A Love That’s Irreplaceable | 85 Love Quotes for Your Wife

Spousal relationships are one of the most important we form and work to keep strong. While we often capture our special moments in pictures and often assume our significant others know how we feel, it’s always a good idea to express our love in words.

Send it via text, or add it to your social media posts! Not sure what to say? That’s okay, too. We have a stellar collection of messages and captions sure to impress your wife.

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Romantic Quotes for your Wife

  • Honey, in my eyes, you are as indispensable as the air that I breathe. I can lose everyone in my life and still live, but I will die the moment you are no longer in my life.
  • Having you in my life is the greatest treasure of my life. I can’t believe I get to laugh, cry, and play with such an amazing woman like you every day of my life. I can never trade your love for anything in this world, including my life. I love you so much.
  • There’s nothing as wonderful as the power of the love you and I share. From the deepest and most precious part of my heart, I say “I love you so much, sweetheart”.
  • Dearest wife, there’s a place in my heart where you and only you reside, and that is the most special place in my heart. You shall live there until the end of time. Thank you for all these years of bringing me unparalleled happiness.
  • You shall forever be my heart’s most prized possession because you are the love of my life. May God bless you richly for loving and cherishing me as much as you do. To me, that means more than all the money in the world.
  • It’s been the greatest honor of my life to be your husband. Your presence in my life has not only brought to my heart all the joy in the universe but also made me a better man.
  • I felt complete for the first time in my life when I kissed your lips for the first time. Baby, thank you for completing me and making me a truly happy man.
  • I got blessed with all the good fortune and happiness in the world the moment you became my wife. Words will never be able to completely express how much you mean to me.
We're in this together. I couldn't have wishes for anyone better.
We’re in this together. I couldn’t have wishes for anyone better.
  • The love of an amazing woman like you is what keeps me alive and brings out the sunshine in my world. Because of you, I’m the happiest man in life.
  • Thank you for making the love story that we share the greatest love story of all time.
  • Now that you have become my beloved wife, all my dreams have come true. Babe, I will forever love you more than I love life itself no matter what happens.
  • You are my beloved wife, and there’s nothing more important to me in this life than you. Your sweet love is the sole reason why my soul is joyful.
  • I have my best friend in you, my darling wife. Thank you for understanding and loving me like nobody else in this world.
  • You are a truly exceptional wife to me because you always flood my heart with all the love and happiness that exist in the world. How then can I ever stop loving and treasuring you?
  • The day we sealed our incredible union with a kiss was the day I got all the answers to my prayers. I love you.
  • I am blessed with the greatest joy in life because I have a phenomenal wife like you. I will love you till the end of time because you are not just my loving wife but also my best friend, my inspiration and my greatest blessing. Thank you for being an incredibly wonderful wife to me.
  • All my dreams came to fruition when our lips met for the very first time. Today, every moment of my life is an amazing experience because you are my wife. Asking for something more in life when I already have you in my life is the greatest sin I can ever commit.
  • Dearest wife, you are not just close to my heart, you dwell in it and take care of it like nobody in this well can ever do.
  • You bring me never-ending bliss with your amazing love. I hope someday I can succeed in giving you the same kind of priceless happiness that you bring into my soul. I love you.
Here's to a Fantastic Future with you.
Here’s to a Fantastic Future with you.
  • I always wake up from sleep finding it hard to believe how tremendously blessed I am to have found a magnificent woman like you as my beloved wife. Thanks to you, every day of my life is nothing short of special and happy. I will love you for as long as the Creator of this universe exists.
  • Babe, I can’t thank you enough for deciding to be mine for the rest of your life. You have indeed blessed me beyond measure by being my beloved wife and best friend.
  • Your love is the sweetest love ever. Your love magnifies my soul and brings out the best in me. Loving you is the most important thing that I have ever done with this life God gave me.  
  • From the very first day I saw you, I got drawn to you like metal to magnet because my soul knew that only you could bring it happiness.
  • I wake up every day with trillions of reasons to love you. All I want to do in this lifetime is to grow old with you because you are the most special woman in my life.
  • Being in love with you brings me all the happiness in the universe. Sweetheart, I will forever be by your side and love you until the end of time.
  • My life will forever be encased in happiness because I have your sweet love with me. I love you.
  • Despite the fact that I have seen you countless times, I still get transfixed by your beauty whenever I look at you. I love you.
  • Sending oceans of kisses and hugs your way, dearest wife. This world will always try us, but so far as we are together and have each other’s love, we’ve got nothing to afraid. I love you endlessly.
  • Sweetheart, I feel you and your love in the blood that runs through my veins.
  • Your love is as irreplaceable to me as the air that I inhale into my lungs. You will forever be the brightest star in my world.
You're the only one I want to keep on having fun with!
You’re the only one I want to keep on having fun with!
  • The eerie sound that you hear as you draw near is my heart beating in anxious anticipation of your love.
  • If being crazy in love with you is a mental illness, then you might as well book me a one-way ticket to the mental asylum.
  • Anyone who says it’s not possible for a dream to come true has not had the fortune of finding a love like the one I possess.
  • I have been madly in love with you since the day we met, and I want to thank you for never disappointing my insanity!


Heart-Touching Love Quotes For Your Wife

Send her a heart-felt text message with one of these sentimental quotes.

