Friends For Life | Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend

Normally, it’s easy to wish “Happy Birthday” to a very good friend, because optimal communication and maximum familiarity are exactly the reasons we choose our friends for.

However, there might be moments that call for a slightly more “formal” thing to say – or even a funnier one than what comes up in our mind. Then, we might as well choose one of these wishes:




Touching Birthday Messages for your Best Friend

  • A happy birthday to a person that definitely deserves a lot more than this birthday wish of mine!
  • Have fun, stay safe & take care of yourself, always. Happy Birthday, my friend.
  • Not a single day has touched you inside. Happy Birthday!
  • May the future bring you the fulfillment of even more dreams, but right now I’d say the past has treated you well. Happy Birthday!
  • We’ve been through so many happy moments together that I might even take your happiness for granted. Happy Birthday!
  • I’m glad you’re still my friend after all this time. Happy Birthday!
  • It seems that all that we’ve been through has toughened us, but has also kept our friendship intact. Happy Birthday, man!
  • Sharing my joys & struggling in tougher times with you has been a real pleasure. Happy Birthday, my friend!
  • In good times and bad times, you’ve been a real friend. Thanks for being here & take care. Happy Birthday!
  • If we skip the “Happy Birthday” stuff, we are going to have even more time for beer! 😉
  • Happy Birthday, buddy! Keep on living the max out of your life and being the positive person you’ve always been.
  • May you live forever, because we’re the lucky people that enjoy life with you. Happy Birthday.
  • For main course, I wish you joy, positivity, creativity & love. The rest are optional side dishes. Happy Birthday, my friend!
  • With friends like you, I still have chances in conquering the world! Happy Birthday, man, it’s been a crazy ride!
  • I went to my friend’s birthday party & all I got him was this lousy greeting card! Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing you a breath-taking & fabulous birthday! Have fun, stay cool!
I hope that today is the beginning of another great year for you. Happy Birthday!
  • Birthdays come and go, but friends stay with you! However, now that the day is here, make sure you enjoy it! Happy Birthday!
  • The meaning of friendship lies in the simultaneous flow of alcohol in our veins. Happy Tipsy Birthday!
  • For a youngster of your three decades, you’ve accomplished a lot. Happy Birthday, buddy!
The thing is “BFF”, “Yolo” & let’s party ASAP. In short, HB!
  • Start counting the years only when you really can’t remember the number. Happy Birthday!
  • We’ve never been “traditional” friends, so I don’t usually say typical things, but in this case “Happy Birthday!”
  • A friend accepts you for what you are & I have to thank you for doing it with me. Happy Birthday, my friend!
  • Age may be something that worries you only when you don’t have friends like us! Happy Birthday!

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