The Best and Cutest Happy Birthday Wishes

When you find out it is someone’s birthday, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with something to send to that person. The type of greeting you send depends on what type of relationship you have with this person and what their personality is like.

Down below you will find a variety of different greetings; from humorous to sentimental, to basic. If you are torn between several choices, the more conservative or basic greeting is always the best way to go. Go ahead, share & spread the joy of an inspiring birthday message!

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Special Birthday Wishes for a Good Friend

  • Happy Birthday to you! On this special day you need to dance like nobody’s watching and sing like you just don’t care! It’s your day! Make it great!
  • I just wanted you to know that everything is better with bacon. Chocolate, eggs, and sandwiches are all better with bacon. I’ve even heard birthdays are better with bacon.
  • Happy Birthday! I hope you get lots of bacon!
  • Can you imagine a world without ice cream and birthday cake? Neither can I! Happy Birthday! Let’s celebrate and eat away!
  • You are the only person I know who ages backwards. Well done on finding the secret to eternal youth. Would you care to share it with the rest of us? Happy Birthday, my forever and always beautiful friend.
  • Happy Birthday to someone I would definitely allow to take my place in the Hunger Games. May the odds be forever in your favor, my good friend.
  • I was going to get you a card but I thought my presence would more than suffice. Happy Birthday to someone I like almost as much as I like myself.
  • Happy Birthday! You are going to be one cool old person. I know it’s a few years away but do you think we could bling out the wheels on your wheelchair and have wheelchair races in the halls of your nursing home?
If you were an egg, you would be sunny-side up. You are a wonderful person and your positivity is contagious! Happy Birthday!
If you were an egg, you would be sunny-side up. You are a wonderful person and your positivity is contagious! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! Do you think we could go grocery shopping together from now on, seeing as though you could probably sneak that extra 5% senior citizen discount?
  • Happy Birthday to someone who was made from sparkles and glitter. You are the most uplifting person to be around.
  • If you were an egg you would be sunny-side up. You are a wonderful person and your positivity is contagious! Happy Birthday!
  • Cheers to you on your birthday. Just remember that if you can dream it, you can do it. Happy Birthday.
  • I am going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. On your birthday you will be another year older. What are you going to do about it? Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to my favorite partner in crime. You are one-in-a-million and I couldn’t get into nearly as much trouble or have twice the fun without you!
  • Happy Birthday to someone that makes getting older look amazing.
  • I hope your birthday is more fun than a wedding feast on Game of Thrones.
  • I wish you a very Merry Birthday and a Happy Next Year!
  • You are going to press on and you are going to have the happiest birthday since Justin Timberlake danced with Janet Jackson! Happy Birthday, You Filthy Animal!
  • My mama always said birthday cake was better than chocolate. You get to blow out some candles. You never know how many you’ll have left. Happy Birthday.
  • I don’t know how to put this but it’s your birthday. You’re another year older. Are you going to be okay? Great! Can I borrow your new AAA card?
  • I always thought another year older meant another year wiser but then I met you. Happy Birthday!!
I wish you a very Merry Birthday and a Happy Next Year! Happy Birthday!
I wish you a very Merry Birthday and a Happy Next Year! Happy Birthday!
  • It’s a great day for a birthday. I haven’t eaten all day and am really looking forward to some cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! I refuse to use any age-related jokes today because I know mine is just around the corner. I will wish you a happy birthday and I hope you like your gift. I found you a little toy model of your first car, the Model T!
  • I’m sorry I wasn’t able to fly Celine Dion in to sing Happy Birthday to you. I hope my rendition will suffice! Happy Birthday!
  • I received the announcement to attend the Guinness World Records ceremony for the validation of one of the world’s oldest people. If I knew it was also going to be a birthday party I would have at least brought a card! Happy Birthday, Old Timer! May your next year bring good health and prosperity.
  • Don’t think about the past because you can’t do anything to change it. Don’t think about the future because it hasn’t been written yet. Don’t think about the present because I don’t believe I bought you one. Oops. Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your day!
  • Happy Birthday! You are another year closer to receiving your annual colonoscopy! Isn’t that exciting?


Happy Birthday Wishes for a Friend

  • Happy Birthday! I love how we don’t even need to say out loud how much of an amazing and beautiful friend I am!
  • If you’d be hit on, then may it be done by only the hottest and most beautiful people. That’s my birthday wish for you. Enjoy life!
  • Every time I talk to God, I ask him to give everyone a friend like you. I don’t see why I should suffer alone. Jokes aside, I wish you a very fabulous birthday celebration.
  • Happy birthday, buddy. Hmm…you know if your money grew like your age, you’d be a billionaire by now!
  • I’m so thankful that of the millions of other sperm you had to compete with, you emerged victorious! Happy birthday!
  • On your birthday, I just wanted you to know how incredibly lucky you are to have someone as amazing as me in your life. You’re welcome.
  • Buddy, you were indeed born to be old. Happy birthday.
  • I look at the countless candles lighting up your cake, and I can’t help but feel afraid for the ozone layer. I guess you never thought you’d be this old! Happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to my favorite person. Stay classy and keep calm. Cheers!
  • You are loyal and kind. I appreciate our friendship more than I could put into words. I hope you have the most wonderful day. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.
  • Isn’t it exciting to think that one day we can be cute little old people together? Well, I am just glad that you can go first. Happy Birthday!
  • Hooray! Happy Birthday to you! Your day has arrived. I hope you have the best day ever. You are an incredible person and deserve it!
  • Happy Birthday to someone who I would gladly eat green eggs and ham with while riding a goat on a boat. I would eat them here or there. I would even eat them anywhere!
  • May I now pronounce you as old as dirt? Just kidding. Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Her

