Words of True Affection | Love Letters for my Girlfriend

Anyone who has ever experienced the love of a special woman knows how sweet being the recipient of such is.

Below are the templates of original love letters that you can modify to your liking and send to your darling that will remind her of what she means to you.

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Dear Sweet Cakes,

In the past, I always knew I was missing a very precious thing but never knew exactly what it was. Yes, I knew it was love-related, and I knew my heart was yearning for a significant other. However, I thought it was just a general case of loneliness that would be cured with hugs, kisses and Valentine’s Day cards. Never in a million years did I suspect that rather my heart would become so intertwined with yours – that you would become such an important part of my life to the point where my entire world would shift as a result of loving you.

I never fathomed that it was even possible for a person to become so important that every beat of my heart has become an audible testament to the yearning for your love. So I want to thank you for not only filling a void in my heart but also for showing me that life itself has so much more to offer in the form of the beautiful princess I am now blessed to call my own. I will love you always!


Dear Precious One,

Sometimes the way I love you frightens me, and I don’t mean this in the sense that I would do anything stupid if I suffered the heartbreak of losing you. Rather it’s like I have always prided myself on my independence, but now every waking second of every blessed day is devoted to inescapable thoughts of you. Maybe this is an obsession; I don’t know. I asked my dad about it, and he told me that if the way I feel is a mental illness, than love is a disease all men have suffered from during some point in their lives.

So to put it succinctly, I love you. I think about you always, and my singular ambition in life is to make you feel the same. I’d rather have the entire world against me and hold your hand rather than be separated from you and be the leader of the entire earth. If there is an emotion stronger than this, if it is possible for me to love a woman even more than I love you, then that’s honestly a sensation I never want to experience, or else I’d probably perish from starvation and lack of personal care due to spending the entirety of time composing letters like this!


Love letters for my girlfriend.
Love letters for my girlfriend.



Dear Princess,

You are the sunshine to my daybreak. You are the bacon to my eggs. You are the sprinkles that colorfully coat my favorite cup of ice cream. You are the pepperoni that gives my pizza that extra flavor. You are the Batman to my Robin. You are the electricity to my video game console. You are the Brain to my Pinky. You are the Scottie Pippin to my Michael Jordan. You are the Lois Lane to my secret superhero identity. You are the laugh track to my otherwise boring sitcom. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love you and really, really, really need you. And hopefully you feel the same, or else I’d be tempted to write another one of these indecipherable love letters!


My beloved sweetheart,

I love every single aspect of your existence, from the tips of the strands of your hair down to the crevices between your toes. As such, I consider it the greatest fortune of my entire existence on planet Earth to have met you in this lifetime. My falling in love with you and your feeling the same way is a blessing of the magnitude I don’t feel worthy of receiving.

One day soon, when everything is right, my words will become more concrete, and I will put a mega-expensive ring on your finger to show the entire world how much you mean to me. We will also have children who will spend their entire lives reveling in the special love that has been long shared between their mom and dad.

I knew you were the one since the day I met you, and everything that has happened between now and then has only reinforced this disposition. I also hope that your falling in love with me has chased away any negativity that up until that point may have been present in your life.

History’s greatest poets and musicians have written about a love like the one we share countless times, and I know when all is said and done we would not have disappointed them for even a second of our relationship. I love you greatly, dear.


Dear Sweetness,

My life had changed in so many ways on the day I met you. For example, the moment you came into my world, my long-term companion called loneliness no longer had a seat at my dinner table. And what makes me happiest about the love we share is that I have been able to bring this same joy into your life as well.

I am sorry that things have not worked out exactly as we have planned. However, I can’t begin to express how immensely proud I am that our relationship has lasted this long, even longer than that of any of our friends. So even though I know you are angry, I am hoping, indeed praying, that your displeasure will not go as far as to tempt you to actually end our relationship. Doing so would take away all the happiness I have in this world.

So in conclusion, please forgive your honeybun for sometimes acting like such a knucklehead. Since meeting you, I have instantly become a happier, more pleasant man but unfortunately not a more intelligent one. I promise to never make such a foolish mistake again in my life nor ever give you a reason to doubt our love. In a way I am even grateful to make such absent-minded mistakes now, so that I can remedy them and ensure that our future will be even happier than we both have imagined! I will love you until the day I am no longer part of the living. I am 100% certain of this because I was born to be no one else’s but yours.


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