The Fastest Way to Their Heart | Funny Love Quotes

When it comes to making memories, there’s nothing like laughter to make those times memorable. A good joke goes a long way in love and life.

Here are some hilarious quotes for your significant other to use for any time when a good laugh is all you need.

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Funny Love Quotes For Her

  • I know some would say that you are a diamond, a beauty, a rose, a princess. And you are. But to me you are more than that. You’re my cheese and I’m the macaroni.
  • Dear boo, you asked me once how much I care for you. Well, I just got a new phone that outdoes yours by a long shot and I’m still going to date you. So I guess I must care a whole lot.
  • Babe, just wanted to say that I truly love you with all my butt. My heart is not as big and neither is yours- that’s why I love you so much. We both have big sexy butts.
  • Coffee and cream, milk and cereal, peanut butter and jelly, copy and paste, salt and pepper. These are all the things I think about when I know we belong together.
  • I forget everything all the time: my keys, my wallet, my tie. But I never forget to kiss you and that is all that matters. Oh shit, sorry… I mean I’ll never forget to kiss you again.
  • Hey babe, you want to know how much I love you? More than coffee! But only like one percent more, it was 50/50 there for a while. The point is I love you. Congrats.
  • You tiny rascal, I really like you. Oops. “Don’t read the next sentence.” That was supposed to come first.
  • Babe, through all these years, thick and thin, I’ve enjoyed annoying you so much I laugh about it all the time. Thanks for putting up with me.
  • Dear girlfriend, for future reference we don’t have to spend all our time together in the bedroom. I like the kitchen too. P.S. That means I need to know if you can cook.
Hey chickie, why don't you take a crack at me?
Hey chickie, why don’t you take a crack at me?
  • Ok, ok, I know we weren’t supposed to fall in love. But hey, you started it. With all those smiles, and winks… or is there just something wrong with your face? Sometimes I can’t tell.
  • Hey girl, I finally figured it out. I know I’m in love with you because I forgot to wash my car yesterday and was thinking of you instead. I love you.
  • I have a secret to share with you my love. Don’t tell my ex but you are the only one I’ve ever wanted. And now that I have you I’ll never let go. That’s how much I love you.
  • Want to know how much I love you? I like you right now even though you’re wearing clothes. That’s a whole lot of love if you ask me.
  • Sweetheart, you don’t look so good. Maybe you need to take some more vitamins. How about you start with vitamin me. I’m free all day.
  • They say you need food, shelter, water, and air to survive in this life. But all I need is your love. And pizza. But that’s all for sure.
  • Boo, sometimes bad choices can lead us to better people. That’s what happened with us. Except when you’re driving, then each turn just gets us more lost. But that’s ok, I can drive from now on. Trust me, its for your own safety.


Funny Love Quotes For Him

  • Honey, if you break a bone in my body I may forgive you. But if you break my heart I’ll kill you. I mean, I only have one, stupid.
  • To my awesome guy: thanks for sleeping over last week. I’ve really been missing my teddy bear since I lost him. But you are a great substitute.
  • Hi bae, just a quick reminder: you’re definitely my favorite, but not when it comes to chocolate. You should also know that when my girlfriends invite me on a shopping spree the answer will be yes no matter what.
You know the way to my heart, babe!
You know the way to my heart, babe!
  • Babe, you know I love you more than coffee or chocolate. Just don’t bother me until I’ve had two servings of each. Thanks a million.
  • Hey babe, just wanted to say how much I love you and I adore everything about you. Of course, that excludes when you’re snoring in my ear all night. That’s when I want to strangle you.
  • Dear boyfriend, I know that you know you’re out of my league. But I have good news: for some reason, I love you as much as an idiot doesn’t get the point. So you’re ok. I fell for you.
  • When we are old and gray together I hope you’ll know how much I still love you- every once in a while I’ll shave my legs for you. It’ll have to do.
  • To my loving boyfriend, I know that you are my type. But Helvetica, Georgia, and Ariel are pretty great too. No those are not my exes. I just think they’re cute too. Like you. If you ever write me another love letter, please use one of the above.
  • As the man in our marriage, you have rights. But not when it comes to arguments. When I’m right, you have the choice to be wrong or happily divorced.
  • I love everything about you: how you make me pancakes, how you kiss me, how you open doors for me. Oh yeah, sorry, that was my ex.
  • Remember when we met I asked you for a band-aid? I hurt myself falling for you. I know I’m still clumsy but I’m also still in love with you.
  • Dear hubby, you know I love you and want to spend all my free time with you. The only thing is my free time is nonexistent right now. Maybe we should have thought these kids through a little more.
  • Hi bae, you better cook me something special tonight. I went out today and fell in love at least twice. Looks like you have your work cut out for you.
How can you resist me?
How can you resist me?

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