82 Original and Appreciative Happy Thanksgiving Quotes for your Family

It’s that time of the year again where you get the privilege of enjoying an enormous feast in the presence of those who love you the most – your sweet family.

As such we have provided thoughtful Thanksgiving wishes that you can share with all your family members to show them how much you care.

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Thanksgiving Quotes For Brothers

  • I understand your misgivings about the origins of this holiday but am overjoyed that you have still decided to come and spend this time with the family. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Even though I will fight you all the way down to the last slice of turkey meat, Thanksgiving would honestly be a bore if you are not around. Happy holidays, bro!
  • Whether a Thanksgiving eating contest, video games or sports, I will always be your superior. Happy holidays, junior!
  • Ripping a turkey apart limb by limb isn’t even half as much fun when you are not involved. Happy Thanksgiving, bro.
  • I feel like this is going to be the type of special Thanksgiving that neither of us will ever forget. Happy holidays!
  • Thanksgiving without you would be like mashed potatoes without the gravy. Happy holidays, bro.
Happy Thanksgiving image for brother.
Happy Thanksgiving to my wonderful Brother.

Thanksgiving Quotes For Sisters

  • I can’t even imagine a Thanksgiving dinner without you, like I wouldn’t even attempt it. I am keeping a plate and seat warm for you at the table, and I am not going to take even a single nibble until you arrive!
  • Even though I am sending this missive from afar, know that my spirit will be seated right next to you at the table, salivating over a slice of turkey meat. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • This year, I am going to make a video of you snapping a bone with your teeth as I’m sure it is going to go viral. Happy Thanksgiving, sweet sis!
  • This fourth Thursday of November, I would like to officially express gratitude for my sister’s lovely smile, pleasant disposition and flawlessly impeccable cooking. Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving image for sister.
Happy Thanksgiving, dear sister.
  • When mom first passed the Thanksgiving torch to you, it wasn’t pretty. However, as the years have gone by, I must admit you have become a wonderful chef. Happy holidays, sis. Can’t wait to see you.
  • This year, the only diet I want to hear about is one consisting of turkey meat, gravy and desserts. Happy Thanksgiving, sis!

Thanksgiving Quotes For Mom

  • There is no better time of the year to be your son than on Thanksgiving! Happy holidays, Mom.
  • I’d be lying if I said I was looking more forward to seeing my siblings than eating your Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving Day, dearest Mother.
  • I cannot conceive of any better way to spend Turkey Day than with my lovely Mom. Happy Thanksgiving, Mom.
  • As is our family tradition, I’m going to use this Thanksgiving to not only stuff my face but also to help the less fortunate. Happy holidays, dear Mom.
  • I am like millions of other people all over the world, who are most thankful on this holiday for their loving, faithful and culinary mothers. Wishing you the happiest of happy Thanksgivings, Mom!
  • The only reason I celebrate Thanksgiving is because it is a special day to you, and I know as usual, you are going to do everything you can to make us happy. Love you, Mom.
  • I am thankful that God has assembled our family, led by you, to partake in another beautiful holiday feast. Happy Thanksgiving, sweet Mom.
Happy Thanksgiving image to share with mom.
Happy Thanksgiving, sweet Mom!

Thanksgiving Quotes For Dad

  • This Thanksgiving, instead of calling you the breadwinner, we’re going to call you ‘the meat-winner’. Happy holidays, Dad.
  • May this Thanksgiving serve not only as a testament to your productivity but also your ability to keep a family together. We are all thankful for you, Dad.
  • You know I have been waiting for this day for a whole year, where I can sit down, enjoy your conversation and eat all of your food! Happy Thanksgiving, Dad.
  • I am thankful that I possess a loving father with whom I can spend Thanksgiving with. This is definitely a blessing many people don’t have. Happy Thanksgiving, my dearest Dad.
  • Saying Thanksgiving grace with you and watching you carve the turkey are some of the best moments of my life, and I am very much looking forward to experiencing the thrill of this special holiday with you once again. I love you so much, Dad.
  • When you and mom team-up for Thanksgiving, you transform into the holiday power couple! Looking forward to seeing you soon, Dad. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Thanksgiving is always more colorful and meaningful whenever I get to spend it with you, Dad. Being your son/daughter always makes me feel so blessed. Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving quote to share with a family member or a friend.
Thanksgiving without you would be like mashed potatoes without the gravy.

