Best Wishes for your Father | Happy Birthday, Dad!

Fathers are so important and so influential in one’s life. You likely remember every moment in time that you were strongly impacted by your dad, whether it’s something he said or did. The presence and influence of a dad mean so much.

Aside from Father’s Day, a father’s birthday is a day that is truly special and should be treasured. There’s no better opportunity to appreciate a father. Even if it doesn’t show, every father wants to know how much he is loved by his children and how he has positively impacted their lives. Happy birthday wishes are special, but they mean so much more coming from your beloved children. Make your dad happy on his birthday with these original happy birthday wishes or share our images just like birthday cards.


Sentimental Birthday Wishes for your Dad

  • On this special day, I want you to know how much I truly love you, dad. With you, I am never afraid. I feel safe, loved, and at home.
  • This is the best day ever simply because it’s your birthday. I love you so much. My best wishes, Dad.
  • You are my super dad, and the best father in the world. All others pale in comparison.
  • When the sun sets every night, I pray that you are somewhere knowing how much you are loved and needed. Always thinking of you. Many happy returns, Dad.
  • The warmth of a father’s love is enough to heal an icy heart. Thank you, Dad.
  • Dear Dad, now I know why Mom never stops smiling. It’s because she gets to share her life with a wonderful man like you. I share in that same joy.
  • The voice of my father never fails at the promise of bringing wisdom. Love always, happy birthday.
  • Dad, you possess a true, natural gift of making everyone smile and forget about their worries. No one does it like you.
I have found an abundance of sound advice, knowledge, and wonderful conversation in you. Happy Birthday, dad!
I have found an abundance of sound advice, knowledge, and wonderful conversation in you. Happy Birthday, dad!
  • I always look forward to your birthday celebration. I’m so glad to have a dad like you. Enjoy your special day!
  • I have found an abundance of sound advice, knowledge, and wonderful conversation in you. I hold onto your every word as if it were gold. Happy Birthday to you, Dad.
  • Your birthday is meant to be special. Wishing you lots of love and care for your birthday.
  • My wonderful dad, I am wishing you lots of health and happiness for your birthday. May life treat you well!
  • Happy Birthday to you, Dad. You have always been there for every one of my birthdays so you know I couldn’t miss your special day.

Funny Birthday Wishes for your Dad

  • You know, Dad. The pot belly and the bold head has really grown on you. Happy Birthday, daddy!
  • Dad, your sense of humor has always been admired by many. So you’ll know doubt find the humor in the fact that I forgot to get you a gift for your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the man that gave me half my genes. Thanks for making the inspired person I am today, Dad!
  • Dad, for your birthday, I want to quote what you have told me on my various birthdays. “Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get to have it your way.”
  • I appreciate all the tough love you’ve given me over the years, Dad. I’m still recovering from the trauma.
  • Today, have a blast, dad. You’ve aged as gracefully as a clutz trying to do ballet.
  • Dear dad, I’m still waiting for all that wonderful, real-world advice you gave me to kick in.
  • Congratulations on becoming a year older and a bit wrinklier. Have a fantastic birthday, old guy!
  • Dad, when life gets you down, look on the bright side. At least you have wonderful children.
  • Growing up with you as a dad as taught me a lot…like playing dead to get out of doing dishes.
  • My warmest wishes, father. Thanks for passing on the wonderful good looks to your favorite child.
  • I’m grateful for a dad like you who keeps his arms and wallet open to his loving daughter. Have a great birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the greatest dad. You may be getting old but you’re still the coolest dad.
Congratulations on becoming a year older and a bit wrinklier. Have a fantastic birthday, old guy!
Congratulations on becoming a year older and a bit wrinklier. Have a fantastic birthday, old guy!

Inspirational Messages for your Dad

  • Dad, on this glorious day of your life, I humbly entreat you to never compare yourself to anybody because I consider you the most important person on the face of the earth.
  • I know how difficult it was to be a caring, ever-present father. And for that dedicated love, you will always have my gratitude.
  • Every positive quality I have developed has come from imitating those which you naturally possess.
  • Thank you for being the leader that this family always needed. Watching you perform lets me know that I am also capable of greatness.
  • I have friends who wish nothing more from the world than to have a father like you.
  • As long as I have you as a dad I have a reminder to never let the adversities of life best me.
  • Just as every accomplishment you ever achieved benefitted me, every success I attain is likewise dedicated to you.
  • Just as the abacus is the predecessor to the calculator, I can also trace my greatness back to you.
  • You are not only an inspiration to me, but also others earnestly searching for a real man to look up to. This is why in my eyes, you’ll forever be my greatest hero.
  • You have not only raised me but indeed the performance level of this entire family.
  • Happy birthday, Dad. I hope you celebrate this great day with the knowledge that the best way to live a thoroughly happy life is to appreciate the small things the universe has blessed you with.
  • Remember to stay positive and happiness shall always reside in your heart.

