Rose Color Meanings | 10+1 Symbols of What We Feel

A rose is such an influential flower that different variations of it cover virtually the entire range of human emotions.

Find out what the colors of roses within a bouquet may symbolize using the handy list that we have provided below.

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An image that explains what red roses symbolize.
Red roses symbolize: Passion, romance, desire and true love.

A red rose is one of the most widely-accepted symbols of true romantic love and as such is one of the most-popular flowers in the world. More precisely red roses are a representation of the passion associated with romantic love. A red rose can also be given to someone as a symbol of perfection and beauty. These beautiful roses have also been related to recognizing exceptional bravery and as a sign of great respect.


An image that explains what white roses symbolize.
White roses symbolize: purity, innocence, young love and eternal loyalty.

It perhaps goes without saying that white roses are used to characterize purity, innocence and associated virtues such as chastity, youthfulness and respect.

It is also used by brides on their wedding days to represent purity or the start of a new chapter in their lives. In fact white roses in and of themselves can be used to symbolize an entire wedding. These roses are also used to convey the sentiment of “spiritual love”. This differs from the more carnal love associated with red roses in that in the case of white the affection expressed is not associated with an outright desire for physical intimacy.

Furthermore, white roses can symbolize an undying, eternal love, as in a love for someone that remains loyal and unchanged even beyond the deathbed.



Pink roses are usually identified with attributes such as elegance, grace and gentleness. They can also express the emotions of gratitude, praise and joy. Pink roses are also associated with other positive sentiments as such fun and cheerfulness, particularly in relation to rejoicing at being in the company of the recipient.


Light Pink

Light pink roses convey a sense of warmth and veneration, and as such are ideal for occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. There are also a variation of light pink roses known as “bridal pink” that are given as wedding gifts. These roses are especially bred to survive over an extended period of time and have a strong fragrance.



An image that explains what yellow roses symbolize.
Yellow roses symbolize: friendship, good health and happiness.

Being a bright color, yellow roses convey the sentiment of happiness. They are also given to people as encouragement to expedite their recovery from illness. In that regard, they can also be used to wish someone a prosperous farewell. Thus even though the parting in and of itself may be sorrowful, you are still wishing them the best.

Away from that, yellow roses are also symbolic of friendship. They can further be used to remind or let someone know that you are actively concerned about their overall well being.

As if all the above aren’t enough, yellow roses can also be used to acknowledge an accomplishment or as a symbol of an actual or idealized new beginning. As such they are often given to the likes of newlyweds and graduates.



An image that explains what peach roses symbolize.
Peach roses symbolize: gratitude, sincerity and sympathy.

Peach roses are used to convey the sentiment of modesty. Similar to white roses, pale peach roses can also be used to symbolize pureness and guiltlessness. They are also ideal to stylize the table of a pleasing gathering and as such can represent a deal being successfully finalized.

In relation to the above, peach roses are sometimes be used to express thankfulness and appreciation. Furthermore, they can be used to convey the sentiment of purely-platonic love, as in affection with no type of romantic interest attached to it.

As such they are generally used at joyful social gatherings to convey a feeling of interpersonal merriment.

In addition to all the aforementioned, peach roses can also be used as a symbol of sincerity.



Keeping in tune with the general usage of the color black, black roses also represent sorrowful lost or mourning. However, in conjunction with bereavement, they can also be used to show contentment in acceptance of the inevitable changes that occur through death.



A person may opt to give the object of his or her desire a lavender rose as opposed to a red one due to the exoticism of the former.

However, the specific meaning of a lavender rose is love at first sight and an intention by the giver to pursue a romantic relationship with the receiver. Due to their rarity and closeness with the color blue, as there is no such thing as natural blue roses, lavender roses also convey feelings of uniqueness and enchantment.

Lavender roses can also express the notion of regality due to their becoming aroma.



Green roses represent the revitalizing spiritual cycles of life and thus are seen as a symbol of happiness. They can also symbolize physical life cycles, such as seasons.



An image that explains what orange roses symbolize.
Orange roses symbolize: energy, enthusiasm and desire.

Orange roses can be used to represent energy and enthusiasm in strong forms, including pride and desire. For instance, if someone is outright smitten with love by another individual, orange roses would be an appropriate gift to give that person to let him or her know how they feel.

If someone is excited about the prospect of a new venture or relationship, orange roses can properly convey such feelings. They can also be used to let a person know that you are proud of his or her accomplishments.


Dark Red

“Unconscious beauty” is symbolized using a dark-red as opposed to conventional-red rose. For instance, a person can give someone they admire a dark red rose to show that they are interested in eventually getting into a romantic relationship with them or when they don’t have the courage to say outright that they are in love.

Yet dark roses can also be used to relay less-favorable sensations, such as representing a romantic relationship that is in the stages of decay. Being that very-dark red is close to black in appearance, a rose of such color can also be used to convey a feeling of sorrow or even bereavement.

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