Your Eyes Are My Wake-Up Call | Good Morning, Beautiful!

Some people are so good-looking that just seeing them in the morning makes for a better day.

Here are some sweet morning greetings you can give to that beautiful woman or handsome man you know to wish them a good morning and also remind them that they have a true admirer in you!

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Good Morning, Gorgeous!

Morning Messages for a Beautiful Woman.

  • I stayed up the entire night, just in anticipation of this lovely morning when I get the opportunity to greet your beautiful face.
  • I wish I could follow you on your commute to make sure no guys gawk at you, but that would probably prevent you from having a good morning, which is more important than my jealousy.
  • Seeing your morning face the first thing when I wake up always takes me a few second to realize I am actually awake and not stuck in a sweet dream!
  • You give my morning all the aesthetics it needs to encourage me to go out and have a fine day!
  • Is it odd that in the morning that I desire to see your face more than even the daybreak sun?
  • Nothing makes me feel more blessed in the morning than greeting a face like yours, completely unblemished by the evils that lurk in the night!
  • You are like a morning star that glitters majestically, even in the sunlight. Good morning, gorgeous!
  • Any morning spent looking at you is a good one! I love you, dear.
  • Watching you sleep in the early morning is like beholding Sleeping Beauty in her slumber.
Good Morning, Beautiful!
Good Morning, Beautiful!
  • Your beauty is softer on the eyes than even the daybreak clouds. Good morning, beautiful!
  • I wish I could be the bath towel that gets the priceless privilege of enveloping your frame every morning!
  • Your morning beauty is bedecked with all of the qualities that make me appreciative to be alive!
  • Your awakening in the morning is as magnificent as the blooming of the most beautiful flower in response to the daybreak sun.
  • I can wake up to a hurricane raging outside, but once I get a look at you, it’s like there isn’t a single cloud in the beautiful morning sky.
  • You are the kind of woman who can bring about world peace, if every man were able to wake up and bear witness to a loveliness like yours!
  • Your morning beauty has my full, undivided attention! Have a great day, gorgeous!
  • Beholding your beauty in the morning is an uplifting experience!
  • I had to make my first priority of the day coming to see you just so I can be a beneficiary of your lovely morning aura.
  • You are more shapely than a horizon of mountain accentuated by the daybreak sun!
I know today is going to be a beautiful day!
I know today is going to be a beautiful day!
  • Your morning appearance shines as if you sleep on the banks of the fountain of youth.
  • You have already been blessed with beauty, and now I am hoping that this morning blesses you with many other gifts as well!
  • I would love to just dip you in a cup of coffee and take a big bite out of you for breakfast. Such is how sweet you are to me.
  • You are beautifully decorated in the morning, like a donut glazed with the most delectable toppings on earth!
  • I can never report to office with you on my mind because my thoughts of you are NSFW.
  • Just as birds can’t wait ‘til daybreak to acknowledge the sun, my morning is highlighted by acknowledging the beauty that is you!
  • My entire inspiration for getting out to work this morning is knowing that I can use the fruits of my labor to further my cause of pleasing you.


Good Morning Love Quotes for Her

Show how passionate you are about her with one of these romantic good morning quotes:

  • May the morning sun light up your day, and may my love light up your heart. Sending you morning wishes and kisses!
  • Wishing your morning is as glorious as you. Wake up and know that I love you more than anything.
  • As you wake up to a brand new day and hear the birds chirping, listen for the song you put in my heart and have a beautiful morning.
  • When the shining star I saw in the sky last night disappeared, I knew it would be on your pillow in the morning. Morning, my shining star.
  • Each morning makes me grateful for another day of having you in my life. Sending you my love. Good morning, honey!
  • It’s the start of a new day, sweetheart, so open your eyes and your heart because I love you.
  • Have a fantastic morning, honey. An attractive woman like you deserves the best.
  • Morning, honey! Let the sun’s rays envelop you with the warmth of my love. Have a great day.
  • I hope you woke up this morning feeling as good as I do whenever I see your face. You are my darling and my forever love.
  • As you wake up to the sound of birds singing, know that my heart sings along with them because I love you. Good morning, sweetheart!
  • I hope the dreams you had last night made you smile the way I smile whenever I think of you. Morning, my love.
  • Morning, my darling. I hope you are well, smiling, and ready to start another day of me loving you.
  • Morning! How wonderful is the day with you in it. I hope yours is as awesome as the woman I’m in love with.
  • I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wish the woman I love a fantastic morning. Loving you just feels so good and so right.


Good Morning Poems for Her

Capture her heart with poetry when she wakes up.

  • I love you in the evening,
    I love you during the day,
    I love you this very morning,
    in every possible way.
  • As I send you my love this morning
    and wish you a blessed day,
    know that my heart speaks words of love
    I sometimes fail to say.
  • Morning wishes to my lover and my best friend.
    Count on me to love you until my life comes to an end.
  • As I greet you this morning
    and wish you a good day,
    I’m forever grateful for the moment
    you came my way.
  • If your morning is good,
    if your morning is great,
    I’m hoping it’s because
    you know I love you, mate.
  • Wake up, beautiful.
    The day has begun.
    It’s a fabulous morning
    because we are one.
  • Because I love you, gorgeous,
    I’m as happy as can be.
    Have a great morning
    and a good day for me.
  • As the sun rises
    and my love for you grows,
    feel it caress you
    from your head down to your toes.
    Have an outstanding morning, sweetheart!
  • Sending warm morning wishes
    and passionate kisses
    to the one I love,
    to my angel from above.
  • Thinking about you this morning
    and hoping you’re okay.
    Wishing you all good things
    throughout the day.
  • Like the morning sun warms the sky,
    you warm my heart.
    You do it so well,
    I don’t ever want us to part.
    Morning, my love.
  • Morning, my darling.
    I hope you had the sweetest dreams last night,
    and I hope everything about your day is right.



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