Sharing is Caring | Birthday Greetings for Facebook!

It used to be an envelope with a stamp on it – now it’s a phrase on a screen or digital image. When it comes to a friend’s special day, sharing (on social media) is indeed caring.

If you are having trouble finding sweet birthday greetings for your friends and acquaintances on Facebook, browse through our sample greetings to find something that you can use in beautifying the celebrant’s day. You can also tweak the messages a little bit to fit your particular situation.

Facebook Birthday Greetings for Good Friends

  • I am hoping that this special moment brings a lot of discoveries that will excite you throughout your life. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to you, dear friend! I am wishing you joy, laughter, peace, love, and so many awesome years ahead as you mark this honorable moment in your life.
  • May this celebration bring you so many glory days. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday! May joy and excitement fill every little corner of your heart.
  • Happy birthday, dear friend! I wish you a truly splendid celebration and one that brings you lots of exciting and joyful discoveries.
  • I am so much excited to join in the commemoration of another wonderful addition to your age. Happy birthday!
  • May this Big Day of yours be a super special one, which is loaded with a lot of joy and amazing discoveries that gladden your heart. I hope you have a blast, dear friend!
  • Turning a new age is a great achievement which should make you so exulted and happy. I wish you a magnificent and cheerful birthday!
Happy Birthday image for a friend.
Happy Birthday to you.


Cute birthday image for a friend.
Happy Birthday to you.
  • Not many can match your grit, and this is why you are one in a million. I am so proud of you, buddy. I wish you pure excitement on your Big Day.
  • Happy anniversary, friend! May this special moment in your life bring forth unimaginable prosperity, happiness, fun, and all other pretty things in this world.
  • Hearty birthday! Dear friend, this is quite an amazing day for you, and I hope that you enjoy this moment with all the excitement, fun, and joy that it brings.
  • I want the whole world to know how spectacular a friend you are to me, especially on this very special day in your life. My best wishes for everlasting success and ecstasy in your world!
  • My heartfelt wishes for joy and happiness on your anniversary, dear friend!


Facebook Birthday Greetings for Facebook Acquaintances

  • May the presence of the Lord surround you and bring peace and joy into your heart as you celebrate your birthday today!
  • Happy birthday! May lovely people, happiness, and peace be all around you as you commemorate this unique moment of your existence.
  • It is so great to know that you are a year older today. I am wishing you all the absolutely awesome things in this world, and may your celebration be splendid like you.
  • Just as your wall is overflowing with wonderful and heartwarming wishes, so should your life burst at the seams with joy, success, and peace. Wishing you a marvelous celebration!
  • Happy birthday! This is a truly exciting new chapter in your life, and I pray that it brings you enormous excitement, peace, and hope.
  • I hope that you enjoy to the fullest the special privilege and all the joy that comes with celebrating a new age. Happy birthday and stay blessed!
  • May your life be handsomely enriched with peace, ecstasy, fine health and success as you paint the town red on your birthday.
  • Happy birthday to you! I am hoping that you kick up your heels in a truly awesome style, and in such a manner that leaves everlasting memories of this special day in your mind.
  • As you kill the fatted calf today, it is my biggest hope that all the heartwarming blessings in the universe be yours. Happy birthday!
  • May today be the moment when all the imaginations in your mind start transforming into glorious realities. Have an awesome birthday.
  • Hearty birthday! I am sending you a universe of love and my warmest wishes for a fun-filled celebration on this extraordinarily special day of yours.
  • Happy anniversary! As you journey into another awesome year, I sincerely wish you a shipload of fun and ecstasy. May your celebrations today be spectacular.
  • I hope your day is just as incredible and lovely as you are to all the people around you. Happy birthday.


Facebook Birthday Greetings for VIPs (People you Consider Important)

  • Happy honorable day! My greatest desire for you is to have a life that is truly colorful and joyful.
  • May your day be full of the joys of spring as you celebrate this moment that marks another 365 days of your existence on this earth. Happy birthday!
  • My heartfelt wishes for an incredibly fantastic and a gladsome birthday! May the Lord endow you with His choicest blessings as you commemorate this super awesome day.
  • Happy birthday! As you jubilate on this wonderful day I pray that the Lord will always provide you with all the things you need to be comfortable and happy.
  • Your age today equals the number of years your loved ones have enjoyed and benefited from the excitement, love, and joy that you bring. Wishing you a very big birthday celebration!
  • Happy birthday, dear. I hope that you enjoy every bit of this awesome moment with extreme joy and gladness in your heart.
  • Happy anniversary to you! May all the things that please your heart come your way in abundance on this special day and throughout your life.
  • I am praying for an everlasting blessing of happiness, excitement, and laughter in your world as you mark this honorable day.
  • As you celebrate this unique day, may you be blessed with an extra share of everything that brings comfort and joy into your life and may they remain forever with you. Happy anniversary.
  • As you jubilate and recall the day you were born, may it leave heartwarming memories in your mind. Happy birthday!
  • Always focus on the brightest side of the coin and make sure that you have as much fun as you can on this quite amazing day of yours. Wishing you a joyful celebration!
Happy Birthday image for a friend.
Happy Birthday.
  • Wishing a remarkably lovely birthday to a very important person in my life! May your day be a super terrific one.
  • Happy birthday. May your day be blessed with all the love and peace in this world.
  • On this special day of yours, I hope you can kick up your heels and forget all the troubles in this life. Happy birthday, dearest!
  • Happy birthday! May this magnificent day bring forth a profound sense of elation that will last forever in your world.

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