What Friends Are For | Happy Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Birthdays are truly special when celebrating with friends. Birthdays are wonderful opportunities to show appreciation to those friends who are always there for you. Friendship is extended family. Friends are important because one will often find that you need other people surrounding you to get through life. Think of how special you feel on your birthday surrounded by friends and family, people who don’t have to be there but they chose to honor you on your special occasion. If your friend’s birthday is approaching you will undoubtedly have a lot of fun making it a special day. Add a little unique touch to your friends’ birthday by sharing any of these thoughtful happy birthday wishes for friends.


Best Friend Birthday Wishes

  • Happy Birthday to my best friend! Hoping for thousands of birthday blessing will shower you on this day.
  • My bestie is the best. You see all of my flaws yet you love me anyway. Happy Birthday to you!
  • I’m wishing you warm birthday wishes, my best friend. I’ve seen many faces come and go but your presence never fades even when it gets rough. Thank you for always being there.
  • We are two of a kind. No better match. My best friend is the best! Happy Birthday!
  • We’ve had so many laughs and tears together through the years. Looking forward to many, many more to come with you, my best friend. Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday celebrations are meant to be shared with friends. I wouldn’t miss this special day for anything in the world. Happy Birthday from your bestie.
  • Regardless of where life takes us, we will always have a true friendship and a bond that can never be severed. Enjoy your birthday.
  • As the years go by, we become more like sisters and less like besties. Happy Birthday!
  • Shine bright like a star on your birthday, friend. Have a night to remember.
  • Life’s a roller coaster ride. And I couldn’t imagine the thrill without my best friend by my side. Wishing you all the best on your birthday.
  • Despite what you may believe, you can only have one best friend…ME! The rest are sub-par. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend

  • Dear Friend, on your birthday, I am most grateful that you know all of my faults but you withhold your judgment. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear Friend, we could never become enemies. You know too many of my secrets. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  • Party hard on your birthday! You can always count on me to give you a night you won’t remember in the morning. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my favorite friend. Let’s create more laughs and fun this year together.
  • My friend is gorgeous. My friend is smart. And she learns it all from the best…ME! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! No matter how old you get, I’ll be the friend that keeps you feeling young and carefree.
  • Your beauty is age-defying. Keep looking sexy! Happy Birthday, friend!
  • You’re the birthday queen and I’m your sexy side kick. Happy Birthday!
  • Perfect birthday checklist: family, friends, and alcohol. Enjoy!
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  • Happy Birthday, darling! Smile until I have enough evidence to report to the mental asylum.
Keep Calm and... OMG, HOW OLD?! Happy Birthday

Keep Calm and… OMG, HOW OLD?! Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday and congratulations on the extra wrinkle on your face! I’m so proud!
  • It is your birthday! Remember that researchers have said that Birthdays are good for your health and people who have more birthdays live longer. May you get more birthdays.
  • Wishing you a brainy birthday! Ample years and yet another year, you have still not grown wiser.
  • It is your birthday, dear. You cannot stop anyone from having your favorite items for food right in front of you.
  • Eat as much as you can because God has kept your birthday a fat-free special day for you.
Don't be greedy. You had one last year. Again? Well, Happy Birthday!

Don’t be greedy. You had one last year. Again? Well, Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday, my friend! I hope you blow all candles yourself or I would be calling the local department for fire services this year!
  • You have become another year old. Good luck on that! Just make sure you try not to forget your car keys.
  • Oh, it is your birthday! Have that piece of cake with you and get that champagne for your best friend.
  • You know my capability to remember all the historical years with accurate dates during our history classes? Well, your birth date was not of course, so I did not remember. Belated birthday wishes sprinkled with a sorry kept in the dungeon!
  • Too many birthdays could mean you are closer to death. You had one just last year. Please stay safe because it is scientifically proven. Love you anyway!
Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday.

  • Happy birthday, best friend. I truly hope you get to enjoy cake without any tooth.
  • This is to my best friend wishing her a best birthday. You must be happy and feel good because you look like you are 20 but you are 30 today.
  • I truly hope you get toothless with me on every birthday. Happy birthday to my future-toothless twin!
  • You have gotten a year older today but I won’t remind you of that. You can eat my piece of cake.
  • I thought of presenting something unique and charming to you but then what popped up in my mind is that you have me in your life already.
  • You must be feeling proud of yourself this birthday. A year after, a smarter and a beautiful friend you have. Oh, it is me.
  • Why are you even blowing candles on your birthday? Yet another year, you still have a friend like me.
  • I hope you try and blow all your candles on this birthday before I do.
  • On this birthday, I promise not to reveal your age number to any, but then you should probably blow those numbers 2 and 8 on your cake.
  • It is awesome to be in the youth stage and full of energy and active. Do you even remember how it used to feel like?
  • I hope your laziness doesn’t show up while blowing the candles because I don’t want to blow your candles again.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

