For the Most Handsome Bro Out There | Happy Birthday, Big Brother!

When your big brother’s special day is coming up, you might want to remember the good times (and set all the bad times aside – LOL) and send him a great birthday wish.

So go ahead, share one of these amazing birthday images and messages for your bro and let him know how much you care.

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Happy Birthday, Big Brother! | Images to Share

Funny birthday image to send to someone on their birthday.
OMG it’s your birthday!


Funny birthday image for big brother.
It’s your day, big bro. Enjoy big time!


Happy birthday image to share with handsome brother on their special day.
The most handsome man in town. Happy birthday, Bro!


Funny birthday image to share with your brother.
A birthday. A brother. A hero. A legend.


Happy birthday image with cool dog.
Happy Birthday. Have fun.


Funny happy birthday image for brother.
Happy birthday, brother. You meat so much to me.


Birthday wish on an image for easy sharing.
Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful year ahead.

“Happy Birthday, Big Brother!”: Funny Messages

  • Now, you are 21! I feel so jelly that you can go out to bars and clubs when I cannot. However, I can’t wait to catch up with you and party someday when I turn 21!
  • I’m sorry that I missed a bunch of your birthdays, though I hope that this one makes up for it!
  • It seems like yesterday that you were changing my diapers and gagging over my poop. Sorry! I hope that this birthday makes up for it!
  • Still looking good at 70, my darling brother! You are just as handsome as you were at 18! Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t—they are just being haters.
  • You’re 21 years old, now? Let’s drink some beer! Cheers!
  • As your little brother, I never imagined that I’d tower over you in height. I used to be a dwarf! With every one of your birthday that passes, you seem to get shorted and shorter!
  • Now that another year has gone by in your life, I hope that you have learned how to put the milk back into the fridge after using it!
a vintage birthday image to share with your brother.
Happy Birthday, Bro. Best wishes. Enjoy your day.
  • I almost forgot that it was your birthday. Don’t be offended—I’m good with faces and names but not birthdays. Happy B’day!
  • No matter how much you bug me, you will always be my big brother and I will always love you!
  • You sometimes annoy me, though I am grateful to have you in my life.
  • We always fought over stuff as kids, but ultimately I cherish having you as an older brother! I cherish every one of your birthdays.
  • You are in your swinging 60s, though you are younger than ever!
Birthday image to share with a man on their birthday.
Enjoy your special day and have fun!

Sweet/Sentimental Birthday Messages for your Big Brother

  • Ever since mom and dad drove me home from the hospital, I have always felt the warmth of your presence, big brother. I will return the favor by wishing the best birthday.
  • Happy 60th birthday! I can’t believe that we made it this far in life, and I can’t believe all of the things that we have experienced.
  • I cannot believe that you have graduated high school, graduated college and gotten married! Let’s see what the next birthdays bring, big brother!
  • You are the most amazing brother that a sister can have. I love you and I’ll always care for your.
  • Far beyond having been born by the same mom, I am so happy that we are brothers.
  • Our family has benefited so much from your presence. May another birthday pass with you in our lives!
  • Big brothers are the best! I glad that I have one. Best wishes on the day of your birth!
Cute birthday wish for brother on image for easy sharing.
Happy Bday, bro. You always know how to make me smile.
  • Best wishes to you on your special day.
  • As your little sister, I have gained so much from learning about your perspective as an older brother! I have become wiser and more understanding of others.
  • We have gone through so many years, and I hope that we go through many more!
  • I remember when you were brought home from the hospital, and I cannot believe that you are this old!
  • You are the best big brother, ever! May this B’day be the best, ever!
  • My sweet brother, I am so glad to celebrate this day with you.
  • Growing up as your little brother was the best thing could have happened to me!
  • I wish you a thousand more birthdays!
  • I am so lucky to have a wiser older brother who has taught how to have good taste, stand up for myself and conduct myself. With every birthday celebration you teach me something else.
Happy Birthday image for brother.
A brother who will change the world for the better. You! Happy Bday.
  • No matter what happens in life, I have your back and I will always love you. As the next birthdays pass on, you can call me whenever you are in need.
  • You are not just my big brother, you are also my best friend! I am so happy to be celebrating the birthday of my best friend.
  • Happy birthday! We may now live far apart from each other and far away from where we originally grew up, though we will always be siblings and help each other in need.
  • I cannot imagine life without being your sibling. It has been a fun ride and life has been so bright with you around.


    Inspirational Birthday Wishes for your Big Bro

    • We have had each other’s backs during the years leading up to this birthday, and we will have each other’s backs for many years to come!
    • Big brother, you helped me to get on my feet and to learn about the word. I shall always return the favor by helping you whenever you need me.
    • I am so glad that we are siblings because you inspire to do my best!
    • I don’t know where I would be without the guiding hand of your love and respect, my sibling. My celebration of your birthday is a sign of my appreciation for you!
    • You are one of the few in my life who have helped me to climb the steps in life and become my best possible self. You have helped me to grow wings so that I can fly. This is why your special day is extra special to me.
    • You have grown into such a handsome guy. I cannot believe that the big brother who led the way for me has grown so big and strong.
    • You inspire me to be the best version of myself, so on this day I encourage you to become the best version of yourself and to keep growing.
    • Let this special day be one of reflection. Where are you now? Where will you be later on? Who is around you? How do you feel? This is the best piece of advice that I can give you, my big brother.
    • Cherish this birthday, because no other birthday will be the same!
    Happy birthday image to send to your big brother.
    I love you big brother. Happy bday.

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