Cheers To You! | 77 Happy Birthday Toasts

Birthday toasts are undoubtedly very important in making the birthday celebrant’s moment a very exciting and colorful one. Additionally, they also help to properly express your best wishes and the feeling of love and happiness you have towards them.

On that note, we have provided below a bunch of original and well-written birthday toasts that can be used to make that great day of a dear one an incredibly memorable one for them.

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Birthday Toasts For Sisters

  • Cheers to a new year in your life! You are such a remarkable sister to have in this family and we can never ever hide the fact that you are a big source of inspiration to us. Happy birthday!
  • To a lovely big sister, I raise a toast! There are not enough words to express the impact you make in my life and today I just want to say a big thanks to you and wish you a happy birthday!
  • Let’s lift up our glasses for a vivacious young and beautiful woman. Sister, you are an epitome of brilliance and there is no doubt that many of your peers look up to you. Hearty anniversary!
  • Today, we all are happy to toast to a new age for someone who is so gorgeous and has been endowed with incredible talents. Enjoy your Big Day in grand fashion, sister!
  • Let us all toast to this truly enchanted moment, which marks my special sister’s day of birth. Sister, I wish you many moments of indescribable bliss and excitement as you commemorate your anniversary.
  • Sister, as we come together to celebrate the day of your birth, it is my pleasure to share such a wonderful bond with someone with a magnetic personality like you. Wishing you a blissful anniversary!
  • Let’s drink a toast to a sister who is one in a billion. You are indisputably a beautiful lady who has been blessed with a lot of intelligence. You make me so proud! Happy birthday!
Birthday toast on image with champagne glasses.
Cheers to a new year in your life! Happy Birthday.


Birthday image.
Happy Birthday, let’s celebrate!

Birthday Toasts For Brothers

  • May all the days ahead in your life blossom with genuine love, happiness, and prosperity as we all hoist a toast to celebrate your special day today. Happy birthday, brother!
  • A toast to you, brother! On your birthday, I wish you a long-lived excitement and joy throughout all the many years you have in front of you.
  • Cheers to a brother whose personality is nothing but vibrant and cheerful. I wish you many days and years of pure fun and great ecstasy. Happy Big Day!
  • A toast to you on your Big Day, brother! It is my greatest hope that you will always remember this special day with sheer gladness and cheerfulness in your heart.
  • We hoist our glasses to a man whose achievements in life are nothing short of remarkable. It amazes me how you always maintain top-level performances in all that you do. I am proud of you, and I wish you a marvelous birthday!


Birthday Toasts For Mother

  • A special toast to a tremendously fantastic mother! Mom, you are simply awesome and you truly deserve happiness and many more days like today in your life. Have your sweet self a blissful birthday!
  • I am so joyful and happy to be the daughter/son of a really magnificent woman like you. As your guidance and love are unmatched, so should the blessings of God forever remain unmatched in your life. Happy birthday!
  • Mother, your immense love transcends all barriers and the joy and comfort you bring into my world are enough to brighten my darkest moments. On your birthday today, I raise my glass to you and pray for a joy-filled life for you!
  • It is a big honor and a great pleasure to toast to a special woman like you. Dear Mother, on your anniversary, I warmly wish you glittering joy, genuine love and everlasting peace.
  • Say cheers to a sweet mother whose love for her children is so immense it is larger than the universe. Mom, all your sacrifices are well and sincerely appreciated. Wishing you a really great birthday!


Birthday Toasts For Father

  • Let’s hoist our glasses for a gentleman whose achievements are splendid and remarkable. Father, you have taught me many things, and they will all remain with me throughout my lifetime. Happy birthday!
  • A toast to you on your birthday, Dad! Your unparalleled tutelage and great wisdom have helped in brightening my world in such a remarkable way. For as long as my heart beats, I shall forever be grateful for having a phenomenal father like you.
  • Cheers to a father whose only motive is to provide the very best for his children. Dad, you are our hero and someone with a truly incredible persona. We wish you a sensational anniversary!
  • The reason why you are so loved is that you love and respect everyone around you, and most importantly, you always create time for your family, irrespective of the demands of work. Happy birthday, Father!
  • Say cheers to one of the greatest sources of inspiration for many a young man! Dad, you have been really excellent and astonishing in all spheres of life. You highly deserve all the adoration accorded you. Have an amazing birthday!
  • Happy birthday, Dad! I pray that you always wake up with gladness in your heart and lovely smiles on your face simply because you deserve them for being such a splendid father.


