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You may want to wish your friend or family member a happy birthday, but you want to be more creative than just saying “happy birthday”. Because of this, many people like to find creative ways to express a birthday greeting to someone that they love. After all, it’s a special day and you want them to remember it.

Incorporating a funny pun into your birthday greeting could make someone smile. Here are a list of birthday puns that you can use to make your loved ones smile and appreciate you telling them happy birthday.

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  • Sorry I’m going to be late to your birthday party. I can barely clock out of work on time. Luckily, I should be able to clock in just in time to say happy birthday.
  • I wanted to buy you a teddy bear as a birthday gift, but I think that beeing here to wish you a happy birthday is enough of a gift for you, honey.
  • Hey, I heard that the room you’re going to have your party at will be cold. It makes sense though, since I’m your biggest fan and want to wish you a happy birthday.
  • Didn’t you tell me that you wanted a new phone charger as a birthday gift? Unfortunately, I have to just wish you a happy birthday because I didn’t have enough time to stop by the outlet mall.
  • I like your new pair of shoes, but I hope you’re not wearing them right now. My birthday greeting will knock your socks off.
  • The local food market is selling partial birthday cakes. You should get one: I hear that they are half off.
  • I know you really like boats, so I made sure to get a present on sail for your birthday.
Happy birthday pun on image with donut to share with a friend.
Donut worry. Happy Birthday.


Funny birthday pun for a friend.
Eye wish you Happy Birthday.
  • Is your birthday going to be a soda party? Because I CAN not believe that you’re already [AGE].
  • It’s too hot and people might not want to join your birthday party. In any case, you’re gonna spend some time with your fans.
  • I’m glad you won’t have your birthday party outside. I wouldn’t have been able to wish you a happy birthday since nature tree-ts me poorly and it never leafs me alone.
  • I know why you wanted to have your birthday outside. It’s because you tree-t everyone nicely and no one wants to leaf you alone.
  • Will your birthday cake be gluten free? Thank goodness, because I don’t think I would like a cake with ten glues in it.
  • I made sure to look in the mirror this morning. It helped me to think about myself and really reflect on the perfect birthday greeting for you.
  • I hope you’re standing in a door frame when I tell you this, because I think you’re absolutely a-door-able for planning an awesome birthday party.
  • I like the birthday hats that you bought for the party. The last time I wore a pointy hat, I was sitting in the corner of my first grade classroom and it said “dunce” on it.
  • I like your new haircut. Did you get it for your birthday? However, getting one haircut doesn’t seem like it’s worth the trouble: try a hairscut next time.
  • I noticed that you won’t allow a fly at your birthday party. Luckily, I don’t have wings, so I guess I’m a walk.
  • It took me forever to come up with the perfect happy birthday greeting for you. I got stuck in a cow field. They tried to milk the cash out of me and when I tried to leave, the wouldn’t moo-ve out of the way.
  • I spent a lot of time at the gym this week. It allowed me to think of an awesome pun to say happy birthday. To get it down perfectly, I needed to train.
  • If I could, I would have gotten you a car for your birthday. However, I need to make sure that it was something a-Ford-able and I was too tired to find a good one.
  • Are you wearing shorts or pants? Good thing if you’re wearing shorts, because my birthday greeting would have blown your pants off. If you’re wearing pants, I added this extra sentence so that my birthday wishes wouldn’t be too short.
  • I wanted to send you a text for your birthday, but my phone doesn’t let me send people books. I guess I’ll just send you this message instead: happy birthday!
  • I visited the eye doctor today. I told him that it was your birthday. He told me that he can see that you are happy and that eye should wish you a happy birthday.
  • My dog won’t be able to visit you on your birthday. It’s outside and I don’t want my dog barking at a tree.
  • I’m sure that you want to tell me all about your birthday, but send me a picture instead. I hear they’re worth a thousand words.
  • Good thing people put the birthday cake on the counter. It lets me see if there’s any left for me. Either way, can you ask the counter how many pieces will be left?
  • So many people want dollars for their birthday. I don’t understand why. I mean, do they want doll hairs so that they can style their dolls? It doesn’t make a lot of cents to me.
  • I was thinking about your cat and trying to think of a good cat pun for your birthday. However, I can’t think of anything: cat got my tongue.
  • I wanted to buy you a case for your glasses on your birthday, but the last thing I need is for someone to, in case of emergency, break glass.
  • I bought you a new pair of glasses. This way, you can see how big of a happy birthday wish I’m giving you.
Birthday pun with fan to share with a friend on their special day.
I’m your biggest fan. Happy Birthday.


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