  • It is another year to your life. There must another part of your body that aches now.
  • Just imagine what you would love to listen on your birthday, what kind of gifts you would like that you will cherish it forever. Assume I did them all to you and stay happy! Happy birthday, best friend!
  • I made some cake for your birthday this year. It is going to be tasty and just like you want it. But then, unfortunately, I could not find a place to light enough candles. Then I remembered, oh! Your age.
  • Birthdays are the days nature says us to have more portion of cakes. So move, let me eat your birthday cake. Oh, your portion too!
  • Let us get to reality. It gets older but never better! Wishing you a good birthday! Did I remind you? You are an exception, though.
  • Today, I give you permission to illuminate candles on your favorite cake – your birthday one. You don’t have to worry, I have already informed the fire service department in this area.
  • Congratulations on this one more year of survival through your math class. You got this! Happy birthday!
  • We all know that wisdom comes with age but then, I see no signs of aging in you at all. Happy birthday, dear best friend!
We need a baseball field for all the candles we should normally put on your birthday cake. Happy Birthday.

We need a baseball field for all the candles we should normally put on your birthday cake. Happy Birthday.

  • Do not worry about the number of candles. Your age is just described by your behavior and it is totally worth it.
  • Now, doing the math with the number of candles on your cake, you would be requiring the lungs of the legendary Hercules to blow all these candles by yourself. No, I did not mean you are old and fat! I meant I’m your best friend and I’d help you.
  • This day makes you feel like the one like you are chosen. Maybe you are..chosen..to stay away from the cake slices. I remember it is your birthday!
  • Today is the day you realize you are old because your candles cost more than your cake.
Happy Birthday.  Many happy returns of the day!

Happy Birthday. Many happy returns of the day!

  • Happy birthday! I wish you take a real oath to do some exercise and wish you don’t walk up the stairs and call it exercise.
  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman I have seen until now. And that is only because today is your birthday and I don’t use mirrors.
  • You look different today. That could be your charm that increased, your weight that decreased and the hairstyle you recently change. But no! then, I realize – you have just become a year older.
  • For your birthday, I tried thinking of words like superb, impressive, awesome, stunning, and gorgeous. But anyway, I know I do not cost anything to think. So I quit! Happy birthday, you!
  • I would wish you for all of your dreams to come true! But then, it will be a tough shot on me to find out a wish for you next year. Since you are going to be certainly alive and healthy for another year, let me just say Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday. My warmest wishes for your Special Day!

Happy Birthday. My warmest wishes for your Special Day!

Birthday Wishes for a Woman

  • Your smile has always been my source of strength and optimism. May this day bring upon your face a smile that might not falter till the next year, and for years to come.
  • This day reminds me of how lucky I was that you came into this world and I found you. I hope this day becomes as beautiful as you, and every moment today is as great as you are. A happy birthday, darling.
  • May life offer you the same happiness that you give everyone around you and your future is as bright as the smile on your face. Happy birthday, dear.
  • Billions Of people in this world, and yet I managed to find you. This day reminds me of what a miracle it was. Wish you a very happy birthday, sweetheart.
  • Every day of mine has been special with you. Now on your special day, I only wish the most beautiful and lovely things for you, now and forever. Wish you a very happy birthday, honey.
  • You have not just been my friend; you were a sister. You were my confidante, my savior and my girlfriend. I cannot wish anything else that everything you ever dreamt about, to come true. Happy birthday, love.
  • You have always been what I imagined to be the perfect woman. Over the years, your grace and dignity has only increased. I hope this continues for all the years to come. Happy birthday, my dear.
Happy Birthday - Have a blast!

Happy Birthday – Have a blast!

Birthday Wishes for a Man

  • Remember the crazy stuff we did together? And those totally awesome things? And the hilariously weird ones? All those became possible only because of this day. Wish you a very happy birthday.
  • This day reminds me of the moment when someone as weird as me came into this world. May the weirdness continue and the awesomeness grows while you celebrate many more birthdays. You and I will keep rocking till the end of the world. Happy birthday, bro.
  • Hey you! If this greeting sounds cheesy, let me accommodate with a cheese-filled pizza and some beer. Or anything else. You and I don’t need props to throw a great party. Many happy returns of the day.
  • Not every relation requires blood; some are made with friendship. We never needed any reason to celebrate, but your birthday is indeed special. To my brother-from-another-mother, Happy birthday. Let the party begin!
  • You have always been the man among the boys. This day reminds me of the day when someone as great as you came in this world. A very happy birthday to you.
  • You have been the shoulder upon which I can forget every stress of life. Your arms have always been there to pull me out of tough situations. Today, I only wish I could give you the same feeling, and more. Happy birthday to you.
  • You have been other men must look up to. You have been the perfect fusion of charm, fun and dignity. This birthday only reminds me how someone as special as you came into this world. Happy birthday, dude.

