happy 60th birthday, I can’t believe you can still touch your toes! Or can you?
  • I hope you enjoy your new knee replacement, hip replacement, and eye surgery! Birthday gifts always get better and better as you get older.
  • It’s your 60th birthday! Sorry, can you not hear me? Let me write it out for you, it’s your 60th birthday, oh wait can you see it? Oh, forget it.
  • What movie is always on fast forward, but can’t ever reverse? The move about your age!
  • I can’t believe you’re 60 years old! Sorry for sending the message so late, I know 4 p.m. is your designated time to go to bed.
  • I’m trying my best to congratulate you on your special day, but I’m a bit bitter because your age group forced me to quarantine myself for a month.
  • Do you know how they count trees to determine their age? I could count the wrinkles on your neck to find yours! Happy 60th.


50th Birthday Jokes

50th birthdays are the prime time to send jokes to your loved ones. They’re getting old, but not old enough – in-between stages make the greatest silly messages of all.

  • I know you started getting Botox at 40, so here’s some money to double the amount you used to get. I hope it helps with those forehead lines!
  • Have fun getting your prostate exam and colonoscopy screening, happy 50th Birthday!
  • Don’t forget to get your cholesterol checked, I know you’re not the healthiest, but hey, still enjoy some birthday cake along the way.
  • I bought you a whole year’s supply of Rogaine Extra Growth, hopefully, your receding hairline will stop receding. I can’t believe your 50!
  • Don’t forget to put a birthday reminder on your phone, just in case you become senile – I just don’t want you to forget about your special day!
  • Here’s your gift certificate for your future funeral, best wishes on your 50th. You’re not there yet, but you will be soon.
  • Don’t forget to get your Depends pee pads for all your urinary incontinence –
  •  “Did you pee your pants?”
  •  “I don’t know, it depends.”
  • I’m sorry your birthday card is a couple of days late, I figured you wouldn’t want to be reminded of your age.


40th Birthday Jokes

40 is the official age that you’ve basically become old, which means that it is the pinnacle for birthday jokes! It’s also the age of the whopping “mid-life crisis” – this makes for an even better joke.

  • Happy 40th, try not to dye your hair, gain/lose weight, or cheat on your spouse. Believe me, I know it’s hard, but you can make it through.
  • I couldn’t believe you were turning 40 with that whole head of thick hair until I found out it was a toupee. It all makes sense now, best birthday wishes!
  • They say you finally become wise when you turn 40, I guess people go either way, mid-life crisis, or extremely wise. I’m thinking you’re probably going to become wise because the lines all over your face look like wisdom lines to me.
  • “Is that your grandson?”
    “No, this is my son.”
    “Oh, your son’s son?”
    “Nope, just my son.”
    “But you’re 40?”
  • You may act irresponsibly like a 13-year-old, make friends with 19-year old’s, and throw temper tantrums like an 8-year-old, but you’re 40 and, look, 13+19+8=40. Maybe you should start acting like one, so I don’t have to add any more, it’s exhausting.


30th Birthday Jokes

30th birthdays are the best – you’re not too young, but not too old either. It’s a great age to joke about irresponsibility combined with maturity!

  • If you think about it this way, you’re only 21 years and 3,285 days old. Happy 30th Birthday!
  • Once you turn 30, you should really just delete your social media. Believe me, this is a huge, huge favor. It will just go downhill from here.
  • I’m sorry you won’t be able to watch a full TV show past 8 p.m., even on a Friday, and you probably won’t be able to hang out with friends as much, since all of them are pregnant. But, hey, look at the positive side, you’re finally considered an actual adult! Best wishes to your 30s!
  • Don’t get down, 30 years old is only 120 months older than 20, and it’s going to be almost the same – just subtract 90% of the fun.
  • Have fun waking up at 6 a.m. every morning to drop your kids off at school, unless you tell them to take the bus – in that case, have fun sleeping in and feeling guilty!
  • Forget parties, gym memberships, and makeup, it’s time to spend all your money on cats, dogs, and children! Happy 30th!


21st Birthday Jokes

21 is the prime age to be – you get to legally party, drink, and basically do whatever you want – so they think. In reality, life is very confusing, and everyone is just trying to get their stuff together!

  • Happy 21st, go have a lit night so you can wake up hungover with an existential crisis the next morning!
  • Happy 21st, be prepared to have every neighbor and relative ask you what your plans for the rest of your life are and make sure it is extremely detailed!
  • Wow, you’re 21, which means you’re failing three classes, working two jobs, and have hardly enough money to pay rent. Here are 21 dollars in one-dollar bills, so that the supermarket clerk thinks you’re a stripper when you count it out!
  • Happy 21st, hopefully, you’re out having a good time – and not quarantined in a small room with your mom, father, and siblings or your four roommates.
  • “Oh my gosh! I cannot believe you’re 21 years old, I’m so glad I met you in my sorority, we’re going to be friends forever Sarah.”
  • “My name isn’t Sarah, but thanks anyway.”
  • Happy birthday, you’re 21, which means your parents will continually ask you where your husband and children are. “Sorry mom, I don’t have time right now” is not an excuse, believe me.


18th Birthday Jokes

18 is a scary, but exciting age for most. They’re beginning college, can officially buy cigarettes, and go to clubs – yet their parents still treat them like they’re 14. This age makes for great birthday jokes.