Thanksgiving Quotes For Mother-in-Law

  • This year, I will partake of your Thanksgiving dinner in hopes that it too will enable me to have children as beautiful as your own. Happy holidays.
  • Thanksgiving is always awesome when spent in your company. Happy Thanksgiving, dearest Mother-in-law.
  • Wishing a very, very happy Thanksgiving Day to a very, very phenomenal mother-in-law. Thanks for being our angel.
  • I want to express gratitude for having a mother-in-law such as you who likes me so much. Happy holidays! And do know that both my belly and I can’t wait to greet you in person!
  • I give thanks not only for the health of my immediate family but also that of my in-laws. May God continue to bless your beautiful family. Happy Thanksgiving Day!
  • Your daughter has told me numerous stories about your wonderful Thanksgiving feasts, and I am grateful this year that I finally have the opportunity to partake of one myself!

    Thanksgiving Quotes For Father-in-Law

    • I give thanks to you this holiday season for being the best father-in-law in the universe. I hope you have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving.
    • First you gave me your daughter’s hand in marriage, and now this beautiful dinner – you must really love me! Happy holidays, Dad.
    • When I got married to your son, I inherited a great family in addition to acquiring a husband. Happy Thanksgiving, Dad.
    • I am thankful to have someone like you who understands the challenges of married life. Our very-close friendship is an unexpected benefit of marrying your daughter. I can’t wait to experience the warmth of your company this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving.
    • These are the times of year where family means most, and I could not let Thanksgiving just pass by without wishing you a joyous and filling holiday!
    • I am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with you and getting to learn more about the history of the exceptional man I call my father-in-law! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving Quotes For Aunt

    • Wishing the most wonderful aunt on this planet a truly happy Thanksgiving Day. My heart shall forever be thankful for having you in my life.
    • Wishing a spectacularly joyful Thanksgiving Day to a spectacularly amazing aunt. Dearest aunt, may this Thanksgiving be so, so beautiful that you remember it forever.
    • Happy Thanksgiving! Hoping true joy fills your big heart not only today but throughout the year. Indeed God blessed me abundantly when He made me your niece/nephew.
    • I am thankful today for the countless things I’ve been blessed with, one of which is being your niece/nephew. Happy Thanksgiving Day, dearest aunt.
    • You are the type of aunt every nephew/niece in this world prays to have. Thank you for being mine. Happy Thanksgiving.
    • Hoping your Thanksgiving Day is as special as you are to my heart.
    • Have a truly amazing Thanksgiving, dear aunt. Thanks for always giving me countless reasons to be happy in life.
    • Wishing you a very, very happy Thanksgiving Day, sweet aunt. I cherish every single memory you and I have created together over the years.

    Thanksgiving Quotes For Uncle

    • Happy Thanksgiving! My heart shall never get tired of being grateful for having you as an uncle in this lifetime.
    • Dearest uncle, this fourth Thursday of November, I just want you to know that I’m beyond thankful to be the niece/nephew of a phenomenal man like you. Happy Thanksgiving!
    • Hoping this beautiful Thanksgiving Day blesses you with millions of reasons to smile and be thankful.
    • Happy Thanksgiving! It’s wonderful uncles like you that make this special holiday meaningful. Love you.
    • Today, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being one of the shining stars in my skies that brighten my world and make it a happy place. May your Thanksgiving be as bright as the light you bring into my world.
    • May your blessings be so abundant that they outnumber the sands of the Sahara Desert. Happy Thanksgiving.
    • On this special day, I want to thank you for always being there to put a smile on my face. Happy Thanksgiving Day.
    • This Thanksgiving Day, I wish you everlasting treasures of good health, love and happiness.
    • Happy Thanksgiving Day! For being such a wonderful angel to me, may happiness always find its way to your front door.

