Compliments for Girls which Will Touch Her Heart

A sincere compliment can go a long way, especially when it’s aimed in the direction of the girl who is the object of your affection.

Show that beautiful lady just how much she means to your life using one of the free heartfelt quotes provided below.

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Best Compliments for Girls

  • When you told me that you loved me, all of my ambitions in life were instantly fulfilled.
  • Your sense of fashion is as impeccable as a Louis Vuitton runway model.
  • In my eyes, you are a real-life superheroine in disguise.
  • No woman on earth can fill out a pair of jeans as wonderfully as you can.
  • Whenever challenges seem insurmountable and I’m tempted to give up, you exemplify my inspiration to persevere, work hard and stay focused on my goals.
  • You can be anything you want in the world, and I feel especially honored that you have chosen to go through life’s journey with me by your side.
  • Even though you may not be satisfied with your life at the moment, one day your remarkable talents will make you one of the most successful women in the world!
You are so cute.
You are so cute.
  • Your hair flows with the grace and beauty of a majestic river whose beauty captivates the masses.
  • The natural fragrance of your hair is as sweet as a perfume that no lab can replicate.
  • Your life’s story is like an enthralling mystery novel whose every secret I look forward to unraveling.
  • You are wiser than a princess who has traveled half of the world to seek knowledge.
  • Every time depression is on the verge of taking over my soul, just hearing your voice reminds me that there is always something to smile about.
  • Having a friend as beautiful as you reminds me that the mercy of God is truly something I can never actually deserve.
  • Even if you feel you have no other friends, know that you have earned my loyalty for life.
  • If anyone ever tried to convince me that I am somehow less fortunate in life, I would show them a picture of you to make the naysayer instantly retract his words.
  • My wondering what you see in someone like me is not a sign of low self-esteem but rather an acknowledgement of my undeserved blessing.
  • Gliding my fingers through your hair must resemble the sensation that angels feel as they carelessly drift through the clouds.
  • When I’m with an angel like you, nothing else around me matters.
  • Perfection is personified in the lovely embodiment of excellence that is you.
I wish I had met you earlier.
I wish I had met you earlier.
  • Life is not always fair, for if it were, with your talent you would be a multimillionaire by now.
  • There are only a handful of things in life that are truly irreplaceable, and your loveliness is definitely one of them.
  • If I had the ability to magically conjure up what I imagine to be the perfect woman, she still wouldn’t be as exceptional as you are in real life.
  • The worst fate I can imagine is having to go an entire 24 hours without my day being illuminated by your smile.
  • If this were the mythical days of lore, I’d be willing to singlehandedly face a fire-breathing dragon, invading horde and powerful wizard just for you to smile and wave in my direction.
  • You are a queen and I’m your most-loyal subject who’d be willing to catch an arrow just to prevent it from whizzing by and upsetting the shape of your hair.
You're amazing and I always learn so much from you.
You’re amazing and I always learn so much from you.
  • My most-memorable days are those spent in your lovely embrace.
  • The world is a cold, dark place, which makes me more appreciative of the warm, comforting light that emanates from you, my amazing girlfriend.
  • All the inspiration I need to do the best at what I put my hands to is knowing that if successful, a sweet reward awaits me in the form of your favor.
  • One day when I have my own daughter, I hope she has you to look up to to gain an impeccable, womanly sense of fashion.
  • If someone told me to count my blessings, then the final tally would be the number of days I have known you.
  • Even if we were separated and didn’t see each other for 100 years, my love would remain as fresh as if we were holding hands throughout.


Funny Compliments for Girls

  • Your jokes always make me laugh, even when they wouldn’t make it in a stand-up comedy show.
  • Whenever you laugh at a joke, that is my queue to know that it was indeed funny.
  • I have updated my preferences on social media to match whatever your favorite food, movie and music are.
You always make me happy.
You always make me happy.
  • If you were a nurse, I would stab myself just to receive medical attention under your care because you’re so wonderful. #notsuicidal
  • Even if you don’t ultimately grow to love me, I would still have to shake the hand and congratulate the man who is fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of your affection.
  • Knowing that I have the opportunity to score the love of someone like you makes my “ex” feel more like a “why”.


Words to Compliment a Girl’s Beauty

  • Your beauty is like the mirror reflection of an angel.
  • You are so beautiful that if this were the Ancient Egypt I’d have to tell the invincible pharaoh you are my sister in order to preserve my life.
  • You possess the beauty of a queen yet the discipline and work ethic of an army general.
  • Anyone who says the best things in life are intangible never had the fortune of beholding a beauty such as yourself.
  • Whenever you smile, I smile too, and whenever you frown, I still smirk because you’re just that beautiful.
  • You possess a youthful beauty that defies your age yet wisdom and grace that exceeds your years.
  • The world may be an increasingly-ugly place, but I thank God that He is still producing timelessly-beautiful women like yourself.
  • Beauty is vain, which is why I’m elated you possess so many qualities in addition to it.
  • There’s no expiration date for the remarkable beauty you have been blessed with. God indeed abundantly shed His grace on you!
I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love.
I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love.


You're always good at what you do.
You’re always good at what you do.


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