Happy Birthday, Grandson | Wishes for your Favorite Boy

Since birthdays are very important occasions to us, we often expect to be given some level of special treatment on those days. Your grandson isn’t any different. On his Big Day, he also expects to be treated a little bit differently by his loved ones – especially by his grandparents whom he likely ranks high in his list of the most important people in his life. But how can you make him feel loved and appreciated when the special day has come?

Owing to the fact that sending him heartfelt wishes is one of the best ways to show a birthday celebrant that they are loved and treasured, we have taken it upon ourselves to produce a brilliant compilation of original birthday messages written with your grandson in mind. Feel free to share any of these beautiful and well-crafted greetings with your grandson as you celebrate his life. We are more than confident he’s going to love you for that!

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Sweet Birthday Wishes for your Grandson

  • Dear grandson, there are a number of things I treasure most in my life, and you are one of them. Thank you for being such a wonderful grandchild to me. Happy birthday.
  • I smile every blessed day simply because I’m blessed with the most phenomenal grandson in the world. I love you so much, my dear. Happy birthday.
  • In my eyes, you are a priceless jewel –one that I will treasure and protect until I expel my last breath on earth. Happy birthday, my dearest grandson.
  • All I want in this world is to see my grandson’s face light with a smile. When I see you smiling, nothing else matters to me. Happy birthday, my dear.
  • Grandchildren put smiles on their grandparents’ faces, but you bring me paradise on earth. I love you more than I can ever express in both modern and dead languages. Happy birthday.
  • I will forever be thankful to God for keeping me alive to experience the love of such a wonderful grandson like you. My dear, because of you, my life has become an extremely beautiful fairytale. Happy birthday.
  • Nothing makes me prouder than you being my grandson and me being your grandma/grandpa. Happy birthday.
  • The moment you were brought into this world, I knew there and then that this heart of mine will love you until the day it stops beating. As you celebrate your birthday, know that you have decorated my life in such an astonishing way, my dearest grandson.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.

Funny Birthday Wishes for your Grandson

  • Because you have been such an adorable grandson to me, I forgive your mother/father for all the trouble he/she gave me growing up. Happy birthday.
  • On your Big Day, I think we should give credit where credit is due. You and I both know you got your mesmerizing charm from me, your amazing grandpa/granny.
  • Hey, sweet boy of ours! We are the ones to remember your birthday without Facebook reminders and after its Snapchat post has expired! Everlasting love, your grandparents.
  • Grandpa sends his kisses and says he’s proud of you. I am sending you warm hugs and have made you a cake. No worries if I’m your favorite, love, grandma. #kiddingofcourse
  • My love for you is as strong as your love of spaghetti. Happy birthday, dear grandson. In my eyes and even before pasta, you always come first.
  • It sucks that you are not Jesus Christ otherwise today would have been Christmas. All the same, have a brilliant birthday celebration.
  • Technically, whatever you are today, you owe it to me considering the fact that I’m your grandpa/granny. Happy birthday to you, my awesome debtor!
  • Dang! I wish my grandpa/grandma was as awesome as your grandpa/grandma is! Happy birthday, grandson.
  • As you bid goodbye to your youth, don’t let the fact that you are getting older bring you down because if you do, it can be quite hard getting back up. Trust me. I know from experience.


Birthday Wishes for your Grandson’s 16th Birthday

  • I wish you oceans of happiness and love as you turn 16 today. May this new chapter of your life be a very exciting one for you. Happy birthday.
  • Welcome to the sweetest year of your life! I hope you enjoy all the sweetness being 16 has to offer. Happy 16th birthday.
  • For 16 amazing years you have filled my life with felicity. On your 16th birthday, my prayer for you is that your life will be as happy as the happiness that you overfill my heart with. Happy birthday, my sweet grandson.
  • Being 16 is great. As you celebrate this day, remember that the decisions you make today will determine how happy and bright your future will become. Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday, Grandson. You're the best!
Happy Birthday, Grandson. You’re the best!

Birthday Wishes for your Grandson’s 18th Birthday

  • I guess I have to start treating my little bunny as an adult now that he is 18 years old. Happy 18th birthday.
  • As you celebrate your entrance into adulthood, may life always treat you with love, and may the Heavens do for you what your strength can’t do for you. Happy 18th birthday to my wonderful grandson.
  • Today, you start the long and exciting journey of being an adult. I’m so proud of the phenomenal young man you have grown to become. May God bless you on this exciting journey you have begun. I hope you have a very brilliant 18th birthday celebration.
  • Happy 18th birthday, dear grandson! I hope that all the wishes you make on this grand day of your life come to pass. I love you unconditionally, my dear. Enjoy this amazing day of yours!
  • I deem it necessary as your grandmother/grandfather to officially welcome you to the world of adulthood on your 18th birthday. I can’t wait to see the awesome things that adulthood brings in you. Happy birthday, my dear.


Birthday Wishes for your Grandson’s 21st Birthday

  • Happy 21st birthday. Now, you can enjoy all the legal things that used to be illegal only just yesterday.
  • You don’t know total freedom until you have turned 21. I’m so glad that you have finally reached this enviable age. Happy birthday.
  • As you enjoy this wonderful phase of your life, remember that it is also accompanied with responsibilities. I trust you’ll handle this new age responsibly. Happy 21st birthday.
  • It is a widely accepted fact that 21 is one of the most wonderful milestone ages of a person’s life. You have reached that awesome chapter of your life. I hope you enjoy every bit of it.
  • I’m so glad I get to experience this milestone birthday celebration with you, my sweet grandson. Thank you for all the happiness you have given me through the years. Happy 21st.
Happy Birthday, grandson.
Happy Birthday, grandson.

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