Your Eyes Are My Wake-Up Call | Good Morning, Beautiful!

Some people are so good-looking that just seeing them in the morning makes for a better day.

Here are some sweet morning greetings you can give to that beautiful woman or handsome man you know to wish them a good morning and also remind them that they have a true admirer in you!

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Good Morning Message for a Beautiful Woman

  • I stayed up the entire night, just in anticipation of this lovely morning when I get the opportunity to greet your beautiful face.
  • I wish I could follow you on your commute to make sure no guys gawk at you, but that would probably prevent you from having a good morning, which is more important than my jealousy.
  • Seeing your morning face the first thing when I wake up always takes me a few second to realize I am actually awake and not stuck in a sweet dream!
  • You give my morning all the aesthetics it needs to encourage me to go out and have a fine day!
  • Is it odd that in the morning that I desire to see your face more than even the daybreak sun?
  • Nothing makes me feel more blessed in the morning than greeting a face like yours, completely unblemished by the evils that lurk in the night!
  • You are like a morning star that glitters majestically, even in the sunlight.
  • Any morning spent looking at you is a good one! I love you, dear.
  • Watching you sleep in the early morning is like beholding Sleeping Beauty in her slumber.
Good Morning, Beautiful!
Good Morning, Beautiful!
  • Your beauty is softer on the eyes than even the daybreak clouds. Good morning, beautiful!
  • I wish I could be the bath towel that gets the priceless privilege of enveloping your frame every morning!
  • Your morning beauty is bedecked with all of the qualities that make me appreciative to be alive!
  • Your awakening in the morning is as magnificent as the blooming of the most beautiful flower in response to the daybreak sun.
  • I can wake up to a hurricane raging outside, but once I get a look at you, it’s like there isn’t a single cloud in the beautiful morning sky.
  • You are the kind of woman who can bring about world peace, if every man were able to wake up and bear witness to a loveliness like yours!
  • Your morning beauty has my full, undivided attention!
  • Beholding your beauty in the morning is an uplifting experience!
  • I had to make my first priority of the day coming to see you just so I can be a beneficiary of your lovely morning aura.
  • You are more shapely than a horizon of mountain accentuated by the daybreak sun!
I know today is going to be a beautiful day!
I know today is going to be a beautiful day!
  • Your morning appearance shines as if you sleep on the banks of the fountain of youth.
  • You have already been blessed with beauty, and now I am hoping that this morning blesses you with many other gifts as well!
  • I would love to just dip you in a cup of coffee and take a big bite out of you for breakfast. Such is how sweet you are to me.
  • You are beautifully decorated in the morning, like a donut glazed with the most delectable toppings on earth!
  • I can never report to office with you on my mind because my thoughts of you are NSFW.
  • Just as birds can’t wait ‘til daybreak to acknowledge the sun, my morning is highlighted by acknowledging the beauty that is you!
  • My entire inspiration for getting out to work this morning is knowing that I can use the fruits of my labor to further my cause of pleasing you.

Good Morning Message for a Handsome Man

  • I don’t know what’s more stunning at first light – the daybreak or your lovely morning face!
  • Your handsome morning face is like the eighth wonder of the world.
  • Seeing your handsome face in the morning makes me get on my knees and praise God for His creations of unparalleled beauty.
  • Sometimes I wonder what great feat I accomplished in life to earn the opportunity of waking up in the morning next to a man as lovely as yourself.
  • Your handsomeness is more wonderful than the morning sunrise. Good morning, dear.
  • The favor of the universe is upon you, which becomes evident every time I bear witness to your morning glory!
  • Having a man as lovely as you to grace the morning with is a luxury many women don’t have.
  • The morning has blessed you with a beauty few people possess, and I hope you are appreciative of this privilege!
  • Be still my love – I just want to bless my morning by sitting back and getting a good look at your lovely frame!
  • Your godlike appearance leads me to believe that an angel himself has come to visit me this beautiful morning!
  • The sturdiness of your frame ripples through my morning like the daybreak sun glides across the ocean’s waves.
Morning, Handsome!
Morning, Handsome!
  • Watching you get dressed in the morning is an extravaganza worthy of a round of applause!
  • Your handsomeness puts the wow factor in an otherwise average morning.
  • Waking up with you is like enjoying a breakfast served with a big hunk of love on the side.
  • Beholding your forenoon beauty is all the nutrients my mind needs to have a lovely morning!
  • Good morning, good-looking. I hope and pray that you have a beautiful day!
  • How wonderful it is to be able to bring in a new day with someone as lovely as yourself!
  • I would love to apply for a job to be your morning maid!
  • Good morning to the one I love, and thank you for once again giving me something beautiful to look forward to!
  • Your morning radiance blinds my eyes even more than the daybreak sun. You’re truly remarkable, and I thank God so much for your life.
  • Your morning appearance is so dignified, as if angels spent the night polishing your body as you slept! Good morning.
  • You are a terrific example of a man, one in whom I can’t let the opportunity pass to extend my warmest greetings that you have a glorious morning.
  • Your body is perfectly and scrumptiously portioned like a nutritious, well balanced breakfast!

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