Sentimental Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend

  • Fake friends are only there when the sun is shining. True friends are there for you no matter the weather. Rain, sleet, or snow, I’m there till the end. Happy Birthday from your dearest friend.
Your resilient spirit and loving heart is what keeps you young forever. Happy Birthday

Your resilient spirit and loving heart is what keeps you young forever. Happy Birthday

  • You are beautiful inside and out. You are truly an amazing friend! Happy Birthday.
  • You have been a great friend but more of an angel that watches over me, extends a hand of generosity, and never allows me to feel alone. Thank you and have a fantastic birthday celebration.
  • Thinking of you on your birthday. Wishing you lots of joy. Hoping you have lots of love. And praying you’ll always stay as wonderful as you are. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you all the happiness on your birthday. If I could give you the world, I would. This special day is meant for you and only you. Happy Birthday, from your friend.
  • Enjoy your birthday and be encouraged! You may have one extra gray hair, but at least you are wrinkle free and still have your teeth. That’s a wonderful reason to celebrate!
  • You have given so much love and support to others throughout your lifetime. I hope that you get a full return on your investment. Happy Birthday!
Real friends may grow in different directions, but they will never grow apart. Happy Birthday

Real friends may grow in different directions, but they will never grow apart. Happy Birthday

  • Real friends may grow in different directions, but they will never grow apart. Happy Birthday.
  • I hope you live a long and happy life on this Earth so that the world will be graced with your wonderful smile a little longer. Happy Birthday.
  • I came over because I smell birthday cake! And because I love you! Happy Birthday to you.
  • Having a friend like you makes life so much more special. Have a wonderful birthday!
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  • You always know how to brighten my day so I’m wishing you lots of happiness on your birthday! Love always!
  • I had my calendar marked. This is one birthday that I could never forget. You are a special friend and I’m wishing you a special birthday.
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for a Friend

  • Happy 21st Birthday, my friend. Remember, more freedom comes with more responsibility. Enjoy this special day.
  • Time to drink! You can do it legally now! Happy Birthday.
  • You are in the prime of your life. Enjoy it while it last! Hoping you have the best 21st birthday of all.
  • You have finally transitioned from a teenager to an adult. I only hope this transition will transform you from a charming boy to an admirable gentleman. Happy birthday, kiddo.
  • Life is tough and uneven, and you will soon realize it. But the great human being that you are, I know you will stand strong in front of every challenge. Cheers to a great life ahead. Happy birthday.
  • Today marks the day when you will stop needing the shoulders of others and get the chance to spread your own wings. But whenever things might get rough, I will be always there for you. A very happy birthday, dear.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

  • I still cannot believe that the bubbly and charming person I knew turned 21 today. You were always the best teen I ever met, and I am sure you will the most mature person I might ever meet. Enjoy your special day, sweet pea.
  • Teenage had been carefree, confusing, fun and weird. The future will be even messier. Trust me, you will enjoy it even more. Happy birthday, my friend.
  • You are going to put your first step in the evil cycle of career-money-stability. It is tough, but you were always a tough guy. I trust you to make the best decisions in life. Happy 21st birthday.
  • Life has ups and downs, success and failure, joy and sadness. Now that you have turned into an adult, you will experience them all. But I know, you will be marvelous at that. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

  • Congrats on becoming legal now. You are officially legit. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations on reaching adulthood. Happy 18th Birthday to you.
  • This is one celebration I could not miss. Congratulations on your 18th birthday!
  • Make this a night to remember! After all, you only get one 18th birthday!
  • I’m so happy to be here to witness you cross over into adulthood. I’m so proud of you! Happy Birthday!
  • No age can be the end of innocence, unless we want it to. Here are Two Words from Cute Animals: Happy Birthday!
  • My friend, say “Goodbye” to childhood and “Hello!” to adulthood. I’m so glad to grow with you and I hope to be here for you always. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to my best buddy. Have a fantastic day!

Happy Birthday to my best buddy. Have a fantastic day!

  • This day, right here, marks a turning point in your life. You are no longer a kid; you are someone who is entering the real world. But let’s not worry about it yet. Today is a day you will remember throughout your life, so make it special. Wish you a very happy 18th birthday. Party hard!
  • Welcome to the world of adults. It is filled with lazy, confused people who cannot fathom why everything is so crazy. It is strange, rough and sometimes absolutely unpleasant. So I can safely say, you will fit just right in. Happy 18th birthday, bro.
  • Hey there. You turned 18 today. You know what it means? All that stuff you have been doing illegally for so many years, you can do them legally now. Enjoy your special day, brother.
  • In the crazy world of adults, you became the latest addition today. You might want to be like so many peoples. My advice? Be what you are. Adults like us can definitely learn from someone as great as you. Happy birthday.
  • You became a woman when you turned 12. Today, you are officially the part of womanhood. You will soon realize how great it is to be a lady instead of a girl. I know you will be a strong and great woman. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • It is a great day, and not just because you get to vote now. From a boy, you have turned into a man. If you feel nervous or scared, you won’t be the first one. But in time, you are going to love this feeling. A very happy 18th birthday to you, dear.
  • This day marks the beginning of making your own decisions. It is one of the hardest things t do, but you have also been one of the best persons I ever met. Life is messy, but I trust you to make the right decisions. Happy birthday.

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