Funny Birthday Toasts

  • I am such a rich person because I have you in my life. I wouldn’t exchange you for a million dollars, although I do take serious offers. Happy birthday!
  • Age is nothing but a number, as long as it’s not higher than the number of thousands you owe to the bank. So cheers to someone who might be bankrupt age-wise!
  • Let’s drink to honor a very special person today, let’s drink to celebrate everything good that he/she has done for this world and the people around him/her, and of course let’s also drink to try to forget all his/her outrageous missteps. Happy birthday and here’s to an entire of life of sincere attempts of improvement without despair.
  • Wishing you true happiness on your special day, surrounded by people who will never ask for their money back impolitely. For that, I am here to represent you and exercise my traditional right as an old friend to scorn the birthday boy/girl and make him/her do what’s right. Happy birthday and cheers to those holding my business card right now.
  • I have been chosen today to make a birthday toast for our beloved friend, after there was a huge list of other friend who mysteriously turned down this offer. [NAME] is a wonderful human being, really easy going – on Sundays or when you offer chocolate that he/she won’t have to share with you. He/She’s so giving that dictionaries had to put his/her photo under “generous”- and because “generic” was already taken. Cheers to a true friend who, after this toast, will either remember me in his/her will or delete my name off his/her phone.


Birthday Toasts For a Good Friend

  • It is very hard to find a true friend who is as incredible as you are. Your love and support transcend that of mere friendship. On your birthday today, I lift my glass to the great bond we share!
  • Cheers to a person who goes beyond barriers and sacrifices his/her comfort to brighten every dark space in my world. Happy birthday, my friend!
  • Let us all say cheers to real friendship as we celebrate a special person today. Buddy, you have been the biggest positive difference in my life and I thank you so well for this. Enjoy your birthday in a sensational way!
Funny birthday image.
A birthday toast to you!


Birthday toast for friend.
Wishing you a really great birthday!


  • Let’s give a toast to a thoughtful and truly spectacular friend. As you celebrate this beautiful day in your world, I hope that you realize how much I love and appreciate you for all your support.
  • Cheers! I am hoping for the very best birthday celebration for you, my dearest friend! Age is just a number, therefore you should not worry so much about getting old because you don’t look anywhere near old age.
  • Today, I lift a toast to a very special person who is a true definition of a best friend! You love, support, and inspire me more than anyone else. I wish you great happiness on your Big Day!
  • You are an embodiment of all that is beautiful in this world. On your birthday, all I want to say is a very big thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you prosperity and happiness in all your endeavors of life. Cheers to you, my dearest friend!


Birthday Toasts for your Girlfriend

  • Even though we are gathered here in celebration of your birthday, I feel like I am the guest of honor since I had the privilege of coming as your date. Happy birthday.
  • Anyone who doesn’t believe a woman can get more beautiful with age has never met you. Thank you for putting me in the position to publicly wish you happy birthday in front of all these distinguished guests. Cheers.
  • Today I would like to propose a toast to the only person I could rationalize emptying out my bank account to make happy.
  • Even though I am but a novice speaker, today I decided to cast all fear aside just to impress on you how much I care. Happy birthday, my love.
  • Please, I ask for just but a brief moment of quiet to express my sentiments for the person who brought us all here, my lovely girlfriend. I wish you health, prosperity, longevity and all things beautiful. Cheers.
  • We all already know you are lovely, but you look especially stunning today, dear. May you continue to astonish the world by coming out even more beautiful for each subsequent birthday, which we are all hoping will be many more.
  • I pray that your glowing smile that has brightened up this room throughout this occasion finds a reason to come to your face every blessed day of your life. Happy birthday.
Birthday image for friends and family.
Hooray for today!


