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A cousin is a member of your family that, although he or she is not a sibling, can still be close in relation, and also to your heart. You can still speak with, listen to, and laugh with a cousin. You can still share important experiences with your cousin and be understood, by him or her. All of this makes a cousin an essential part of your life.

When it is your cousin’s birthday, it is important to acknowledge it, by sending a message that conveys the impact that your cousin has had on your life, how you feel about him or her, and how you hope their special day will be. It is also important to send a message that suit’s your cousin’s personality. The birthday message could be funny, sentimental, nostalgic, or formal. Here you will find birthday messages to send to your beloved cousin.

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Funny Wishes For My Cousin

  • Cousin, your birthday is an opportunity for us to get together, celebrate, and laugh (mainly me, when a stranger asks if you are my father!). 😉
  • Today, cousin, you are celebrating another year of life! Although nothing you see will compare to the wheel being invented, may this year be full of wonders! Happy Birthday!
  • Oh, to be young and full of vigor! And then, there’s you! Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Happy Birthday to my MUCH older cousin! You are as ancient as you are wise!
  • Wishing you a day when you are not so grumpy! Can’t do anything  about you being old! Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Happy Birthday, to my cousin! In our family, you are the one that we rely on for information about our history… because you have been here, since the beginning of time!
  • Today, cousin, my first thought was of you! I marveled at how old you really are… and wondered how much longer you can hide it! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, dear cousin!

Happy Birthday, dear cousin!

  • Happy Birthday, cousin! I have decided that honesty is truly the best policy, so I am sending you this message: You are old. So, very old.
  • At your age, cousin, things can slip your mind… like your own birthday! Remembering you today, because you probably won’t!
  • Your birthday is remarkable, to me, cousin! I get to tell people that I am related to the oldest person in the world!
  • Cousin, it is your birthday! May your 100th be the best one, yet!
  • Standing next to you, cousin, on your birthday is a real treat for me! Anyone around us can clearly see that I am much, younger than you! Happy Birthday!

Sentimental Wishes for my Cousin

  • Sending heartfelt wishes to my cousin, on your birthday! Your truthfulness has given me permission to be honest with myself about my choices in life! If it weren’t for you, I would not have made changes to it! I hope that every encounter you have is eye-opening and positive!
  • Wishing my amazing cousin, a Happy Birthday! You have brought life, hope, and love to our family! By just being yourself, you have encouraged us to do the same, as well, and it has made everything better! May you thoroughly enjoy your day!
  • Happy Birthday, dear cousin! You are the most giving member of our family! May you receive incredible gifts, on your special day!
  • Wishing my amazing cousin, a Happy Birthday! May this day overflow with joy! May you be aware of how loved you are by your family!
  • Cousin, may your birthday celebration be astounding! May it stand out and be the best night of your life!
  • Sending a Birthday message, to my beloved cousin! May your day be fantastic! May thoughts of it evoke fond memories! May it cause you to feel overwhelming joy!
  • The very best wishes to my cousin, on your birthday! May every moment be engraved in your mind! May they be warm and sentimental!
Happy Birthday to my beautiful cousin!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful cousin!

  • Best wishes to my cousin, on your birthday! May each event hold value! May you know that you are a precious member of our family!
  • Cousin, your birthday is an opportunity to wish the relative that I always laugh with and who understands me the most, the best of days! May it be extraordinary!
  • Happy Birthday to the most admirable person that I know! Cousin you are courageous and your strength serves as an example for everyone in our family to follow!
  • On this day, that stands above others, I send you best wishes! You are the family that I have been blessed with! Happy Birthday, to my cousin!


Nostalgic Wishes For My Cousin

  • Happy Birthday, to my favorite cousin! Growing up with you was wonderful! I hope we make many, more memories together!
  • Cousin, we had big dreams, as kids! Often, as adults, we get overwhelmed by responsibilities and forget about what we hoped for, years ago. On your very, special day, remember all of you hopes and dreams and pursue them! Today is your chance to dream and take action!
  • Happy Birthday, cousin! I am honored and grateful to be related to you! May the events of the day fill you with the happiness, that you so greatly deserve!
  • Cousin, as the years have passed, your altruistic nature has grown and you have inspired me! Have a terrific birthday!
  • Too often, as time goes by, people, change. They are not the same loyal and loving individuals that we once knew. But it is with jubilation, that I can state that you have not changed, cousin! You are the same fabulous person that you have always been! Have a Happy Birthday!
  • Being your cousin has meant years of friendship and advice, from someone I have been fortunate enough to be related to! On your birthday, I want you to know that your presence has improved my life and made me feel whole! May your worth continue to be acknowledged, by everyone around you!
  • Our relationship has proven that the bond between cousins is strong! As you celebrate your birthday, with your family and friends, know that the connections that you have made in your life are unbreakable!
Happy Birthday! No matter how far apart we are, I will always love you dearly.

Happy Birthday! No matter how far apart we are, I will always love you dearly.

Formal Wishes For My Cousin

  • Happy Birthday, to my cousin! The regard in which I hold you is high! May this day be representative of your impeccable taste!
  • You are an exceptional relative! May the fact of your existence be honored in a notable fashion! Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Cousin, my your birthday find you well! Enjoy every aspect of it!
  • Wishing a date of birth that is remarkable, cousin! May everything you expect to happen, occur!
  • Hoping my cousin has a Happy Birthday! You are an asset to our family!
  • May the commemoration of your birth suit your nature and be memorable! Happy Birthday, to my cousin!
  • On this auspicious occasion, may you celebrate you life in the manner in which you wish to! Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Happy Birthday, cousin! May today truly be yours! May you set new goals for yourself and achieve them!
  • Best wishes, cousin! May all of the occurrences, on your birthday, be appropriate and welcome!
  • Cousin, you are a dignified person! May your birthday be no less than that! May all of the people around you hold you in the highest esteem!

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