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If original Thanksgiving messages are what you seek to send to your boss this fourth Thursday of November, we’ve got you absolutely covered here.

Make your boss feel loved and appreciated by delivering him/her any of the many well-written Thanksgiving Day quotes below.

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  • I hope you enjoy a holiday surrounded by family and loved ones, free from the burdens and stress of this office. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • A glorious Thanksgiving Day is all I desire for you today, Sir. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • May the only weight you gain during this Thanksgiving be in your bank account! Happy holidays.
  • I am thankful to God for my job, and I am also thankful to God for blessing me with a wonderful employer like you. Happy Thanksgiving Day, boss.
  • I know it is not common for an employee to give an employer a gift, but I just wanted to show a small sign of appreciation for your leadership. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Happy Thanksgiving, sir. And may you return from the holiday more refreshed and blessed.
  • This Thanksgiving, you are cordially invited to my home for dinner as my family and I would love to entertain you. Have a blessed holiday!
  • I know this may sound a little awkward – but I’m actually going to miss you during this Thanksgiving break. Happy holidays, Ma’am!
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Happy Thanksgiving day.


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Happy Thanksgiving.
  • This is a time of year that would be absolutely miserable if I weren’t blessed with a good job and an even better boss. God bless you, Sir. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • May you enjoy a Thanksgiving feast worthy of someone of your stature! Happy holidays, Sir/Madam.
  • I hope this year, just as I’m thankful to have a boss like you, you are also pleased to have a worker like me.
  • It’s my prayer that this fourth Thursday of November will fill you with the kind of smiles and laughter I never see you display in this office. Happy holidays.
  • Wishing a very happy Thanksgiving Day to one of the greatest leaders of our generation. I am beyond proud and blessed to have you as a boss.
  • I want to take this occasion to thank you for being more than a boss but also a mentor and role model – someone whose lessons and example will stay with me my entire life. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • May this Thanksgiving mark the advent of a holiday season that you will enjoy more than any you have had before yet will be the least-enjoyable of those still to come.
  • I hope that my employment has made your Thanksgiving more meaningful, just as your leadership has done so to mine.
  • May your Thanksgiving be filled with a big dinner, great shopping deals and all of the television programming you can possibly endure!
  • As I reflect on my life this Thanksgiving, I realize not only how important this job is but also how much I am appreciative for having you as a supervisor. Happy holidays.
  • My whole family is thankful for a boss like you who has given me time off this holiday to spend with them. We all wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from the bottom of our hearts.
  • This year, I express gratitude not only for the health and prosperity of my family but also yours as well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
  • May you experience a festive Thanksgiving holiday that transitions into an even more-wonderful Christmas season.
  • The entire staff and I would like to wish you a joyful Thanksgiving where the heavens themselves recompense you for being a caring and gracious employer.
  • When my family and I give grace this Thanksgiving, you are definitely one of the people we will mention in our prayers. Happy holidays.
  • As a football player is ready to sacrifice all for his team on Thanksgiving, so am I on call if you need me. Happy holidays, Ma’am!
  • This year, I am thankful for a rewarding job, a wonderfully-kind boss and the raise he’s going to give me in the near future. Happy holidays!
  • I would love to entertain you this Thanksgiving, just to pick your brain on what you think about certain issues, but even if you aren’t able to make it over, I still wish you a happy one!
  • If this office is stressful for us, I know it must be doubly so for you, and I hope this Thanksgiving, you are able to relax and enjoy a rejuvenating dinner in addition to some of your favorite holiday entertainment.
  • Just as Christopher Jones successfully commandeered the Mayflower, you have also led us to another successful Thanksgiving, and we would all like to express our gratitude for having such an expert captain!
  • This year, I am thankful not only for job security but also for having the privilege of wishing a reputable employer like yourself a Happy Thanksgiving.
  • May you be overstuffed this holiday not only with a delicious meal but also with the satisfaction of enjoying it with loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • I am thankful not only for the times I already had under your employ but also the prosperous days yet to come. I am looking forward to a future where I make you very proud! Wishing you nothing but a truly beautiful Thanksgiving Day.
  • I hope this Thanksgiving the only screaming you are compelled to do is at the television while watching football. Happy holidays!
  • I hope you have a Thanksgiving so spectacular that you will be compelled to give us an extra week off. Happy holidays!
  • I don’t know your personal disposition on the Thanksgiving holiday, but either way I hope you enjoy this special weekend.
  • Thanksgiving is a holiday that reminds us to count our blessings, and I can think of at least a hundred of them directly associated with you. Happy holidays.
  • Your family at the office wishes you a Thanksgiving Day filled with great food and boundless blessings, shared with your more-important family at home.
  • Thank you for always being a professional but also being a friend when the occasion calls for it. It is with my sincerest emotions that I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Outside of the health of my family and myself, what I am truly most thankful for is to be under your employ. Thank you for being the type of boss that makes work fruitful beyond just monetary gain.
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Happy Thanksgiving. I am beyond proud and blessed to have you as a boss.

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