Happy 40th Birthday, Dad

  • Wow dad, you look so young. You must’ve really been baby-faced when you had me!
  • I know that awards aren’t given to exceptional parents, so I had to use today to let you know that the universe will never be lucky again to see any dad as wonderful as you.
  • It’s a shame that my girlfriends always confuse you for my brother, but at least that lets me know I’ll also be as cool as you when I reach middle age!
  • You may remember when I was a little boy, but I remember when you were as well! Have an ageless birthday, Dad!
  • You have accomplished so much in your life, but at the same time it’s like you’re just now getting started. I’m very excited to see the amazing things you will accomplish this year, Dad.
  • I’m sorry that we’ve helped turn your hair gray, Dad. But no matter how old you get, you will never lose our love!
  • Congratulations on being a genuinely cool dad who never caused me any shame. May you drip today like wax on a birthday cake.
  • Before there was Captain America, Spiderman or the Rock, there was my dad, and today, it gives me great pleasure to wish a gloriously happy birthday to the real deal!
  • I may not be qualified to judge your life, but today, I am still compelled to say that I am very proud of you, Dad.

Happy 50th Birthday, Dad

  • Dad, you’re half a century old! Congratulations, and I hope to see many, many more of your birthdays pass.
  • What a wonderful accomplishment. You’ve been on this Earth for 50 wonderful years. Just think of all the wonderful lives you have impacted.
  • Rock out for your 50th birthday, Dad. You’re not too old to party.
  • I hope I’m as healthy and happy as you are when I’m your age. Happy 50th birthday to your, Dad.
  • Never underestimate the importance of your elder years. You’re 50th birthday means you’ve started a good race and you’re well on your way to finishing strong.
  • Happy 50th Birthday to you! I hope you feel as good as you look.

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad

  • Thank you for dedicating your life to making mine better. Having the opportunity to be with you on your 60th birthday makes me the proudest son in the world!
  • You may not be my biological father, but I love you just the same. Have a remarkably wonderful and happy birthday, sir.
  • The years have been kind to you, and I wanted to show similar appreciation by giving you this heartfelt birthday gift.
  • You put the ‘sexy’ in sexagenarian! I’m looking forward to one day being gorgeous as you are, Dad.
  • To the outside world, this may appear as a normal day, but to me it is dedicated to celebrating my father reaching the age of full life.
  • On this day 60 years ago, the world witnessed the birth of a great man, whom fate has favored me enough to call him my dad.
  • Take it easy on the birthday cake, Dad. We want to be able to enjoy this day with you for the next 100 years!
  • Sorry I couldn’t be there with you on your special day, pops, but my bank account is fully at your disposal!
  • Forgetting your birthday would be just as impossible as forgetting my own. Thank you for always being a daily source of pride and inspiration in my life.
  • This year I bought you this extraordinary gift because I know toys are just as important to old people as they are to children!
  • I actually thought about taking you to the strip club this year, but your suffering a heart attack would take all the fun out of your birthday.

Happy 70th Birthday, Dad

  • Despite being an adult I need you now more than ever. Thank you for growing to be a wise old man!
  • Dear Dad, I hope you enjoy your 70th birthday just as much as you enjoyed your 20th!
  • The same way you had my back when I was too young to work is the same way I have yours now that you’re too old. So go out and chill on your birthday, Dad – it’s all on me!
  • Today, a new chapter of your life has begun, one which I am expecting to be even more glorious than those that preceded it. Happy birthday, my hero.
  • The years have progressed so quickly. Soon my children will have to blowout the candles on my birthday cake for me also!
  • May dad has accomplished so much in the first 70 years of his life that I cannot wait to see what he’s going to do with the next 70!
  • The loss of loved ones throughout the years only makes us appreciate more those who continue to be with us through life’s ups and downs. We love you so much, Dad.
  • Today is a truly special day because it is the most-important date of the year. May God even double the long life and prosperity that He has already blessed you with, my beloved Father.
  • Today and every subsequent day of your life are dedicated to showing you how much you mean to me.

Short Birthday Quotes for your Dad

  • Have a smashing birthday, Dad. You rock!
  • Of all the great fathers I’ve heard of, you’re definitely the greatest! <3
  • Have fun on your special day, Dad.
  • Your love means the world to me. Enjoy your day!
  • Have a wonderful birthday, Dad. You’ve been voted Best Dad in the World!
  • So glad to share this day with you. Have a blessed birthday!
  • Have an awesome and unforgettable birthday, Dad.

Long Birthday Quotes for your Dad

  • You are the model father, the perfect husband, and an outstanding man of integrity. I have learned so much from you. I am better prepared for life. Most importantly, you have taught me how to be a role model for my kids, the perfect husband, and an outstanding man of integrity just like you. Happy Birthday from your son.
  • From a daughter’s heart to her father’s heart, I truly want to wish you a wonderful birthday. You have brought me so many gifts and taught me many lessons. I am proud to be your daughter. I am convinced that I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it weren’t for your guidance.
  • You are an amazing dad, a wonderful father, and a loving caregiver. We’ll be by your side in good times and hard times alike. You lead by example and you give great advice. You deserve all the happiness in the world. I am wishing you a happy birthday and a fun-filled day.

Birthday Poems for your Dad

  • Some gloat over gems
    Others boast of armadas, armies, and trophies
    But I’m proud of a modest dad
    Who, being neither ostentatious nor wealthy, gives freely with a big heart
    Even when it comes at a loss to him
    Such a father is nothing short of a priceless work of art
    Happy birthday to you, dad


  • I’m son/daughter to a great and wise man
    Who considers good dreams and wisdom as things to be grasped
    And provides many opportunities for doing so
    I’m where I am because of his guidance, vision, and encouragement
    I’m thankful and humble to call him my father
    Happy birthday

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