44 Birthday Wishes for an Important Person in Your Life

Do you have someone who is so close to your heart celebrating their birthday? Are you finding it burdensome how to top up their excitement especially with the use of a simple text message?

Relax, because this page has got you totally covered!  Here, you will find beautiful birthday wishes or messages that come packed with the right words which possess the power to not only add more color to their Big Day, but also inform them of how much they mean to you.

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Birthday Wishes for Someone you love romantically

  • As you celebrate this special day of your life, I deem it relevant for you to know that my love for you expands beyond the skies. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  • Sweetheart, today marks a new chapter in your life, and I wish you love and success in every sphere of your life. Have a beautiful day!
  • Happy birthday to the most incredible woman/man in the whole world. May every dream of your heart begin to establish commencing from this day.
  • Nothing soothes my heart than when you touch my lips with yours. Happy birthday, cutie!
  • The best moments with you are when I have you kiss and rub my back for me. I really wish we could have some private moment to renew our love on this special day of yours. Have fun, sweetie!
  • Babe, I want you to know that your love changed my life in a way that no amount of words can explain. I love you with all my soul and body. Celebrate today with all the joy in the universe!
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Happy Birthday, love.
Happy Birthday, love.

Birthday Wishes for Someone you consider a real Hero

  • There is so much sunshine in my world than I ever thought I could be blessed with, and it’s all because of you. Thank you for the wonderful part you play in my life. Happy birthday!
  • My dear one, I want you to know that your presence always motivates me to believe in myself and reach for the stars. Have a wonderful birthday celebration!
  • Just like you have made my life sweet and amazing, it is my wish that the heavens would open her windows of blessings onto your life throughout the rest of your stay on this planet to make it sweet and lovely. Happy birthday!
  • Dear, I become elated when it’s your birthday because it reminds me of that soul who stepped into my life with light and love when it was full of darkness and hatred. Have a wonderful day, my dear!
  • Of all the billions of people that inhabit this world, you are the only person whose utterances strengthen me to surmount every encumbrance in my life. Celebrate today the best way you can. Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for a true Friend

  • The quest for gold or diamond isn’t as difficult as finding a true friend. For this reason, I will do all I must to keep you with me forever. Happy birthday!
  • Each day of my life brings to me remarkable blessings all because you are my friend. Have a wonderful day!
  • On wishing the most amiable soul I have ever known a happy birthday, it is my prayer that you will be blessed with so much love and strength to carry you wherever you desire to traverse. Happy birthday, friend!
  • Whether rain or shine, you never move an inch away from me. I attribute every accomplishment of mine to you. Happy b’day, dear!
  • Walking beside a friend like you makes my day bright and beautiful. Happy birthday, my dearest friend!
  • No amount of treasure here on earth or in heaven can compare to the friendship we share. Celebrate today in grand style, my dear!
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Happy Birthday to my beloved friend.
Happy Birthday to my beloved friend.

Birthday Wishes for your Father

  • You always shield me from obstacles and make sure only the best comes to me. Here is wishing you days packed with strength and wonderful health throughout your life. Happy birthday!
  • You never fail to direct me onto the right path with love and patience, and I am thankful for that. Have a beautiful birthday, Dad!
  • Dad, your amazing love is beyond my comprehension. May your day be filled with light and fun!
  • Thank you for loving and supporting me more than I deserve. My life would have been in great misery if I wasn’t born into the home of such a wonderful man like you. Happy birthday, Daddy!
  • Though life is difficult, you make mine simple and beautiful with the words of wisdom you unceasingly give to me. I wish you blessings of great joy, laughter and peace in this day and all the days of your life. Happy birthday!
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Birthday Wishes for your Mother

  • Dear Mommy, I want you to know that you are the inspiration that propels me to achieve every aspiration of my heart. May your life be touched with the sweetest form of joy for the rest of your life. Happy birthday!
  • I attribute all my accomplishments and successes to no other person than you, my sweet Mom. Thank you infinitely for your compassion and wonderful tutorials all these years. Happy birthday!
  • You are the rod that guides me into the right ways of life. No amount of riches can purchase the constant tender love you have for me. Happy birthday to my super-Mom!
  • Sometimes when I ponder how my life would have been without you, all I receive as an answer is complete misery. Happy birthday, sweet Mom!
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Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes for your Sister

  • You always come to my rescue anytime all hope is lost. On this special day, I want to thank you with all my heart. Happy birthday!
  • As you have all the fun on your birthday, I want you to know that you are nothing less than an angel to me. You touch my life with countless blessings every day. Happy birthday, my sweet sister!
  • You teach me to employ patience and courage in all endeavors of my life and that has fetched me tons of successes. You are a truly amazing sister! Happy birthday, my dear!
  • Out of the billions of souls walking on the surface of this earth, you are the single person whose words inspire me to be the best I can be. I wish you a birthday celebration full of fun and laughter. Happy b’day!
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Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for your Brother

  • I want you to know on this amazing day of yours that your presence brings out the sun in my world. Have all the fun in this day, bro!
  • Here is your sweet brother/sister wishing you abundant strength and firm courage to win over every struggle in your path. Have the best of birthday celebrations!
  • I have every reason to rejoice because you have completed another long journey around the sun. May you be highly replenished as you prepare to take another extraordinary one. Happy birthday, brother!
  • You replete my life with so much strength to carry on when I am down. No appreciation is worth your sacrifices in my life. Happy birthday, dear brother!
  • To have a brother like you makes me feel far better than being the king/queen of the entire universe. Have a fun filled birthday!
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Happy Birthday, Bro.
Happy Birthday, Bro.

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