35 ‘I Love You’ Quotes and Poems for Him

If you are looking for sweet and heartwarming words to shower on your man, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some special “I love you messages” and even poems that you can bestow upon the sweet man in your life to remind him just how much he really matters to you.

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I love you Messages for Him

Love quote for him on image for chats and mails.
You’re my sweet addiction.


Love quote for him on image for chats and messages.
You’re my spark in the dark.
  • Whatever challenges in life may seem too difficult for you, know that as your woman, I’m always there to encourage you and if need be act as your stronger half.
  • You are the most wonderful man I ever met, and my sincerest hope is that your own fantasies have been realized when you met me as well.
  • In the short time I’ve known you, you have already become the primary focus of my life. That’s how powerful my love for you is.
  • You possess the grace of a butterfly, the strength of a lion and the endless charm of a star filled night.
  • Despite my humble background, I have to believe that heaven perceives me as a queen since it granted me the greatest king on earth as a partner.
  • Honey, your sweet love puts the candy coating on my heart. I’m so in love with you and everything you do.
  • Every tomorrow has been better than yesterday since you came into my life. How on earth can I ever stop loving such an amazing man like you?!
You set my heart on fire.
You set my heart on fire.


Love qutoe for him on image for chats and messages.
You make my world sparkle.
  • A beautiful day becomes twice as lovely when it is graced by your presence, my love.
  • I look forward to one day taking your hand in marriage, you being the father of my children and us growing old together in perfect peace and harmony. I love you so much.
  • The sun doesn’t shine for me until I see your face. The magnificence of your charm has the power to break through any dark cloud that may be hovering over my life.
  • Babe, I had given up on love until I met you. Thank you for granting me the opportunity to have a man worthy of dedicating my life to.
  • When I contemplate on how much I love you, I feel both excitement and fear – enthusiasm for what the future may hold for us, and anxiety at the thought of possibly losing you. Please don’t ever go away.
  • If I run the risk of alienating you by speaking even casually to another man, then I’d rather not talk to any of them at all unless I have to because I deem this relationship too precious to take chances with.
  • Thank you for giving my life stability, meaning and purpose. My life was like a boat floating adrift on the sea of emptiness until it came upon the shore of your love.
  • I don’t believe in magic or chance. Instead I believe that our hearts meeting and the deep love I developed as a result was preordained by the forces that rule the universe.
  • There’s a research paper in my heart written on you with the conclusion being “hope you feel the same way too”!
  • My love, in you, I have all that I need in this universe. Not even God can take away this love I have for you.

I love you Poems for Him

  • Anytime you may stumble
    Don’t take these words as moot
    My love will be there to catch you
    Like a parachute.
  • I’m what you need
    And you are my perfect match
    So thank God that our hands are now joined
    And will never be detached
I mess you more than words can say...
I mess you more than words can say…


Love quote for him.
You’re always in my heart.


Love quote for him.
You make my heart smile.
  • I used to be a bitter person
    But now that problem has been solved
    Because life has become much more sweeter
    Since you got involved
  • No matter how cold it gets outside
    Or how much it may be storming
    My man makes me hotter
    Than global warming
  • I work for my employer
    But it’s you I really serve
    Until I reach the goal of giving you
    All that you deserve
  • No matter where life takes us
    No matter how far apart
    You will always be connected
    To the Wi-Fi of my heart
  • I’ve always kept my heart secure through all types of measures
    But now the guard has dropped
    Since being mesmerized with your pleasures
    You’ll always be worth more than all the world’s treasures
  • My friends say I let a man control me
    But then at least
    I’m able to counterattack
    By saying I have the hottest piece!
  • If I were to die today
    Before my spirit would leave
    I would make sure to say I love you one more time
    With the last breath I breathe
  • When I saw you I knew it was love indeed at first sight
    Because I fell so hard for you like a meteorite
    The effect you’ve had on me has been like no other
    You turned my life from black and white into full color
  • The world without you is full with doom and gloom
    But the world with you is one where only roses bloom
    I hope you’ll one day be my groom, and I your bride
    And that in the castle of your heart I’ll always have a room
    All I want in this life is to always be by your side
  • I wasn’t born royalty but fate still deemed
    To bless my life with the hand of a king
    When I’m with you there is always a reason
    To let nature take its course and commence mating season
Love wines every time.
Love wines every time.


Love quote for him on image for easy sharing.
I miss you more than worlds can say.
  • I can shower you with words of love
    But that you already know
    So instead I will say
    I hope our love always grows
    Through the shining of your face, raindrops of affection
    Nurtured by my devotion, to bring this love to perfection
  • You are the man I dreamed of
    For countless nights
    To partake of your love
    I would transcend any heights
    Through days of toil
    And darkness without slumber
    In hopes that we will bear children
    Too many to be numbered
  • If you think this relationship thus far has been heaven sent
    Wait until you get a gander of the main event
    A ring made of gold
    And a lifetime of love
    That will make our Father proud
    Who reigns up above
  • My heart was sick
    Your love was the cure
    Now the thought of life without you
    Is something I can’t endure
  • Life is the result of choices
    I’ll admit that much is true
    But I felt like I found destiny
    When I met you
  • Possessing the beauty of a rose
    The grace of a dove
    I’m convinced you’re indeed an angel
    From up above

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