    Thanksgiving Quotes For a Cousin

    • How can I ever stop being thankful when one of my blessings in life is you?! Happy Thanksgiving, beloved cousin.
    • On this Thanksgiving and all year-round, may your big heart enjoy the warmth of true love and happiness. Happy Thanksgiving!
    • Hoping every second of this special Thanksgiving Day will fill your soul with all the beautiful things that gladden it. Thank you for not just being an amazing cousin to me but for also being a true friend.
    • In my eyes, the fact that such an fabulous person like you is my cousin is a blessing in itself. Cuz, all I want to say to you today is “I’m grateful and blessed that you and I are cousins”. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear.
    • My heart is totally full of thanks for having a wonderful cousin like you that I hold dear. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.
    • Cuz, let’s join forces to make this Thanksgiving one for the record books! Happy Thanksgiving!
    • Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Day with all the joy, love, fun and sunshine in the universe.
    • Here’s a heartfelt thanks to the most amazing cousin in the world for always being the pillar of support I need in life.
    • Happy Turkey Day, dear cuz! I’m beyond thankful that I have an incredible cousin like you.
    • May your Thanksgiving fill your world with happiness to your heart’s desire.
    • As we count our blessings today, let’s not forget to make it a truly special celebration. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Happy thanksgiving image for chats and emails.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Thanksgiving Quotes For Grandma

    • A bountiful and truly joyful Thanksgiving is all that I wish for you, Grandma. Thank you for all the love and support you give me every waking hour of my life.
    • This Thanksgiving is an opportunity for me to say the words “Thank you” to the most loving grandmother in the world. Grandma, I will always cherish you, for you’re one of God’s greatest gifts to me.
    • Having a loving grandmother like you is like being blessed with all the happiness in the world. I love you so much, Grandma. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
    • The fact that I can call you my grandmother is something that I will forever be proud of. Happy Thanksgiving.
    • If I had the means to buy you all the joy and sunshine in the universe, I would do so in a heartbeat. That’s how much you mean to me, Grandma. Happy Thanksgiving.
    • Today is a time to be happy and thankful for the blessings in our lives. As for me, I’m most thankful for your life, Grandma. Hoping your Thanksgiving is as beautiful as your life.
    • Wishing you an incredibly happy Thanksgiving, my beloved Grandma. Thanks for being a source of joy in my life.
    • Happy Thanksgiving. May this special holiday bless you with mountains of beautiful memories to treasure all the days of your life.

    Thanksgiving Quotes For Grandpa

    • Grandpa, may you have a cheerful and peaceful Thanksgiving Day. I will forever treasure you because you mean everything I treasure in this world.
    • Happy Thanksgiving! May this special holiday give you in spades the happiness you have generously brought into my life since I was a child.
    • May true happiness and the best of health be yours, Grandpa, not only today but throughout your earthly journey. Happy Thanksgiving.
    • Having a wonderful grandfather like you in my world means I am blessed with everything. Hoping you have nothing but a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving Day, Granddad.
    • Happy Thanksgiving Day to one of the world’s most remarkable men. Being your grandson/granddaughter is a gift many wish for but can never get. I’m more than blessed to be related to you.
    • May the best blessings from above be bestowed on you in abundance this Thanksgiving. And may these blessings follow you and gladden your heart all your days.
    • Wishing a glorious Thanksgiving Day to my beloved granddad who means the entire universe to me. I love you so much, Granddad.
    • Happy Thanksgiving Day! Today, I’m so thankful that God placed me in a beautiful family led by an outstanding man like you, Grandpa.
    • I can’t thank you enough for making my everyday life a truly beautiful one. Hope you have a totally blessed Thanksgiving.

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