Wishing a Peaceful Holiday | What to Write in a Business Christmas Card

The Yuletide season is an ideal time to show appreciation for people you deal with on various levels of your professional life before the year officially ends. Based on that, we have provided some Christmas greetings appropriate for such relationships which you are free to use lavishly at your own discretion.

With the contents of this page, never again will looking for what to write in a business Christmas card be a headache.

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Business Christmas Card Messages For Clients

  • This holiday season was made more joyous by your invaluable support. Merry Christmas.
  • Your patronage has been invaluable not only to our families but also to the charities we donate to every Christmas. Hoping you have a well-deserved, peaceful holiday season.
  • The greatest gift we received this past year is acquiring you as a new client. Merry Christmas.
  • Our Christmas wish is that the service we provide brings as much satisfaction into your home as serving you has into ours. Have a Merry Christmas!
  • Wishing you a very joyous Christmas. And remember our phone lines are open throughout the holidays to serve you in any way we can so as to ensure that this Yuletide season will indeed be a merry one for you!
  • I not only hope that you have a relaxing, soothing Christmas but also that in some way we have contributed to making such possible.ff
  • Whether you are spending this holiday season alone or with family, we hope that it is joyful and full of the appreciation of life.
Wishing our Clients a Peaceful Christmas.
Wishing our Clients a Peaceful Christmas.
  • This Christmas season, I hope we will be in your prayers just as you are in ours. Happy holidays, sir.
  • Christmas is a season that reminds us of all the important people in our lives, and as such we would like to extend to you our warmest holiday greetings.
  • May your Christmas be as colorful and vibrant as the dancing lights and eager atmosphere that decorate the city this beautiful time of the year!
  • This company is as dependent on its esteemed customers as Santa is on his elves, and we would like to thank you for once again granting us a merry Christmas season.

Business Christmas Card Messages For a Partner

  • I will miss working by your side this holiday season. Have a Merry Christmas, and please extend my greetings to your lovely family.
  • As we reflect on this past year, let’s do so with a spirit of thanksgiving and appreciation for the wonderful things we have accomplished together. Merry Christmas, dear partner.
  • You are like second family to me, so I not only wish you a Merry Christmas but also look forward to seeing you this holiday season.
  • I will be working this Christmas so that hopefully you can relax and enjoy some time off. It is my way of thanking you for being the type of partner I have always wished for.
  • I don’t know how you are spending this Christmas, but if you are in any way feeling lonely don’t hesitate to stop by my home, as we would all love to receive you!
  • Christmas is a time to appreciate our families, both blood and professional, and as such, I would like to extend to you and your household my desire that you have an enjoyable holiday season.
  • Any charity I conduct this holiday season will be done in both of our names, as you have been instrumental in helping me get the resources to do such. Merry Christmas. Looking forward to touching bases with you soon.
  • This year, when my family and I recite our original Christmas carols, one of them will be named after you. Happy holidays!
Wishing You & Yours Happy Holidays.
Wishing You & Yours Happy Holidays.
  • Tales of our exploits this past year will fill my Christmas table with laughter, cheers and appreciation. Happy holidays!
  • May you have a Christmas where you are surrounded by the people who love you the most and get to engage in the activities that bring you the most joy. Thank you for being a phenomenal business partner to me.
  • May the only stress you experience this holiday be the pressure of deciding which Christmas gift to open first. Wishing you and every single member of your beautiful family a truly blessed Christmas.
  • Thank you for your invaluable partnership and making this Christmas twice as celebratory as it would be otherwise. Merry Christmas.

    Business Christmas Card Messages For your Staff

    • This is the time of the year we must put all differences aside and appreciate the people with whom we work with. Merry Christmas.
    • I cherish having the opportunity to spend an entire week with my family, but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss you, guys! Have a Merry Christmas, team.
    • Even though we are not afforded the type of vacations that are typical in other professions this special time of year, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy the holidays, and as such, I wish you all a very merry Christmas.
    • Despite the fact that I want to do everything I can to forget about the office itself during this holiday, you, my lovely friends and colleagues, will definitely be on my mind. Merry Christmas!
    Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year.
    Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year.
    • The only sad thing about Christmas is not seeing you, guys. Happy holidays, guys. And thanks for being the best.
    • I hope you all really take time to savor this Christmas holiday before the stresses of a new year begin to kick in.
    • I wish all of my staff, regardless of what particular faith you may belong to, a restful and happy holiday season. I hope you enjoy every single blessing that comes with this Yuletide season.
    • I know this may sound strange, but I think I would rather spend the holiday with you, guys, than my own family. Such is how special you are to me. Take care and see you all again soon!
    • Just as Jesus needed his team to successfully conduct his mission, so too do I need you all to successfully run this organization. Never forget how precious you are to me. Merry Christmas.
    • Christmas isn’t about the bonuses we receive during the holidays but the spirit of love, appreciation and giving that fills our hearts with peace. Happy Christmas.
    • May the same spirit of togetherness and family that makes this office successful be with you all throughout this Christmas holiday.
    • If you are feeling down this holiday season, remember I am just a phone call away and my home just a car drive. I want you to have a Merry Christmas, at all costs!
    • The Christmas party we are conducting this year isn’t so much of a celebration as an appreciation of having great employees like you. Merry Christmas.
    • Honestly, the thought of not seeing you for two weeks bothers me, but I look forward to all of us enjoying these holidays to the fullest. Merry Christmas, and see you all again soon.

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