  • Dear, today is your day, and I hope it brings you nothing short of oceans of fun. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Your friendship makes me feel brand new every blessed day. I hope all the days of your life are as bright as your lovely smile. Happy birthday.
  • I am a very lucky boy/man just because I have a wonderful girl/woman like you that I can call a friend. On your Big Day, may the warmth of sunshine forever bathe your life. I hope you have a truly great birthday.
  • Cheers to my wonderful friend on her Big Day. May your life be filled with beautiful smiles and sunshine.
  • My heart and soul wish you nothing but the most beautiful things in life. Happy birthday.
  • On your birthday, I join the angels above to sing the song, “Happy birthday” to you. Have a great one, my dear.
  • You are phenomenal to me in every way. Keep on changing the world with your beautiful smile. Happy birthday.
  • As you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, know that I will be there for you – today and forever. Have fabulously happy birthday celebration, my dear.
  • I never believed I could experience paradise on Earth until I became friends with you. Happy birthday, my dearest one.
  • My advice for you on your Big Day is: You have greatness in you, so never be afraid of taking a leap of fate. I believe in you. Happy birthday.
  • You are one of the few people behind my happiness and smiles. May your life be as beautiful as you are to me. Have a super duper birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my dearest friend. Your friendship means the world to me – today, tomorrow and forever. Never forget that.
  • Today is special for me because it is the most important day of the life of a phenomenal friend. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • Thank you for lifting me higher with your love and care. I hope your special day brings you happiness in leaps and bounds. Happy birthday, my beloved friend.
  • My affection for you grows with every beat of my heart simply because you are the most wonderful friend I’ve ever had. Happy birthday.
  • At long last it is your Big Day, dear friend! I hope this special day in your life fills your heart with more happiness than it can ever contain.
  • There are only two infinite things: the universe and our bond. Happy birthday, my beloved friend.
  • When you are blessed to be friends with the most wonderful girl in the world, there’s nothing more that you could ask for from God. Happy birthday, my phenomenal friend.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Him

  • On your birthday, I just wanted to let you know that being friends with you is nothing short of a true blessing to me. I can never stop appreciating all the incredible things you do for me. Have a beautiful day.
  • If all friends had a wonderful heart as yours, then there would certainly be paradise on earth. Thanks for being such an indispensable friend to me. Happy birthday.
  • Recently I tried making a list of the truly wonderful people in my life. After several hours, I was staring at a sheet of paper with only one name on it – your name! Happy birthday, my dear.
  • Starting from this special day, may your life be filled with a series of good fortunes. Happy birthday.
  • Here’s to your special day, my dearest friend. May your day fill your heart with the same incredible joy that you feel my heart with every blessed day. Have a fabulous birthday.
  • Wishing a special friend of mine a special birthday celebration. You are a wonderful person who deserves nothing less than a life filled with blissful moments.
  • Happy birthday to a very important person in my life. I am a rich girl/woman simply because I have you in my life.
  • You are an extraordinary person in my life, and I hope your day is nothing short of extraordinary. Happy birthday.
My best wishes to a truly classy human being.
My best wishes to a truly classy human being.
  • Happy super duper birthday, Old Timer! As you celebrate your Big Day, I hope you know it’s all downhill from here?
  • Do not be sad about the demise of your youth. Take solace in the fact that you are not yet the oldest man in the world. Happy birthday.
  • Keep this up, and soon even Methuselah himself would be envious of you! Happy birthday!
  • Dang! You are not Jesus otherwise today would be Christmas and it would be a holiday. Happy birthday all the same.
  • Wishing my one and only buddy a fantastic happy birthday! By the way, does your girlfriend really know how old you are?
  • Thank you for not being a fair weather friend. Happy birthday.
  • Today is your Big Day, and it provides us with yet another opportunity to become superheroes and free any poor liquor held in the captivity of a bottle!
  • I’m conducting an intensive research into the aging process, and I was wondering if you’d grant me an interview, considering you have firsthand experience of what aging feels like. By the way, happy birthday once again.
  • As you commemorate your birthday, do know that there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make you happy. Heck, I’ll even burn the sea just to put a smile on your face. Happy birthday.
  • My love for you is like Bill Gates’ money. It just can’t stop growing. Happy birthday.