  • Happy 18th Birthday, now you can have freedom, but not too much. Please download Life360 so I can track every move that you make at college. It’s just for safety precautions, seriously.
  • Wow, you’re 18, it’s time to choose what major you want, and make sure you don’t switch it like every single one of your friends. You’re smarter than that.
  • So you’re only 18? Yeah, that’s a little too young, maybe we could pay the club some money to let you in with the red wristband.
  • Parents: “Make sure you do your laundry, pay for all of your car needs, get a full-time job, and ace every class.”
  • Also Parents: “Don’t even think about driving two hours away by yourself to go party with your friends.”
  • Happy 18th, you’re legally allowed to date your celebrity crushes now. Hopefully, they reciprocate – just keep instant messaging them on Instagram until they reply!
  • Wow! You’re actually 18 years old, I never thought this day would come, yesterday you were so small. Well, I mean you’re still small today, you’re literally 5’0, good luck with the ladies, dude.
Birthday jock on image you can share with friend.
No doubt about it -you’re old! Happy Birthday.

“Getting Old” Birthday Jokes

You know you’re old when…

  • Reading a history book starts to feel like an autobiography.
  • You’re flicking through every channel on the TV looking for the latest episode of the Cosby Show.
  • You start referring to Hilary Clinton as ‘that young woman’.
  • You’re trying to calculate your income tax return using an abacus.
  • Your grandchildren are now starting to grow gray hairs.
  • Your mother signs your birthday card in cuneiform.
  • Someone asks you how old you are on your birthday, and you can’t remember.
  • During your birthday party people are lovingly comparing you to a dusty bottle of wine.
  • One of your birthday gifts is a one-way ticket to heaven.
  • Archivists have to debate whether your birth certificate is even authentic.
  • You think livestreaming your birthday means you’re going on a surprise fishing trip.
  • During your birthday party people can’t tell if you’re raising your glass for a toast or calling for a nurse.
  • You think the X-Men are a group of transgender superheroes.
  • You’re looking for the latest version of Call of Duty for your Sega Master System.
  • An extra tier has to be added to your birthday cake just to hold the candles.
  • Your friends have to rob a wax museum just to get enough for your birthday candles.
  • They run out of types of metals to commemorate your birthday.
  • Your birthday party is attended by veterans of the World War.
  • You think your network refers to your fishing skills.
  • A web site is what you call the corner of your attic.
  • You consider a coffeemaker a robot.
Birthay riddle to send to a friend on their birthday.
Q: What do you call an extremely boring birthday party in North Korea? A: A bomb.

Birthday Riddles

Q: How do you know when planning a birthday party is easy?
A: When it’s a piece of cake.

Q: Why didn’t the hen attend the rooster’s birthday party?
A: She was too chicken.

Q: Why do golfers prefer a birthday donut over a birthday cake?
A: Because there is a hole in one.

Q: What did the grape say to the guests at his birthday party?
A: Eat, drink and be berry.

Q: Why did Mike Tyson storm out of the birthday party angry?
A: They were out of punch.

Q: What did 50 Cent say after his pants fell off during his last birthday party?
A: ‘Get the strap.’

Q: What do you call a person who shows up to a birthday party in a vampire costume?
A: A bloody idiot.

Q: Why did Beyonce cry when Jay-Z’s birthday cake fell on the floor?
A: It was irreplaceable.

Q: What do you call a bad comedian who only tells one joke during a birthday party?
A: A uni-corn.

Q: Why did the birthday cake go to the party feeling inadequate?
A: He didn’t have the right ingredients.

Q: Why did Snow White want the dwarf to really enjoy his birthday party?
A: Because life is short.

Q: Why didn’t Captain Ahab and his crew show up to the birthday party?
A: Because Moby was being a d*ck.

Q: What do you call an extremely boring birthday party in North Korea?
A: A bomb.

Q: Why did the squirrel get sacked from the birthday party?
A: He was acting nuts.

Q: How would you describe a birthday party filled with a bunch of clowns?
A: It’s plenti-fool.

Q: Why was the shipping vessel so excited to come home?
A: Because it was his berth-day.

Q: Why did the musician get all torn up during his birthday party?
A: Because he’s a rapper.

Q: How do people who live around volcanoes celebrate their birthdays?
A: With a birthday quake.

Q: What do people in hell give each other for their birthdays?
A: Hotcakes.

Q: What do you call an international birthday party held for a spider?
A: The world wide web.

Funny birthday wish.
May the joy of your birthday be measured by the strength of your hangover the following day!

Funny Birthday Wishes

  • May all of your dreams come true for your birthday… well, at least the legal ones.
  • Happy birthday, and may this year be so successful that the IRS freezes your bank account.
  • I wish you a birthday full of so many tears of joy that the people who hate you can’t help but to shed tears of sorrow!
  • Each birthday, you look more handsome than the last. In fact at this rate, in about 100 years you’re going to be a movie star.
  • As some people age, their looks become more defined, while others like yourself become more summarized.
  • Living to see another birthday is fate’s way of telling you that even being devoid of looks, personality or intelligence, there is still plenty to live for!
  • May you consume so much of this delicious, love-filled birthday cake that your mouth becomes too preoccupied to speak the entire day.
  • The good news is that from the looks of things you can live to be 100 years old, yet never develop a wrinkle. The bad news is that you’re secretly a robot sent back from the future to make my life miserable.
  • Happy birthday, sis, and may life bless you with so many children that your household witnesses the joy of a birthday party all 52 weeks of the year!
  • I know that the years are being kind to you, for as you get older, you look more and more like me, your big brother.
  • I wish for a birthday so sweet that tomorrow you’d be compelled to visit a dentist!
  • May the joy of your birthday be measured by the strength of your hangover the following day!
  • A sign that your friends really love you is their forcing themselves to smile while painfully tearing into the birthday cake you prepared yourself.
  • This year, for your birthday, we’re going to have the senior citizens’ home rockin’!

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