Will I Ever Find Love? | 25 Things to Remember When You Worry About Meeting a Kindred Soul

Feeling anxious about the prospect of missing out on love is a sensation most single people may feel, even though research suggests that there really isn’t anything to worry about.

Below are some facts that illustrate the fear of never finding love may be based more in fantasy than reality, and in fact it’s better to be patient.

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1. Love may take a long time to come around, but once you just see that special someone, it is possible to fall in love at first sight. And although love at first sight may not always occur immediately, instant romantic attraction is a real thing.

2. Many people think that men are into relationships just for the associated physical gratifications, but they are also looking for real romantic intimacy and a partner they can call their own for life.

3. You can stop saying that anticipation of a big payday is preventing you from seeking love. Why? Because rich couples tend to enjoy each other’s company less than poorer ones.

4. Even if it takes you a long time to find true love, you can rest satisfactorily in the fact that once you do find it, you will make up those lost years by living longer than if you had not.

5. Even if you’re an introvert who is apprehensive about interpersonal interactions, there are still millions of singles you can meet online. In other words, a single person may have more options online than if he or she were actually out ‘in the field’ playing the dating game!

6. Even if you find someone online who does not live in your area, having a successful long-term relationship is possible. In fact statistically speaking chances are higher such a union will succeed than fail.

How to find love.

7. Even if you find yourself quarreling a lot with a potential mate, that doesn’t mean true love between the two of you is not possible. In fact the opposite may be true.

8. Spending an extended amount of time looking for love can be a real pain, but you can find comfort in the fact that once you do achieve it, it is a real pain reliever in the literal, physical sense.

9. Even when the initial euphoria of a new relationship wears off, a phenomenon some people inaccurately refer to as ‘falling out of love’, you would still enjoy the benefit of having a partner who is committed to you.

10. One benefit of becoming more mature as you look for love is that what you look for in a partner is more substantive than when you’re younger. In other words, whereas in youth you may be more attracted to physical appearance, income and other relatively-insignificant aspects of a potential partner, as you get older, you are more likely to not only know what you truly need but also identify such when you see it.

11. Even if you are not the most jovial person right now in your singlehood, studies have shown that the persistent pursuit of love leads to ultimate happiness.

12. A person who earnestly craves romantic love needn’t be ashamed, for under some circumstances, including when a person is stranded away from home, lonely or just feels “ready” to enter an intimate relationship, looking for love is absolutely normal.

13. A man who takes the time to develop himself educationally, financially and socially is likely to attract more women, so the fact that a male doesn’t have a partner while he is still in the process of maturing is no need for alarm.

14. People who rush into a relationship desperately looking for the right one are more likely to ultimately see the union dissolve than those who take their time and conduct a more-intellectual courtship.

15. The fact that you have experienced past breakups does not mean you won’t eventually get married. In fact studies show that we, human beings, fall in love a whopping seven times before ultimately finding that special someone.

16. Despite that fact that online dating apps like Tinder tend to have a negative stigma attached to them, some users have found true, lasting love by utilizing these convenient services.

17. As aforementioned, online dating services have millions of users, with the majority of them having gone on dates they met via these services and almost a quarter of them actually finding long-term love, meaning you’re not the only person out there searching!

18. A long-distance relationship may not be considered ideal, but engaging in one is a great way to promote patience and build a genuine trusting friendship before actually engaging in more-risky physical intimacy.

How to find love.

19. Many of the couples whom you may look upon with envy due to their apparently-loving relationships may rather be in your position of exercising patience, as most of them do not consider their current partner their “true love”.

20. If you’re looking for successful love, especially in terms of marriage, developing a bestie-level friendship with your partner is imperative. Thus it once again becomes more advantageous to actually give yourself time in building a relationship, and if you meet someone you’re strongly attracted to yet incompatible with on a social level, it’s probably best not to get too serious.

21. Good things come to those who wait. Believe it or not but studies have shown that couples who actually introduce love into their relationships before sex experience greater long-term success.

22. Economic stability, which usually comes later in life, is an important factor in having a lasting marriage. In other words, if you fall in love before you are ready for the economic responsibilities that come with a serious relationship, the union will be at a higher risk of dissolving.

23. Again studies indicate that those who rush into love are actually putting their hearts at risk. Why? Simply because relationships that are able to grow a couple of years before a marriage proposal are more likely to survive than those where marriage is initiated earlier.

24. Due to changing ideologies about happiness, freedom and marriage, a person in his or her middle ages and beyond actually has more dating options now than perhaps ever in human history.

25. It is true that having a lover who is also your best friend is advantageous to the health of your relationship. But it is also true that having good friends outside of your significant other is also beneficial. Simply put, it behooves a person who wants his or her relationship to last to also devote ample time to his or her buddies, which can be difficult if said person is anxiously out looking for love.

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