Short Birthday Wishes

  • Such a special day calls for a special party! Happy Birthday & enjoy yourself!
  • Happy Birthday to the special person you are. You mean so much to me, stay around!
  • I’d like to wish the Happiest of Birthdays to you and you only!
  • Happy Birthday to a person I respect and care about. I’m happy we’ve got each other in life.
  • Birthday Greetings from someone that wishes only the best for you!
  • If this wish turns to a smile on your face, I’ll be even happier than now that I’m saying “Happy Birthday”!
  • Another year older, another year wiser, one more year closer to your dreams coming true. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes from someone that really loves you and cares for you!
  • Wishing you a perfect birthday surrounded by those you love, doing what you love the most.
  • A simple wish might not be enough to get the message of love across, but I have to say it: Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday wish to share.
Another year older, another year wiser, one more year closer to your dreams coming true. Happy Birthday.
  • Two words can get the message of this day across perfectly: Happy Birthday! And, then again, three more will do: I love you.
  • While every day of our lives is mainly about the pursuit of happiness, on this day you should care mainly about the pursuit of pleasure.
  • No need to lie about your age if you look as beautiful and shining as you do.
  • Youth is in the soul, not in the number of your years. Happy Birthday – stay forever young at heart.
  • As years go by, I see love filling your heart and wisdom filling your soul. Stay on this great path!
  • I hope this day makes you as happy as I am to have you by my side.
  • May the future grant you the experience to value everything the past brought you. Wisdom & happiness – and a happy birthday!
  • I hope your life is adorned with people that you love, just like a field is full of flowers.
  • I’m not avoiding getting you a great present, but your inner beauty and your looks are the absolute gift. Happy Birthday & shine on!
  • Some age, others mature and, of course, you do neither of them! Best wishes! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • If what you see in the mirror is a lovely, giving and sincere person, we see the same thing. Happy Birthday, stay forever positive!
  • I asked many of my friends what I should get you as a gift, but no answer could be compared to the gift that you are to me!
Happy Birthday Message with people toasting
Wishing you a perfect birthday surrounded by those you love, doing what you love the most. Happy Birthday.
  • You are the sunshine of my life & your birthday is the ideal background for celebration. Happy Birthday, the time is now!
  • I don’t know about last year, but this year’s age suits you just fine!
  • Health, love and peace of mind is what my wish list for you has written on it.
  • If there’s something you are dreaming of that is a new entry to last year’s wishes of mine to you, please let me know! Happy Birthday, today and always!
  • On this special day of yours, let me wish “Happy Birthday” & hope these words will also help your dreams come true.
  • Give us this permission to spoil you tonight as a minimum recognition of how much you spoil us during the rest of the year!
  • Literally, metaphorically, passionately & with style. In how many more ways can “I love you” be told through “Happy Birthday”? <3 <3
  • You mean the world to me & this is your day. Happy Birthday & let’s make the most out of it together! ๐Ÿ˜‰
You mean the world to me & this is your day. Happy Birthday & let’s make the most out of it together.
  • A spontaneous birthday party is much, much better than no birthday party at all. Happy Birthday improvisations!
  • Hey, Happy Bday 2 U & all the best. We <3 ya. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Someone really special to me was born on this day some time ago, and that’s definitely a reason to celebrate! Happy Birthday to you!
  • I’m not looking for excuses for frantic parties, but your birthday is the perfect opportunity. We love you, happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to a sensitive heart hidden in a beautiful person! Our love is yours to keep!
  • We might not love you more today than yesterday, but God knows we want to party more! Happy Birthday, yeah!!!
  • Happy Birthday to a real charmer, a loyal friend and a handsome guy. May you always shine!
Happy Birthday to a real charmer, a loyal friend and a handsome guy. May you always shine!

Best Birthday Wishes for the Ones You Care About

  • Being a beautiful youngster is a natural privilege. Being such an attractive adult is a rare accomplishment. Well done & happy birthday!
  • May your days be full of laughter, love, inner joy, some luck and some extra money – not necessarily in that order!
  • We can’t forget what a great success the party for your 23rd birthday was. But trying to repeat it for the thousandth time is rather childish!… Wait: that probably means you are still pretty young after all!
  • You have taught me that every day is a gift to us so that we can enjoy life. However, today it must be  the day of maximum joy!
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all – apart from my friend, who is a living piece of art? Happy Birthday, darling!
  • May you always get everything you ask for – but today please spare us, ok? You’re getting a great birthday present and nothing more! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Luv & wishes for a happy birthday
  • Today’s anniversary of the birth of a living masterpiece is wrongfully omitted throughout the entire internet (but WE know!).
  • True friends are hard to find, so when you find them, you should wish you kept them forever. That’s what I did! Happy Birthday, I’m so lucky to have you as a friend.
  • Birthday: the real-life show that has been on so many years, starring friends, family & loved ones. The success continues, reserve now & happy birthday to you, too!
  • Status: Yearly cycle from birth, complete. Again.
  • Happy Birthday, handsome! I believe you’re sexier than ever.
  • The day you were born they called it a miracle. For us, your loved ones, it was meant to be this great luck of living with you & caring for you.




Birthdays are a great occasion to send someone you care about a greeting to let them know you are thinking about them. Everyone loves knowing someone has thought of them. Sending a note of happiness and a celebratory greeting might just make someone’s day go from bad to great! Even if you don’t have the time to write out a written birthday card, a text message or email would be better than nothing.

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