  • I ask myself what I ever did to deserve a life partner like you. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m looking forward to a lifetime of asking myself that question every single day.
  • The most amazing parts of my life, my dear wife, haven’t just been beside you. They’ve also been because of you.
  • Once upon a time, I laughed at romance novels and their blushing brides, and then I found one of my own to live happily ever after with. Thank you for being my never-ending love story!
  • I’d fight thousands of armies for you, climb the tallest mountain for you, and move all the stars in the sky for you, but I knew you were the love of my life when I’d also just sit quietly on the couch with you to watch a chick flick.
  • Oscar Wilde said you love because your lover sings a song that only you can hear. Sometimes, it may seem like I’m not the best listener, but never doubt that I hear only you singing and the amount of absolute joy your melody brings to my soul.
  • I’ve searched the works of the greatest poets, composers, and even painters to find an expression worthy of what you mean to me, but using any would be like trying to confine infinity to a single number.
  • To the one who showed me that love is a noun, I will never stop doing everything possible to deserve the affection, attention, and care that you so freely pour into our marriage. With all my heart, the most blessed husband in the world.
  • The start and end to everything good in my life has been and will be forever you, my breathtaking wife.
  • At the end of every horrible, grueling, chaotic day, one thing gives me solace. I know that one look into your beautiful eyes, embrace by your gentle spirit, and word from your patient heart will re-balance everything that’s been askew.
  • I now understand that old adage of a great wife being behind every great husband because I never knew I could be a better man until I had you to catch me when I was falling, prop me up when I was too weak to stand on my own, and push me forward when I couldn’t see there was even a path before me. You are my strength, endurance, and motivation.
  • My darling, you complete pieces of me that I didn’t realize were missing. Thank you for being everything I never knew I needed.
  • I’ve made a lot of good decisions in life, but I’ve only made one perfect decision, and that would be the day I said “I do” to my perfect match.


Instagram Love Captions With Your Wife

Give your Instagram pictures with the wife a loving caption.

  • Forever simply will never be long enough with you.
  • Saying “I do” to this dime of mine was my best decision ever.
  • Back off… she’s already taken. #mywife
  • She’s my cup of spouse, but be careful to stir, not shake.
  • You can have The Good Wife because I already have a Gorgeous Real Extraordinary Amazing Talented one #theGREATwife
  • The soul I will love through the eternities, and the heart I’d race time to keep.
  • When you want to escape the noise of life with your life’s partner, then you know it’s a forever love.
  • When your wifey is all that and a bag of chips, you’re never Instagram thirsty nor hungry.
  • I call indefinite dibs on being her husband forever + forever.
  • The best partner in crime can’t testify against you.
  • You know you hit the spousal lottery when your Instagram comments ask why you never post pictures of the wifey even though the entire feed is of her. Yes, I managed to snag this fine woman as mine.
  • Stress less in wedded bliss.
  • Why she picked me remains a mystery, but I’m happy to spend a lifetime trying to find the answer.
  • When your better half is this good, you don’t need a fancy Instagram caption.
  • Who knew one picture could capture my everything.
  • All my fortune and fame can be found in only one pair of eyes – my wife!
  • My greatest claim to fame and fortune is finding the love of my life and being lucky enough to be called hers.


‘I Love my Wife’ Quotes

  • My heart beats only to serve two functions – sustaining my physical existence and as a testament to the unceasing love I have for my wife.
  • I used to be an official Valentine’s Day hater, but since falling in love with my beautiful wife, I would carry Cupid on my own shoulders should one of his wings fail.
  • If the way I feel about my wife is not true love, than every emotion I have about anything whatsoever must be false.
  • Falling in love anew is a daily experience every time I look into the eyes of my wife.
  • My heart beats only to one tune, which is the song of love played by my wife.
  • My undying devotion to my wife is an eternal love message whose words are uttered incessantly in my heart.
  • No matter what calamities, misfortunes or disappointments I face in life, nothing can separate me from loving my dear wife.
  • Marriage may be common in the human experience, but few husbands can boast of having a beloved wife as special as the one I possess.
  • A good morning is made a thousand times better when I’m blessed with the privilege of waking up in the arms of my wife.
  • My inspiration for always striving to be a good husband is the acceptance of the fact that I have one of the best wives in the world!
  • Having a dream come true in the form of such a gorgeous wife is really all of the blessings I could possibly ask for.
  • On the day we got married, a new world of love materialized before my eyes, one in which I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life exploring every single inch of.
  • Valentine’s Day is really no different than any other in this household, for showing appreciation for such a sweet wife is a task I take seriously on a daily basis.
  • I’ve made many mistakes in life, but having the wisdom to choose such a fabulous wife has made me come out looking like a genius.
  • My whole life is dedicated to the wife I love, for I judge my successes and failures respectively by her smiles and tears.


Love Quotes For Your Pregnant Wife

Use one of these messages to tell the future mother of your children how much you adore her.

  • You gave me all of you the day we said until death do us part, and just when I though that was all I’d ever need, you gave me someone to call me dad.
  • You’ve been my greatest blessing, dearest wife, and I know that you’ll be the same for the tiny life growing inside you.
  • I wished for you, and it came true. So, today, I wish the child you carry to be a carbon copy of of your heartfelt joy for life, gracious spirit, keen intelligence, and exquisite beauty.
  • As our baby safely awaits arrival in your womb, know that I will forever be indebted to you for being the wife of my dreams and the mother of our future.
  • To the mom of my unborn child, your strength, instincts, devotion, care, and nature never cease to amaze me. I’d choose you this day and everyday with the safekeeping of all that is mine in this world and to come.
  • You introduced me to romantic love and made husbandly love as easy as breathing, but that wasn’t yet enough. You’ve now gifted me with a future of fatherly love, and, for that, I’ll eternally be thankful.
  • Gather all your strength immediately. You’ll need it to handle the result of our DNA melding into an even fiercer, crazier version of us, but can you just imagine how much we are going to cherish every minute of surviving it.
  • You beautified my picture of the world the day you took me as yours, but the day you told me you were carrying my child added color to our magical picture. So, our story continues to be painted.
  • You completed me as I completed you, and the tiny life growing inside you is sure to complete what is us. All the love to you, my one plus one.


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