34 Birthday Wishes that are Great For Tweets, SMS And Whatsapp

We have reached the age of mobile apps, social networking culture and facial icons. Gone are the days where we put pen to paper, when we sent messages via courier across the land. Now, at the push of a button, operating devices more powerful than the computers that put the man on the moon, from the comfort of our own couches we can send more wishes within a minute than Armstrong could make leaps!

Here’s a list of birthday wishes ideal for the modern world of Texts and Tweets. We hope at least a couple will help you out! [You can also follow us on Twitter]


Happy Birthday Wishes for SMS Texts

  • Happy Bday, darling! I know I’ll see you later but just wanted to be the first to say I love you and hope today is amazing for you! Xxx
  • I got you the best kiss you’ll ever have for your birthday! Bringing it over now!
  • For the sweetest guy in the world! One lovely text is simply not enough, so I’m going to send a new one every hour just for you! Happy Birthday
  • Apparently texts are in again! So here’s mine: Happy Birthday! Give ‘em hell today!
  • I’m past my limit on texts this month, so this shows you how much I care, I’m actually going to pay 50p to send you this message! Aren’t I the best! Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, my son! If your old man can write an sms, you can bloody well write me a card for mine! Love you!


  • Can’t believe how old we are getting! Remember when texts were the latest thing? Now I feel like a caveman sending one… Happy Birthday!
  • Hey! There was the time we sat at the beach and had lunch by the sea in Portsmouth. The time we stayed in that awful room in Amsterdam! The time we caught in the rain in Paris and the time we lost our passports in Vegas. Through all the best times and the worst, we’ve had some of the best moments of our lives together. Let’s add today to that list. Happy Birthday. P.s. When’s the last time someone sent you a 3+ page sms? In the 90s? I’m the best and you know it!
  • It’s nearly time, bro, tonight we start the best decade of your life! Happy Birthday
  • I heard we weren’t doing a big thing this year! That’s cool, whatever you want to do is the most important thing. As long as we are all together and can give you a fantastic day! Happy Birthday
  • Hey! Happy Birthday! Another year, another cake, another round of presents! Do me a favor, lower your expectations of mine, I only picked it up yesterday in a rush. You like pink right?


Funny Happy Birthday Tweets

  • Getting ready to paint the town! #DirtyBirthday
  • Happy Birthday! Lets invite everyone who RT’s this to the party tonight! #crowded #birthdayparty
  • Sorry, man, they were out of the blow up dolls, but Happy Birthday! #shame
  • You’re a millennial so I thought it would be best to do this here. Happy Birthday! #NewWorld
  • Happy Birthday, sweetie! I left the car keys and some cash by the door, have a blast! #WorldsBestMom
  • Can’t wait to ruin the dance floor tonight with you! Let’s make this the messiest Birthday ever! #AlreadyDrunk #BirthdayRuined
  • If friends could be bought, you would be on the top shelf! Happy Birthday #TooCute
If friends could be bought, you would be on the top shelf! Happy Birthday #TooCute #HappyBirthday
If friends could be bought, you would be on the top shelf! Happy Birthday #TooCute #HappyBirthday
  • Best night of the year coming up! #HappyBirthday #Crunk #Jammin #Besty #Clap #JuiceTheGoose #Ooops #NeverAgain
  • I might be a million miles away, but I can still see what you had for breakfast. Happy Birthday #LayOffTheCarbs
  • Fancy a quieter one this year? #HappyBirthday #StupidQuestion
  • Can’t believe I quit drinking just before your Birthday, what was I thinking! #DryAsACracker
  • I thought someone told me there was a cap on spending this year. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, eh?! Happy Birthday #tight
Best night of the year coming up! #HappyBirthday #Crunk #Jammin #Besty #Clap #JuiceTheGoose #Ooops #NeverAgain
Best night of the year coming up! #HappyBirthday #Crunk #Jammin #Besty #Clap #JuiceTheGoose #Ooops #NeverAgain

Birthday Messages for Whatsapp

  • Everyone welcome to the chat, you’re here because we want to give her a huge Happy Birthday in 2 weeks! This is how you organize a surprise party with over 50 people!
  • Happy Birthday! We made this group convo just for you today! This way everyone’s wishes are in one nice list! Enjoy!
  • At your age it’s a miracle you even managed to turn this thing on! Happy Birthday!
  • This is why they created this app, so that things could be said properly without the need for text speak. We have been friends for a year now and never have we let each other down without patching up. Never have we gone a long time without speaking and never have I ever thought of you as anything but my dearest friend. I love you, man. Happy Birthday!
  • Some things are too precious to say in a huge convo, so I’m sending it to you privately. I love you and never want to lose you. Happy Birthday.
  • If Whatsapp didn’t exist, I’m not sure you would have heard from me, bro! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, mate, we tore it up last year and will do so again for this one! Last person to confirm they’re in buys the first round! Go!
  • Happy Birthday! Never too late to pull out of what we have planned?? All who want to pull out say “out”, we need men not boys for this one!
  • Happy Birthday, son, we’ve created a chat with all the family just for you! Enjoy!
  • Your sister told me I could use this to send you a text and not pay for it. She assured me it’s all legal so I’m going ahead with it. So many things have happened in the world in the time it’s taken to raise you. The internet has changed society, mobile phones are now mobile computers, plane flights can now be cheaper than bus tickets and at some point in your life perhaps your children will visit the Mars! Technology changes and communication changes. The one thing that will never change is your dad’s eagerness to tell you how much he loves you, whatever challenges that might incur. Happy Birthday!


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