Funny image with birthday toast.
A toast to you on your birthday.

Birthday Toasts for your Boyfriend

  • Here’s to the greatest boyfriend in the world! As you mature, our relationship only grows, so I perceive a glorious future ahead of us. Cheers.
  • Here’s to wishing that you will be blessed with happiness that grows exponentially with your age. Happy birthday.
  • Let’s all raise our glasses to someone who is soon to be one of the great business leaders in the world. Cheers.
  • Here’s to wishing my love long life and happiness beyond his wildest aspirations. May your life be long and full of good fortune. Cheers.
  • Happy birthday to the greatest sweetheart in the world. May the disappointments of yesterday be so thoroughly overshadowed by the joys of the future that they become the stories you tell in the tales of your ascension. Cheers.
  • I know I brag a lot about being right, and it’s true. When I met you I knew you were the one. Here’s to my lovely boyfriend. Enjoy this special day because I already know you’re going to enjoy the night!
  • Just as a fine wine gets sweeter with age, I look forward to enjoying you even more during your vintage years. Happy birthday, dear.
  • Sweetheart, if I were the President of the United States, I’d close the White House and observe a national holiday in celebration of your birthday. Wishing you the sweetest of birthdays.


Birthday Toasts For Wife

  • Happy birthday to the woman who helped change me from a confused boy to a focused man. May we be blessed with many more years of your wisdom, love, support and leadership. Cheers.
  • Babe, this is your special day. I hope it brings you the bliss, peace and sunshine that you bring into my world.
  • The shining light of your virtue is enough to keep the dark forces from settling in your path. Happy birthday sis, and never stop doing you!
  • Darling wife, I cherish every single memory you and I have created since we first met each other. There’s nothing more in this world that I look forward to doing than creating more priceless memories with you. I’m blessed to be your husband, honey. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the mother of my children, the queen of my soul, the wife of my heart. Thank you living up to, indeed even surpassing, all expectations I had for your loveliness. Cheers.
  • Every year your birthday feels like the movie “Groundhog Day”, because you never appear to age. Please, let’s all raise our glasses even higher to wish a happy birthday to the ageless beauty that has graced my not only mine, but all of our lives. Cheers.
  • There is no one on earth whose birthday could have brought us all together like this except for my wife. Happy birthday love, and let me confidently speak for all when I wish you many more in good health and high spirits.
  • Most of you know I’m not shy about having a drink for any occasion, but this one is truly special, as it is not every day I get the opportunity to stand in front of a crowd and declare my undying love for my wife. I pray that you live for another 100 years because on the day you die so will I. Cheers.


Birthday Toasts For Husband

  • Our life has been full of up and downs, highs and lows, none of which I would trade if it meant I couldn’t be with you. Cheers.
  • I wish upon you the life of a king, with me there every step of the way to serve as your queen. Happy birthday.
  • Today I would like to propose a toast to the man who has had the integrity and internal fortitude to never break a promise he has made to me. Cheers.
  • I feel all bubbly inside, and it’s not just the booze. Today my heart is filled with joy as I look forward to delighting in another year in the life of my loving husband. Happy birthday, sweet dear.
  • Words only mean so much. I am actually going to use my license to love you to fervently do so for every single day of your life. Cheers.
  • Where life was unfair, you gave me balance, and where life was lonely, you gave me companionship. Today, our glasses are raised in honor of the beautiful man I call my husband.
  • The sound of these glasses clinging, in honor of the person we came here to celebrate, is a pleasant noise I hope we all get to experience for many more years to come. Cheers.
  • Sunshine or rain, bedridden or vibrant, overjoyed or depressed, birthday or any day, know that I am always there to raise a glass in your honor. Cheers.
Birthday toast on image with champagne glasses.
Cheers! Have your sweet self a blissful birthday!


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