The Best Birthday Wishes for a Married Couple

Want to wish a couple happy birthday but don’t have the right words to say?

Whether you’re feeling romantic, comedic or in the inspirational mood, we have the perfect wishes – which you can use at your own discretion – to convey your warm feelings on that special day.

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Romantic Wishes

  • I thank the universe for bringing the two of you together and want to use this momentous occasion to let you know how much I care.
  • As you grow older and more beautiful, I also pray for your increased wisdom and strengthening as a unit.
  • Today we celebrate your birthday, and we hope to soon be also celebrating those of your children and grandchildren!
  • This day means so much to me, as it blesses me with cheerful thoughts of the loveliest couple I know.
  • May your lives be filled with tenderness, cheerfulness, success and gratitude – all to be experienced in each other’s loving embrace.
  • Seeing two people that I care for in a loving, lasting relationship always brings tears to my eyes. I can’t thank God enough for bringing the both of you into a new year together, and may you remain so forever.
  • The candy, the cake, the flattering words that come with this special day – none of it is sweeter than the love we have come here to celebrate.
  • In a sea of trillions of people, may your eyes always search for each other. Happy birthday, guys.
Birthday wish for a couple on image you can share on chats and posts.
Happy Birthday. You know a couple is still in love when they blowout their birthday candles together.


Birthday wish for a couple.
My heart melts every time I see the two of you together. What a lovely birthday we have come here to celebrate!
  • Wishing the sweetest couple in the universe a birthday celebration as sweet as their love for each other! I hope that today you are able to present each other with sweet memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Every kind word that you receive today is a reminder of how much we all love, respect and admire you. May your happiness be as everlasting as the love you possess for each other.
  • You have brought generations into this world, and your love is one that should be celebrated at every allowable juncture.
  • What a beautiful experience it must be to be blessed to spend a lifetime together in each other’s arms.
  • I am thankful that life continues to give you the greatest gift of all – each other. Happy birthday.
  • May your hearts continue to beat in unison, playing a song that we all love to dance to! I hope this celebration is not a one-time thing but rather a birthday we will have the privilege of acknowledging for years to come!
  • My heart melts every time I see the two of you together. What a lovely birthday we have come here to celebrate!
  • Guys, I am 100% sure that fairy tales come true because of your beautiful union. May you have a magical night, enchanted by the love that has brought you to this celebratory day.

Funny Wishes

  • I know that you want to hurry up and finish this cake so that you will have time to devour each other!
  • Both of you go together better than cream cheese and bagels. Happy birthday!
  • I want to take time to thank you for filling the huge voids that were once present in each other’s lives. But now that it has been filled, maybe you should take it easy on the birthday cake!
  • In consideration of your neighbors, I thought it appropriate this year to gift you a pair of matching muzzles.
  • Just as Tom always needs Jerry, may your love be a never-ending source of comedy in our lives!
  • She is the second chance that you never deserved, and you are the luckiest man on earth. Happy birthday!
  • Just as this birthday cake has been immersed in liquor, may the two of you be forever intoxicated by each other’s love.
  • May your lives continue to be like a movie theatre – full of action, horror and suspense!
  • Today we celebrate two birthdays, which also means we’ll have two times the fun!
  • There’s nothing that can tear you apart, but we won’t be able to say the same about this birthday cake!
  • If your romance was made into a musical, it would be called ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Have a great one, guys!
  • We love the beautiful children you have brought into the world, so as a birthday gift to us we are hoping y’all can make another baby tonight!
  • You know a couple is still in love when they blowout their birthday candles together!
  • May your love age like a fine wine and your bank account like a fertile seed planted in the richest soil.

Inspirational Wishes

  • This time of the year, dedicated to remembering your accomplishments, is always an inspiration to us all.
  • I am greatly pleased that the two of you have found each other, and I will always be here to support in every capacity that I can.
  • This birthday gift is less of a present and more of an investment, so that when you become the most-successful couple in the world you will reach back and pull me up also!
  • May this coming year be the happiest, sweetest and most eventful one yet experienced in your lovely relationship.
  • Though we may not meet each other much, know that thoughts of you are always in my heart and praises of you forever on my lips.
  • Every day that you spend together with each other must feel like a birthday! Don’t ever stop being the exceptional people that you are!
Birthday wish for a couple.
Happy Birthday. May all your wishes come true. Enjoy your special day.
  • Another year and another song of victory we get to croon in honor of our favorite couple!
  • You exemplify everything a couple is supposed to be, and the purpose of this birthday gift is to show my personal appreciation for your tutelage!
  • An opportunity like this only comes around once a year, and accordingly, I had to take the time to wish the best birthday possible to my favorite couple!
  • Just as this is a golden day in your lives, may your next birthday be platinum and the one after that diamond.
  • May this prove to be a wonderful, outstanding, magnificent birthday for the A-list power couple of my life. God bless you.
  • You are like brother and sister to me, and nothing makes me happier than having the privilege to impart on you this birthday gift.
  • Yesterday is gone; today we rejoice, and tomorrow is all that really matters. Happy birthday, dears.

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