Grateful for my Buddies | 44 Happy Thanksgiving Quotes for Friends

This Thanksgiving Day would certainly not be complete if you fail to send sweet wishes to your friends.

On account of that, we have provided some cool Thanksgiving wishes you can share with your pals this fourth Thursday of November as a reminder of just how dear your mutual relationships are.

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  • Our Thanksgiving together is going to be so joyous that you’re going to think we’re living in a sitcom! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • May this Thanksgiving Day be filled with the same type of love that has forged an inseparable bond between us. Happy holidays.
  • I love you, my friend, on a daily basis, but this is the time of year that I actually get to cook for you and officially show you how I feel. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • May your home be filled with the fragrant aromas of stuff turkey, fresh-baked pie and sweet intoxicants. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • There is no day of the year sweeter than Thanksgiving Day, and once you see the dinner and desserts I have prepared, you will know exactly why. Happy Thanksgiving Day, my dear!
  • This year, I am preparing the favorite dish of each one of y’all so that everyone will have a reason to come over. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • The only thing that is going to be sweeter than our Thanksgiving dinner is the laughter and stories we share on this special day. Happy holidays.
  • This lovely fourth Thursday of November, I wish you nothing but unlimited joy. Happy holidays, lovely friend!
Happy thanksgiving picture to share with friends.
Happy Thanksgiving day!


Happy Thanksgiving image with pumpkins.
Happy Thanksgiving Day!
  • I have just received the recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving, and the main ingredients are me, you and all of our close friends. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Buddy, I wish you a Thanksgiving in which you gain 10 pounds of happy, non-regrettable weight.
  • May you have a Thanksgiving that makes your heart smile as well as your stomach!
  • This Thanksgiving, may the love to eat come second to the love of the companions present at the dinner table. Happy holidays, buddy.
  • These are the times we cherish the most – festive spirits, prayers of thankfulness and the wonderful conversation of family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • May your Thanksgiving include all of the flavors necessary to make it one that you will remember for a lifetime.
  • Anyone who lets me pig out, watch football and then fall asleep on their couch is what I call a real friend. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • This day is just as much about playing Mario Kart with you as it is cutting turkey after a communal grace. Happy Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to see you soon!
  • Buddy, you are so sweet that if I didn’t love you so much I’d throw you right in the oven with the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • My sincerest wish this Thanksgiving is that you come to appreciate a friend like me just as much as I appreciate you. May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with pure love and laughter.
Funny Thanksgiving quote to share with friends.
Today, we celebrate a turkey who gave his life for our friendship. Happy Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving wish to share with friends on chats and emails.
Wishing you a splendid thanksgiving!
  • I know that wherever you may celebrate this Thanksgiving, it is going to be a lovely dinner in the presence of people who appreciate your company. Happy Thanksgiving, my beloved friend.
  • May you have a Thanksgiving with the mature appreciation of adults yet the sophistication of a 10-year old.
  • Nothing smells sweeter than the baked carcass of a holiday turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • This holiday, may we all embrace the type of emotions and merriment that has made us best friends to begin with. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • May the only bitterness you experience this Thanksgiving holiday be the taste of sweet, sweet booze. Happy holidays!
  • Today, we celebrate a turkey who gave his life for our friendship. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • May your Thanksgiving table be filled with natural delicacies from the old world as well as the fattening treats of the new. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • May our mouths dance to the delicious tune of roasted turkey while simultaneously composing sweet oratories of the juicy stories from this past year. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Wishing your palate be satisfied with all of the different tastes that have made this holiday so special. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Whether at home or on an excursion, I hope this Thanksgiving proves to be an exciting, memorable one for you.
  • May love smother you this holiday like gravy covers mashed potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • May your Thanksgiving be so special that the only words that come out of your mouth are those of gratitude and appreciation. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving Day.
  • May your Thanksgiving dinner give you enough energy to go out and face the world like a superhero! Wishing you a splendid Thanksgiving!
  • May this Thanksgiving provide you the kind of pride that can only be instilled by knowing you have precious loved ones. Happy holidays, dear friend.
  • May we all experience a Thanksgiving where we can eat to our heart’s content yet wake up the next day with no regrets at all. Happy holidays!
  • May this Thanksgiving serve as an opportunity for our entire families to get together and appreciate how blessed we are for having people who love us.
  • Happy Thanksgiving! May you have a Thanksgiving in which the quality of the people around you is more important than the quality of the food.
  • From the bottom of my heart, I’m hoping this Thanksgiving will be even happier than you anticipate. Have yourself a happy holiday and a wonderful dinner with your family!
  • May your Thanksgiving dinner be so engaging that none of the participants will even look down at their phones. Happy holidays.
  • This year’s Thanksgiving dinner will be marked by a small gathering of friends, but the love in the room is going to be huge! Happy Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving image to share with the people you love.
Glad to have you in my life.
  • School sucks, and jobs are terrible, but being able to spend a lovely holiday with a wonderful friend like you seems to make it all worth it. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • This is my favorite time of year, when I know that people like you are also partaking of the holiday spirit. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • May this be a Thanksgiving that is not only pleasing to the tongue but also to the heart and soul.
  • It’s my sincerest hope that you have the type of Thanksgiving where your breath smells like turkey for an entire week after. Happy holidays.
  • May your Thanksgiving be full of all of the traditional delights – family, friends, great food – that we have come to expect from this holiday.
  • Happy Thanksgiving! From one special friend to another, may happiness and love be with you today and forever.

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